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Therefore, the vegetables are healthier with some oil

You need fat to pick up vitamin K from your food.

Therefore, the vegetables are healthier with some oil

Therefore, the vegetables are healthier with some oil

EXPERTS: Nutritionist Therese F. Mathisen and Dr. Fedon Lindberg. Photo: Privat / Petter Berg

This makes vitamin K in the body

– It’s important for the blood to survive, coagulate, in a hurricane injury.

– Protects against age-related loss of bone mass.

If you eat too little vegetables, you may need vitamin K supplements.

– All do not need vitamin K supplements, but in Norway there are many who do because they eat too little vegetables. This is especially true of young and ill elderly, says Dr. Fedon Lindberg.

Heavy green color

If you want to get Vitamin K through the diet, it is advisable to fill the shopping basket with powerful green vegetables, such as broccoli, cabbage, spinach, salad and parsley, as well as other vegetables.

– Other good vitamin K sources are dairy products, cereal products, meat and fruit. You can also find the vitamin naturally in avocados, grapes and some cold-pressed plant oils, “says Lindberg.

Produced by intestinal bacteria

Actually, vitamin K is not a simple vitamin.

In the food you will find it in the form of vitamin K1 or phyllokinone, while vitamin K2, menakinon, is produced by the bacteria in your large intestine.

These contribute up to half of the required amount of vitamin K.

– This vitamin is made from our own colon bacteria that live in symbiosis with us, and in fermented bean products, nutrition physiologist Therese F. Mathisen and refers to the traditional Japanese dish natto, made from fermented soybeans.

Remember the oil depression!

Multiple K vitamins

-Vitamin K is a part of the fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K).

-Vitamin K1 (phyllokinone) is essential for the blood coagulation process. Available in green plants.

-Vitamin K2 (menakinon) is essential for the metabolism and therefore important for the skeleton. K2 is found in fermented (fermented) food products and is also produced by bacteria in our intestine.

Source: Fedon Lindberg

Therefore, the vegetables are healthier with some oil

So healthy is the food we have in the fridge

Vitamin K2 is also sold as a supplement, but remember that it is not indifferent to what you eat with the supplement if you want the body to absorb the vitamin.

– Like all fat-soluble vitamins, vitamin K also needs fat, bile salts and digestive enzymes from the pancreas to be absorbed. This means that it is important to use oil-based dressing or other fat in the food to absorb vitamin K from salads and vegetables, “says Fedon Lindberg.


Adults need a daily supply of one microgram of vitamin K per day. kilo body weight. That is, for a person weighing 80 kilograms, it is probably optimal to get around. 80 micrograms of vitamin K a day.

Vitamin K is important for everyone, but there are some groups in the population who are more vulnerable to lack than others.

– This applies to people with unilateral and deficient diet, people at increased risk of cardiovascular disease, chronically ill and elderly, as well as premature infants, says Lindberg.

Longer-term use of different drugs can also give a shortage. For example, antibiotic treatment over time will interfere with the intestinal flora, which supplies the body with vitamin K2.

– You should also be aware of your vitamin K level if you are using oxygen-neutralizing drugs, acetylsalicylic acid preparations, paraffin oil for constipation or blood thinners with warfarin, “says Lindberg..

Female vitamin

You may have heard that vitamin K is sometimes referred to as the female vitamin? It’s not without reason.

Therefore, the vegetables are healthier with some oil

This is gold for the muscles

Here in the country, we top the statistics when it comes to osteoporosis, and vitamin D and K supplements reduce the risk of this disorder.

Women of menopause who know they have increased risk of osteoporosis should therefore be a bit extra on duty. Studies show that today’s intake of vitamin K in Norway is sufficient to ensure normal blood clotting activity. But we do not get enough vitamin K in relation to what the bone tissue needs – at least not women.

– It is seen that women with low intake of vitamin K in the diet have a greater incidence of osteoporosis and hip fracture. Interestingly, you do not see the same in men. This emphasizes that there are significant gender differences behind the cause of bone loss, which may have hormones, says Lindberg.

Avoid hip fracture

A major Norwegian survey, HUSK (Health Survey in Hordaland) suggests that vitamin K1 may reduce the risk of hip fractures.

Therefore, the vegetables are healthier with some oil

K-VITAMINKILDER: Rosenkål, lettuce salad, cereal, broccoli and avocado are good sources of vitamin K. Photo: Colorbox

The reason should be that the vitamin affects the direct density.

Therefore, the vegetables are healthier with some oil

Bear is as good as diet pills

2807 people, with an average age of 72 years, were followed for ten years, and their vitamin K intake was based only on dietary intake.

Blood Thinner Medicine and Vitamin K

Do you take blood thinning medicines containing wafarin, like Marevan, you should be careful about taking vitamin K.

The effect of intake of vitamin K food or vitamin K supplements and the effect of blood thinning medication should then be measured through the blood test INR, says Dr.. Fedon Lindberg.

The vitamin reduces the effect of the medicines. But Lindberg emphasizes that it is important to have a stable intake of vitamin K, and then adjust the dose of medicine accordingly.

– Avoid vitamin K rich foods in order not to affect the effect. This is a common misunderstanding, he says.

Vitamin K to newborns

– All newborns are offered vitamin K syringe at birth. Intention is to prevent serious bleeding, “says nutritionist Therese F. Mathisen.

The bleeding risk is greatest in the days after birth in premature children, non-milky children who can not use the nutrition from the intestine, who have had a complicated birth or if their mother has received medications that increase the risk of bleeding in the child.

In children with liver disease that manifests with prolonged jaundice and other chronic diseases, bleeding may occur later.

Good sources of vitamin K

The amounts are given in micrograms of vitamin K, per. 100 grams of food.

Spinach: 440

Green salad: 380

Broccoli: 180

Rose Bowl: 177

Cabbage: 145

Asparagus: 60

Olive oil: 55

Green beans: 33

Lenses: 22

How much do you need?

Adults need a daily supply of one microgram of vitamin K per day. kilo body weight. That is, for a person weighing 80 kilograms, it is probably optimal to get around. 80 micrograms of vitamin K a day.

Therefore, the vegetables are healthier with some oil

How to get enough vitamins

A necessary supplement for many

The Norwegian company Kappa Bioscience produces the vitamin supplement K2VITAL, which is sold in a number of countries.

– When we produce vitamin K2, we use the same method that is used for most of the commercially available vitamins on the market today. It is a chemical synthesis based on natural starting ingredients, says CEO Egil Greve.

Based on the same manufacturing processes used for other fat-soluble vitamins, the company has produced a vitamin K2 molecule that should be 100 percent identical to that found in nature.

– While the source of vitamin K1 is broccoli and other leafy vegetables, which we usually get sufficient in us through food, the source of vitamin K2 is fermented food products, which most people do not get enough of. Several studies in the Western world show that the intake of vitamin K2 is too low to activate the protein in the body that binds calcium, says Greve.

Vitamin K2 may in this context be compared to a catalyst that causes calcium to adhere to the bone mass.

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