Therefore, she had to re-teach the alphabet

Failed to speak properly.

Therefore, she had to re-teach the alphabet

Ragnhild Elisabeth Bye Lütken (36) was in the starting phase of her career as a singer when she was hit by stroke. With willingness and good support, she has managed to regain most of her old life.

– As I saw it, I had two options: lay down and die, or start exercising again. Family, friends and health care were ready to give me all the help and support, so I just did not have to follow up, says Ragnhild Elisabeth Bye Lütken to the weekly magazine The Home.

Failed to say “Hi”

She does little creature of the drama she has been through in recent years. Nightly and unintentively, she describes what it was and is.

For those who do not know her well, it’s impossible to see that she has had a serious stroke. Five years ago, she could hardly say “hello”. Now the sentences flow out of her, just a rare time she stops to find the right word.

Five years ago she was lamb in the right side. Today she just pulls on one leg when she’s tired. Her handshake is fixed, though not as fast as before, she says, but she is training and working on the matter.


– I will never be as I was. I have had a brain injury, that’s the way it is and something I have to live with.

Ragnhild was 30 years old when she got the fatal stroke. Music permeated her entire life. She was educated classical singer, played piano, rock and violin, sang in chamber choir Schola Cantorum, and had been temporary as head of Oslo domino. Now one year left of the educational education at Norway’s music college.

When you get a stroke, two million brain cells die every minute.

As a singer and grandson of Erik Bye, she had toured the country with the grandfather’s songs, together with, among others, Anbjørg Lien, Lars Klevstrand and Henning Sommerro.

Therefore, she had to re-teach the alphabet

Four Signs of Stroke

When Erik Bye was baptized in October 2004, she sang in the church.

Nice summer day

– I was a bit unsure of where to look, for somewhere one must see when you stand there and sing. If I looked at my family, I knew I was beginning to cry. It was state funeral and the king was there. “I’m looking at the king,” I thought, “because he’s used to being seen!”.

The last day as a hundred percent healthy, the 31st. July 2008, Ragnhild woke up at Toneheim Folkehøgskole in Hamar.

She had been there for a week with some other cormorants. Now only a concert was held in Vang church before they were home.

Summer day was nice, and yet it was several hours before the battle hit her. It was only on her way home to Oslo that she had a headache.

Headache is rare in stroke, but may occur with nausea / vomiting due to pressure increase (swelling of the brain tissue). The difference between drip and stroke is that by drip the symptoms return again within 24 hours.

Therefore, she had to re-teach the alphabet

Niklas (6) lives with half brain

The stroke was in progress

– It was hot that day and we were five in the car, so I really did not think it was so nice. I was the last one who left off, and when I was supposed to say “have it” I heard that the words got stuck. “Now I’m tired,” I thought. “Should not I really drive you on the emergency room?” She said as driving. “No, no, do not talk, I’m going to bed,” I said. At that time, I could be very certain. Unfortunately, for the stroke was going on, and if I had come to a doctor, I would have saved too much.

In addition to other symptoms, acute stroke may also cause vertigo (dizziness attacks) and balance problems.

Outside her apartment on Torshov, Ragnhild had to sit on the suitcase and rest before she could lock in.

The clock approached ten in the evening, and she went straight to bed.

The letters lived their own lives

Next morning, unaware that she was in danger of death, Ragnhild sat in front of her PC to chat with the Nina.

People with stroke can forget words and what to say. If at all they can express themselves, the speech can be snowy or incomprehensible.

The forest, she wrote. “What do you mean?” Nina asked.

– When I wrote that it had been a miss, I found that the letters lived their own lives on the screen. I realized I was unable to write, it just got bullied.

Therefore, she had to re-teach the alphabet

HEARTS: “I will never be as I was. I have had a brain injury, that’s the way it is and something I have to live with, says Ragnhild Bye Lütken, 36,. Photo: Jørn Grønlund

“I’m coming!” wrote Nina.

Therefore, she had to re-teach the alphabet

So good is the South for health

Not long after, Nina stood at the door, along with two other members in the choir. Ragnhild managed to let them in, but she shouted, talked blurredly and said she was numb in her arm.

Rejected at Aker Hospital

The friends realized that it hurried, and since Aker’s hospital was closest, they drove her right there.

She was rejected because she was searching for Ullevål Hospital. Thus even more precious time was lost.

Instead of waiting for an ambulance, the friends drove her to Ullevål in her own car. Along the way, they alerted the family to Ragnhild.

When she was to be hospitalized, she remembered her birth number, but then she began to tulle.

“I have three children,” she said.

“Ragnhild, you have not!” “Yes, three children!”

Therefore, she had to re-teach the alphabet

Hilde got a gun against the tin and was robbed over 50. 000

– What I meant to say was that I have three siblings. The words were completely wrong.

Rift in the cervical ulcer

The first message the family received was that she had “a little blow”.

Later on, X-ray and neurological investigations showed that she had a massive stroke on the left side of the brain. The battle was due to a so-called dissection in the left ventricle. Simply explained, there had been a rupture in the blood vessels.

