There is usually nothing wrong with the teenager, though he is tired, tired, sore and hungry

Relax, tired and tired teenager

There is usually nothing wrong with the teenager, though he is tired, tired, sore and hungry

There is usually nothing wrong with the teenager, though he is tired, tired, sore and hungry

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– It’s not uncommon for mothers with teens to come to my office. Often due to the fact that the parents experience the youth as unreasonably angry or tired that he sleeps too much or is hungry all the time, “says a general practitioner in Halden, head of the Norwegian Society for General Medicine, Petter Brelin.

Among other things, mom’s concern may be relevant.

– Puberty is a tough time for the body. Youth is in the worst of the growth, and it creates a greater need for nutrition, iron and vitamins. If you feel that everything is in tune with your teenager, it’s therefore good to check that everything is okay, “he says..

It’s over

As a rule, however, there is nothing wrong with the teenager, though he is tired, tired, sore and hungry, but the doctor does not think it’s so strange that parents react when your gentle little child changes virtually overnight.

– If you have not had children in your teens before, you do not know that it would be like that. Some get very changed this period, but the comfort is that it usually lasts over half a year, he says.

While waiting for this to happen, he recommends being patient, although you must take the parenting seriously and do not let it slip out in anticipation of recovery.

– There is actually no joke to be in puberty, and even though parents think they are very hard, it’s important to remember that it’s very bad for the teenager himself, he says.

Okay with an afternoon slumber

This means that although it’s 10-12 years since the last junior needed a nap in the afternoon, it’s now quite cure to let him sleep a little after school if it’s needed.

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– Please note if it does not go beyond the night sleep. It is not lucky if the nightly rhythm changes, so sleep must be delimited. Follow and be accepting, he says.

There is also no disease sign that food intake increases significantly this period.

Special boys can get incredibly great appetite while in puberty, and since this is usually a period they both exercise and grow a lot, it is natural that food needs increase.

– Just make sure he eats proper food. Many keep a little childish diet into adolescence and therefore do not get the building blocks the body needs. It is not uncommon to have vitamin and mineral deficiency if the diet consists of loff with raspberry jam, says Brelin.

Big differences

It can be difficult to say whether mood swings and sleepiness in teens are something to worry about or if you think it’s within the normal. Youth is so different, and youth time itself indicates that normality can and should be wide, says Merete Nypan.

She is a health sister at Tvibit, youth center in Tromsø.

She believes, however, that the warning bells should start to ring if a youth fails to get to school, do not do homework or is no longer as social as before.

A special offer

The health sister’s experience is that many teens are good at knowing their problems and that they seek help themselves.

They will then come to the health center at the school or health center for young people, with many having their first independent contact with the health service.

– There’s another part that is a little bothered to contact the GP because they know that the parent goes. Therefore, it is positive that there are offers that are only for them, she says.

Nevertheless, Nypan emphasizes that the GP is an important resource for both the youth and the family.

– It’s not rare we throw the ball on to the general practitioner if there are problems or conditions that will be followed up over time, she says.

Missing the current parent

Despite the fact that many young people appreciate being able to talk to a doctor and health sister on what they feel is more neutral, Nypan believes that some teenagers find that parents are too absent.

There is usually nothing wrong with the teenager, though he is tired, tired, sore and hungry

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This parent may be something that the young people are missing out on.

– There are plenty of parents who think the children are doing their own when they become teenagers, but the reality is that mom and dad is still a champion. You can not abdicate from parenting right yet, she says.

Get the youth out of the cave

Nypan believes the guardians are important supporters of the young in trying to figure out what teenage happiness is due to.

The good conversation with a young person can help to understand whether it is about normal hormoneal impact or if the cause can be, for example, too little sleep or bad eating habits. Just these basic needs are still an important area of ​​responsibility for the guardians, she says.

She thinks it happens parents lose a little here in today’s hustle and bustle.

– So, if your youth, for example, insulates in the computer game room all day, try to get that kid out of the cave to attend the communal meals even if it’s a challenge, she says..

Many choices

Brelin’s impression is that changes in puberty tend to come earlier and are greater in girls than in boys, but boys can also get behavioral changes during this period of life.

Your cute little child is going through both mental and physical changes on his way to adult life, and you will notice that he or she is loosening more and more from you and that friends get more to say.

At the same time, they are placed above choices in relation to, among other things, sex, tobacco and substance abuse, so it is actually very much the young people have to consider during this period. Then it’s important that you as a mother or dad are there all the time and that you realize that puberty must only be allowed to go once, “he says..



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