The surroundings affect the weight

Challenges the day long make it difficult to lose weight

The surroundings affect the weight

It is easy to blame the food composition when we explain why we become fat and fat. The food may take its part of the blame and our genes as well. But take a look at the surroundings and the challenges that face an obese person in he or her eyes up in the morning.

Easy to get on

Life has become easier and easier in the 2100 century. No need to go to the stream after the water for the morning. No, it’s just jumping in the shower that’s probably in the bedroom or a few steps away from the bedroom.

The milk is beverage ready and the bread is baked. The milk comes in cardboard and will not have to go to the barn to milk the cow. We do not have to knead the dough ourselves or we have got a bread maker serving freshly baked bread for breakfast. Delicious!

For most of us, most of us take the car or public transport despite the fact that the bike is in the garage. We can not boast of hard physical work either. The PC is our most important work tool and we all have ergonomic chairs for a good attitude and sitting position. The Jammen We Are Good!

The canteen offers a variety of dishes for both palate and stomach. Here are fragrant dishes and a wide selection.

After work it’s time to pick up or make dinner. It is easy to resort to ready meals from the store or take away. In time clamp it is important that the food is quickly ready to be consumed. Did you know that when you shop for food, long shelves filled with foods will cause you to buy more food? In a store where they produce fewer copies of the same food, you will also handle fewer foods. When the food trays are filled with food, we simply buy more (delicious) food and it gives rise to more eating, according to nutrition professor Marion Nestle. Many ready meals are also full of energy and make it easier to replenish your stomach before fatigue occurs. In order not to forget all the salt you get in you.

Take a look at the plate and the glasses! How did these look like you were children? Yes, they were smaller! The plates and glasses have simply become bigger and accommodate more food and drink. And we eat until it gets empty. The portion size has simply increased – slowly and unnoticed. And we fill up to the rim and cover the plate of food. As a result, we eat more food.

The surroundings affect the weight

PREVIEW SEG: Do you want to choose a smaller platter you can fill or fill in with less amount of food on a large platter? Probably it’s easier to implement the first one. Photo: iStockphoto

Find the Healthy Solutions

What should you do with the surroundings so it’s easier to lose weight? You know the answer and the solution is not revolutionary either.

We do not expect you to go to the stream after water or milk the cow. But you can become more physically active. Get the bike and start riding a job or go to work. Even using public transport requires more self-relocation of the body than driving a car to work. By choosing other modes, you will burn more energy.

Choose the healthy food in the canteen. Provide you with the salad bar, but beware and include protein in the salad. Have shrimp, tuna, eggs, beans, lentils or skinny ham. This gives sense of satiety. Also drink skim milk for lunch. Milk seems slimming, according to overweight expert and Professor Angelo Tremblay at the University of Laval, Canada.

Make the dinner yourself and use pure raw materials. Probably the dinner will be lean and have a healthier fatty acid profile than the food bought. This assumes of course that you do not steak in butter but plant oil. In addition, you get less salt.

Fool yourself. Go to the attic and find the old tableware or invest in new dishes. Choose smaller plates, smaller glasses and smaller cups. This actually causes you to eat less. When we can not fill the plate or the glass halfway it is a better option to choose smaller cups and barrels. Then you are allowed to completely fill up food and drink. The result is that you eat less food.

The surroundings affect the weight

INVITE TO DINNER: Make a healthy and delicious dinner with a good friend. Photo: iStockphoto

Finally, get a dog, a roommate, a training card, a colony garden, a bike or anything else that will get you out of the couch out of activity.

Simple advice? Easy to implement? Let’s hope so. What we know is that if you do this, it will affect both your health and the weight. Changing habits take time, but invest in new healthy habits for life. You want to earn it!


The surroundings affect the weight

I GET FORM! Photo: Peter Mlekuz

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