The rifle had made that the internal coating in the blood vessels had loosened and then caused a blood clot in the brain.

How this rifle originally occurred, they could not say, but theoretically it could have been pure bad luck, a mechanical injury, for example because of the rubbing of the shoulder strap on a heavy handbag.

Untreated heart failure will increase the risk of stroke and heart failure.

The right side was paralyzed, and Ragnhild could not speak. Doctors did not hide the fact that the situation was serious.

“She has some residual features left,” they explained. “But to train these, she must use all the powers, resources available and all the help she can get. “

Therefore, she had to re-teach the alphabet

Therefore, sleep on the left side

The first few days made the risk of a new blow that it was uncertain whether she came to live the next day or next hour.

The fight was in place

The first two weeks at Ullevål Hospital, she does not remember anything. Only when the situation had stabilized she got to know what had happened to her.

– I started crying, and that said the doctors were good. It showed that I had understood the situation. Her fight was in place from the first day of consciousness.

Ragnhild does not remember herself, and as her siblings still can not tell without tears in her eyes, the victory sign she gave them when she was still very ill. Without language and the lame on the right side, she managed to greet them by lifting her left hand and holding it up in the air.

– As a big sister I would go ahead as a good example. At first I did not understand how bad I was or how miserable I was to talk. Most of the time, I only managed to say “yes” and “no” and for some reason I called everyone for Kjell Hakon, the name of my brother. Strange enough, I was not very sorry. The brain did not take all the misery at once.

The whole family contributed

Ragnhild has a large family: Mother Anne, the father Erling, and their respective spouses. Stebroren Harald and his wife, and the siblings Tone, Marianne and Kjell Håkon.

Together they beat Ragnhild, and each individually took on the individual roles in the training, which started quite immediately. Little Brother Kjell Håkon, 15, became her first “logopedist”.

– He trained the alphabet with me after an old child rule, and it worked well. It was extra challenging when he found out that we should practice the alphabet from behind.

The sister Tone, one and a half years younger than Ragnhild, was present for her all the time. Lillesøster Marianne, 17, came with creams and fragrant oils, and massaged her arms and legs. The mother moved closest to the hospital, and made sure that there were not too many in her at the same time.

Therefore, she had to re-teach the alphabet

After four hours at play, Veronica was lame up to her shoulders

The father trimmed her brain with yatzy, quiz and backgammon. From the hospital bed she reached a wheelchair. Eventually the words began to come back, albeit hollows to bumps.

– I said a lot strange and did not find the right words. It sounded pretty bad for those around me, but I did not even realize how bad I was talking.

Get more humble

After five weeks at Ullevål, Ragnhild came to Steffensrud Rehabilitation Center at Toten. Now it was training, exercise and training that applied. Body, word and voice should be in place again, a process that took everything she had of strength and will. Afterwards she spent three months at Sunnaas and had several stays at the Cato Center.

– To check if I was still able to teach me something new, I began to teach me all the states and state capitals of the United States. In a short space of time, I could all get along. It felt good.

One year after the stroke, Ragnhild stood on stage and sang again.

– The singing voice was not as before, yet it was a big win.

Therefore, she had to re-teach the alphabet

MUSIC PEDAGOG: Three years it took Ragnhild to complete what she originally would have spent a year on, but in spring 2012 she had completed her educated music teacher. Photo: Jørn Grønlund

She did not give up on educator education either, but started on a courageous return route at Skullerud adult education in Oslo, where she received study guidance and teaching in logopedia and music.

Therefore, she had to re-teach the alphabet

– Our daughter is an angel

New Tour

It took her three years to complete what she had originally spent a year, but in the spring of 2012 she had completed her educated music teacher.

Today, Ragnhild has a part-time job as Secretary of the European Movement, a work she thrives well with. As before, the song and music are an important part of life.

She is still singing in the world-renowned choir Schola Cantorum, and is going to a new tour with «Back to the Songs», a performance based on the grandfather Erik Byes shows. Last year a new love appeared in her life as well, conductor and musician like herself. The times he can not direct the choir, he sends Ragnhild.

Begins to recognize the voice

– I direct with one hand and use the more facial expressions, that’s fine. All in all, I’m quite happy with the situation. Going to speech therapies every week for five years has not always been as fun, but in the last year I have noticed a big difference in the voice, I start to recognize it again. It may never be as before, but I have received some small solo assignments in the choir again and I appreciate it. One by the choir said to me that she thinks I’m getting nicer after I got hit, laughs Ragnhild.

– It may possibly vote, maybe I’m not so determined and keen to get me and my longer.

Got a Price

For Ragnhild’s willingness to move on and not break the serious consequences of the stroke given to her, she was last year awarded to the Adult Education Association’s “Learning Award for Oslo”.

Thanks, she sang his grandfather Erik Bye’s “Our Best Day”. Lovely and watchy.

Therefore, she had to re-teach the alphabet

– What happened took away my safety

The family and friends who had come there to celebrate with her knew what this price had cost. Few of them managed to keep their tears back.

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Therefore, she had to re-teach the alphabet

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