The tips that give you lasting weight change

– Ending up in goal, weight and BMI, recommends the head of the center for morbid obesity.

The tips that give you lasting weight change

The diet is over and you can finally breathe out. The goal is reached and now it’s time to get up and enjoy a little extra.

Or is it?

Back to old habits

– The main reason for gaining weight after slimming is that you go back to old habits. You may not have changed the areas of life that contributed to the problem, “said Dr. Fedon Lindberg.

So when the weight shows the number you want, you recall the good things that caused you to start slimming at all.

Increased appetite

The tips that give you lasting weight change

Two factors determine whether you get flat stomach

– Additionally, the appetite may increase after a diet. Sulthormones such as ghrelin increase and fatigue hormones such as leptin sinks, says professor at the University of Oslo and head of Center for Disease Overweight in Health South East at the hospital in Vestfold, Jøran Hjelmesæth.

At the same time, combustion and combustion decreases in activities. – The body goes on a spare fire and this gives weight gain if you keep eating the same as before, he says.

May blame on hormones

Hormones, in other words, have to take a part of blame because it’s hard to keep the new weight, but the main reason is still your well-incorporated habits or habits.

Tips for lasting weight loss:

  • Clean up imbalance in the diet
  • Be physically active
  • Get control of home and work issues
  • Stress less
  • Be sure to get enough sleep

Source: Dr. Fedon Lindberg

Physical activity is essential for maintaining the weight because it:

  • Increases combustion, both during activity and at rest
  • improves appetite regulation
  • improves sleep
  • Enhances your habits
  • improves quality of life
  • improves health

Source: Jøran Hjelmesæth at the Center for Disease Overweight at the Hospital in Vestfold

– Old habit is bad and turning, meaning that changes in health-related behavior, ie lifestyle, are difficult to maintain over time, says Hjelmesæth.

That’s why knowledgeable guidance and follow-up is so important for maintaining weight loss, Lindberg adds.

Because of this savings effect, one may also find that after weight gain weighs even more than before starting to go down.

– The same amount of food as before will then give weight gain, and in addition, the “weight thermostats” in the brain may quickly adjust to the new weight, “Hjelmesæth says..

Loss of muscle mass

It’s going to happen more than you went down, but it does not always happen. The main reason for it sometimes happens is that you have undergone too low calorie intake for a long time or inadequate protein under home-grown cures, Lindberg believes.

Insufficient protein will lead to loss of muscle mass, thus reducing burns and ending with long-term low-energy cures.

– This can lead to lower metabolism, he adds.

Faster up than down?

If you have slimming before, then restarting, you probably know the feeling that the first part of the process took a lot longer than the other.

The tips that give you lasting weight change

EATING IN SMUG: Maintaining the weight requires willpower and hard work. Photo: Thinkstock

To put on five kilos is done in a handshake, but when they go back, please put the patience on a test.

The tips that give you lasting weight change

Here you will be exposed

Steadily upwards

– You may not go faster than down. In some cases it may be such, but not always. Many people may experience this because it is much more noticeable on the body and the appetite to go to 500 calories a day than 3000 as you may do after the cure, “says Lindberg.

He says that the most common thing is that you go steadily. On average one kilo per year.

Then you finally weigh 20 kilo more when you are 50 years old than you did when you were 30, he says.

The tips that give you lasting weight change

Go down ten kilos of crackle cakes

The body has thus been waiting for the new weight for a long time.

Saves to worse times

Nevertheless, it is fully possible to put on several kilos in a short period of time.

– There are of course many who experience rapid weight gain in some periods of life. Whether that is the case is a standard question we ask our patients, so we can find possible reasons, “said Lindberg..

He adds that an explanation that it may be harder to go down than is an important defense mechanism that all animals have developed through millions of years of evolution.

This mechanism ensures that you save energy at good times in order to survive the bad times.

The tips that give you lasting weight change

You can drop a kilo a week

Our problem, however, is that we only have good times, he says.

Stabilized by itself

But the body’s defense mechanisms can more than protect us from the wounds.

– If you’re weight-resistant, neither overweight nor underweight, and you have not slim down earlier, your body’s defense mechanisms will counteract both weight gain and weight reduction, says Hjelmesæth.

This means that if you go up to two to three kilograms in three to four weeks, burning will increase during both rest and activity. The appetite will probably also be regulated somewhat.

– Then you will go back to normal weight again if you return to old habits. The same will happen if you lose weight, he says.

The tips that give you lasting weight change

NEW LIFE: In order to keep the gap, you need to significantly change your living habits. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Thinkstockphotos. com

Temporary weight gain

The tips that give you lasting weight change

Find the slim method that’s most effective for you

In other words, the problem occurs first if you decide to go down more than three to five kilograms and disregard that you need to change your living habits significantly to maintain weight loss.

– I do not know about research that shows you go faster than down, but if you get up quickly due to temporary changes in living habits, ie eating more or less active for a period, You go back quickly if you return to the old good living habits, “Hjelmesæth says.

If you do not, you will keep the kilos.

– So, if you slowly eat more or move less, the weight goes viciously, says he.

Do not think of numbers

For a good and lasting change, Hjelmesæth recommends that you stop learning goals, weight and BMI.

The tips that give you lasting weight change

Here the slimy squares break

– Do not think about ideal weight, but find your own goal. Your own ideal weight does not necessarily mean that you become slim and have a BMI under 25 or below 80 cm for women and 94 cm for men, he says..

You can check your BMI here.

He also remembers that it is important to be aware that weight stabilization requires a lot of work. You must be able to eat less than before and to feel hungry and you must also be set to be physically active to maintain your new weight.

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