The test calculates your physical age

Check the risk of serious illness in less than five minutes.

The test calculates your physical age

The test calculates your physical age

This is what you need to know about heart failure

– In total, there are surveys of more than 120. 000 Norwegians who form the basis for this calculator, says Post Doc Bjarne Martens Nes

Together with his colleagues at the Faculty of Medicine at NTNU, he has used the results of the Health Survey in Nord-Trøndelag known as HUNT to develop a simple test that people can take home in their own living room.

Overall Value

By mapping the amount and intensity of people’s activity day, your test finds physical age and, in addition, calculates the likelihood of dying of cardiovascular disease.

– We are concerned that our research will be of universal value and benefit the entire population, the test is therefore available free of charge and anonymously on the Internet. It’s a win-win situation, people get the opportunity to check their physical age, and at the same time we collect large amounts of data that we can benefit from further in our research, says Nes.

You can take the test here: https: // www. world fitness level. org / # /

For great help

Cardiovascular disease

  • Collective term for diseases of the heart, arteries and veins
  • Includes heart attacks or angina pectoris, heart attack and stroke
  • 15,000 Norwegians Get An Acute Heart Attack Every Year, Half Is Under 74
  • The number of other heart disease is unknown
  • 13,000 suffer from acute stroke every year
  • Women are on average 7-10 years older than men when they are affected by cardiovascular disease
  • The number of cases has been reduced over the last decade

Sources: Public Health Institute, LHL


  • Health Survey in North Trøndelag
  • Norway’s largest collection of health data and biological material
  • Comprises three rounds of data collections: HUNT 1 1984-86, HUNT 2 1995-97, HUNT 3 2006-2008
  • 120,000 people have agreed in anonymized participation
  • 80,000 blood samples delivered
  • 5000 VO2 Max Tests
  • 700 scientific publications
  • Over 100 doctoral dissertations
  • HUNT 4 is scheduled to start in 2017

Sources: NTNU, Wikipedia

The test calculates your physical age

Leah (6) lives with half a heart

Terje Steigen is a associate professor at the Department of Clinical Medicine at the University Hospital Nord-Norge and head of the Norwegian Cardiology Company.

He is positive for such tests as long as they are valid and based on scientific data.

– We know for sure that positive lifestyle change is important in preventing and reducing cardiovascular disease. A calculator like this can be of great help both for doctors and patients, perhaps especially in connection with awareness raising and motivating lifestyle change, “he says..

Common in Norway

According to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, up to or above 30 are affected. 000 Norwegians of cardiovascular disease annually.

Since the mid-1990s, the number of cases has been greatly reduced, but with the expected fire wave there is reason to fear that this trend may turn.

– Cardiovascular disease includes cardiac arrhythmia, stroke and heart attack. These are very common diseases in Norway, leading to increased sickness and death, explains Steigen.

– It is true that in recent years we have experienced a reduction in the number of cases. This is primarily due to healthier lifestyle in the general population, and in addition we have become better at the level of treatment, but much can still be done, he says.

Golden Middle

– In general, it is about what we all know as a health promoting lifestyle. The golden middle of the road with healthy food and drink, exercise and refrain from tobacco, continues Steigen.

– The goal is to get the population as a whole to increase the health-promoting activity, if we manage it, the gain will be great both for the individual and for society. This is not self-evident, in order to succeed, it must be considered greater and better placed for activity in everyday life, and politicians also have a great responsibility.

Secondary Test

– The first release of the test was made and posted on the Internet a couple of years ago, but it is only now that we feel secure about the correlation between activity, physical age and the risk of dying of cardiovascular disease, explains Bjarne Nes.

After analyzing the rich foundation of all the first three rounds of HUNT, researchers are convinced that the relationships they found can be transferred to and used by millions of people, thus perhaps motivating increased physical activity worldwide.

Although North Trøndelag has more World Cup medals on cross country than smoke, we mean to cover generalization not only among people in the Nordic and Europe but throughout the Western world, Nes ends.



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