The symptoms you should never ignore

When is it advisable to call the doctor?

The symptoms you should never ignore

Are you also one of those who compares symptoms of dangerous diseases with your own symptoms?

Here are the symptoms you really need to take seriously and qualify for a thorough doctor’s check:

Night sweat can mean cancer

– There are no symptoms that in your clarity mean you have cancer, says the doctor and general manager at Sjøgata Legekontor, Erlend Jørgensen.

There are, however, several danger signals to be taken seriously, depending on where a possible cancer is located.

– Night sweats that do not occur in menopause, but combined with general disease disorder over time, are an example of signals that should always be taken seriously.. Needless to say, it does not mean that you have cancer, but it’s definitely worth seeking out your doctor to decode it if you experience this, “says Jørgensen..

He adds that having a constant disease feeling without having the typical signs of infection such as sore throat or the like also qualifies for a doctor’s visit.


If you experience yellowness in the skin or in the eyes, it is important to contact your doctor immediately.

– If you experience such symptoms, it means that liver disease or liver failure has already come quite long, says Jørgensen.

If you also experience patterns that may look like spider webs of blood vessels on the stomach or body lotion without any particular cause, it may indicate liver failure or liver disease.

TV2 Helps You just told us that the very well-known Chili burn diet could lead to liver failure, so it’s important to know what supplements you take.

Not everyone can withstand supplements, so remember to mention this to your doctor as it may be a cause of the symptoms, “says Jørgensen..

Significant change in feces

It may be a good idea to consult your doctor if you experience blood in the stool, but it is not Jørgensen reacts strongly when it comes to the signs a stomach or intestine will give you.

The symptoms you should never ignore

How to evaluate your doctor if you are ill or “just” tired

– What we first and foremost respond to is coal-black stools. Then you should seek out the doctor immediately, unless there are special reasons for the unusual color, such as the consumption of iron tablets, red wine or the like, “he says..

Also, in the case of fresh blood in the stool, you may want to take a check, but this is usually due to innocents such as hemorrhoids or scratches.

– Otherwise, it is a good rule of thumb to seek medical advice if you experience significant changes in your stool. If it is common for you to feel that your stool varies from day to day, this is normal for you, but if you have always had regular stools so as to either get constipated or very loose in your stomach over time, you may want a doctor’s check, says Jørgensen.

This may at worst mean cancer in the gastrointestinal tract.

Involuntary Weight Loss

If you experience weight loss without knowing why, or have not done any changes in life that would suggest you lose weight, it’s a good idea to take a doctor’s check.

The symptoms you should never ignore

– You should expect your doctor to find out what’s wrong with you

In addition, if you have a general feeling of sickness without being really sick, there is good reason to have this examined, “says Jørgensen..

In some cases, involuntary weight loss may be a sign of underlying cancer.

Pain that does not occur

If you experience pain that only gets worse and worse, it is a good idea to seek out the doctor.

– If you have not struck yourself but still experience pain that gets worse and worse over time, it is advisable to seek out the doctor, “says Jørgensen.. This may be due to cancerous tumors that push different body parts, which in turn will cause pain.

Abnormal physical or mental function

Depending on where a possible brain tumor is present, you may experience difficulties with language, paralysis, difficulty remembering, one side of the face decreases more than the other, double vision or something changes in you as a person, this may indicate brain tumor or stroke, says general practitioner and general manager at Legevakt Vest AS, Kari Lise Eidjar.

The symptoms you should never ignore

Increases risk of heart attack and stroke

It’s also a good rule to consult your doctor if you notice changes in your personality.

– For example, some may become more aggressive for no reason. It may happen to us everybody sometimes, but you should definitely consult the doctor, she says, “she says..

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