Therefore, wholeheartedly gives heart failure

How many glasses of alcohol can withstand your body before it can be harmful to your heart?

Therefore, wholeheartedly gives heart failure

Therefore, wholeheartedly gives heart failure

MODERATED RECOMMENDATIONS: Professor Dag Thelle at the Department of Medical Basic Sciences at the University of Oslo says that moderate consumption of alcohol appears to reduce the risk of certain heart disease. Photo: Private

Cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease includes heart attack, stroke and other diseases of the blood vessels (vascular diseases).

Heart attack is a serious disease of cardiovascular disease caused by arteriosclerosis.

Together with cancer, cardiovascular disease is the most frequent cause of death in this country if we see all age groups in one.

In 2009, 5378 people died of so-called ischemic heart disease which included angina pectoris and heart attack.

Since the late 1980s there has been a sharp decline in cardiovascular and cardiac deaths in the age groups below 75 years.

Sources: Public Health Institute and Wikipedia

How many glasses of alcohol can withstand your body before it can be harmful to the heart?

Are you of the type that do not drink so often, but when you first drink, do you make it into the big gold medal? Then you should notice that the shelf is the most dangerous way to drink. A survey conducted at the Toulouse University School of Medicine shows that wet city tours on weekends give far greater risk of heart disease later in life than for those who drink smaller amounts more often.

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Moderate input rather than fill space

Professor Dag Thelle at the Department of Medical Basic Sciences at the University of Oslo, says to Click. No, the most important message in the French survey is that drinking a small amount of alcohol daily is significantly less dangerous than drinking a lot at once.

– A large intake of alcohol during a weekend has significantly greater health consequences than an alcohol intake that may be higher overall but distributed throughout the week, says the professor. He emphasizes that several studies prove the same, including reports from both Finland and Russia.

The drinking pattern determines

In the study it refers to, researchers believe that the risk of cardiovascular disease seems to be related to the drinking pattern.

The survey was conducted among a total of closer to 10. 000 French and Northern Irish, and showed that of those who drank alcohol, there was much more with a daily intake in France (75 percent) than in northern Ireland (12 percent).

The survey shows that almost 10 percent of the Irish drank drunk, defined as an alcohol intake of over 50 grams at least one day a week, compared with only 0.5 percent of the French.

It was also observed that annual cases of heart attack and coronary death (cardiac arrhythmia and heart attack) were twice as high in Ireland as in France.

In addition, the risk of dying of myocardial infarction was twice as high in those who drank a lot at a time than those who drank less at a time.

Read the entire survey here.

The whole story that alcohol is protective against cardiovascular disease is over 30 years old and it shows that if you have a moderate intake you will have a reduced risk of certain heart disease and especially heart attack , says Thelle.

Moderate amounts of alcohol are also previously associated with reduced risk of aging.

With moderate intake, Thelle estimates an average per day based on Uca’s total intake, up to 3-4 units for men and 1-2 units for women.

Five units are max!

The professor says looking at the scale of research, puts the definition of so-called “binge drinking” on more than five units per drinking case. Thelle emphasizes that this figure of five glasses is based on a definition that these researchers have made.

– The point in the vast number of studies done on this topic is that almost everyone concludes that the group who drinks moderately and not more than the limit of five units and is not retarded are the ones who come all best out, says Thelle.

A common interpretation that detainees die earlier than those who drink moderately are that they are moderate also in other areas of life.

But how low is the daily amount of alcohol you have to drink to give a health benefit? Professor Thelle believes there are talk of very small amounts of alcohol.

– This amount is probably very low, probably only half a glass of wine for example, says the professor.

Where does the boundary go?

When asked about where the limit is for what is too much alcohol, Professor Thelle answers that this has no sure answer to.

– This is because the survey has not compared with otherwise healthy people who do not drink alcohol at all. One can theoretically imagine that a group of completely healthy people who resemble those people who participated in the survey might be the best. But this is not known from this study. All this research points out is that if you drink alcohol for health, you should not get drunk, says the university professor.

Decreased heart muscle and rhythm disturbance

When alcohol leads to heart disease, there are two factors that you consider to be involved. First and foremost, it is believed that blood pressure increases, as well as affecting the fluid balance in the body to cause electrolyte changes. This can lead to cardiac arrhythmia.

Therefore, wholeheartedly gives heart failure

RUSFORSKER: – Basically, it is believed that alcohol is important and not whether it is wine, beer or spit, “says Jørg Mørland, Division Director of Legal Toxicology and Drug Research at the National Institute of Public Health.. Photo: The Norwegian Institute of Public Health

According to Jørg Mørland, Division Director of Legal Toxicology and Drug Research at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, there is no simple explanation of what the alcohol is doing with the heart. He says it’s a complicated matter:

– In cases of heart attack associated with alcohol, there is no simple explanation. It is discussed that there may be a weakening of the heart muscle, perhaps by the occurrence of some rhythm disturbance in the heart associated with high alcohol intake. But this is a field where there is not very much known, says Mørland.

All alcohol is as good

Are there any types of alcoholic beverages that give a greater chance of heart disease than other types?

– This has also been discussed, but it is generally believed that alcohol is important and if you have drunk beer, wine or spirits becomes less interesting, says Mørland.

– One has heard that a glass of red wine a day is good. Is it healthier to drink a larger amount of red wine than for example beer or white wine?

– Several studies have looked at this. Some conclude that one glass of white wine a day is best, others think that beer is best and compares with red wine. I think there are very many myths in this field, but most people agree that alcohol is important, says Mørland.

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