The surgeon made Nina slim

Nina Solberg, 34, is alone with the children, first fearing anything that could be wrong during the slimming operation.

The surgeon made Nina slim

The surgeon made Nina slim

READ MORE: – I look forward to getting in better shape so I can play more with the twins India and Wilma. They have so much energy, mum laughs Nina. Photo: Britt Krogsvold Andersen

Good Tips

Various hospitals and departments have their own procedures for how to prepare patients for surgery, but here are some general tips:

Do you need to keep away from food, juice, milk, coffee, soda, smoke, snuff, alcohol, chewing gum and pastilles after midnight the night before surgery.

For some medicines, such as insulin, birth control pills or other estrogen therapy, blood thinning, or medicines containing acetylsalicylic acid, your own rules apply in the last two weeks before surgery, depending on the type of surgery and the patient’s condition.

· Avoid supplements like Vitamin E before the operation.

· The evening before and / or the same day as the operation, wash and wash your hair in bactericidal soap and change to clean clothes.

· Do not use makeup or nail polish on the day of operation. Leave the jewelry at home and remove all the piercings.

· You can usually brush your teeth as usual.

(Sources: Nordland Hospital and Rikshospitalet)

“I’ve been overweight all my life, and I’ve tried countless dietary cures,” says sweet Nina from Oslo, who has recently undergone the Gastric Bypass slimming operation..

But there was a long way to go from the doctor applying for her surgery in August 2007 and until the surgery itself..

Before she was approved for surgery, she first had to interview a clinical nutrition physiologist.

Target shortens

After the approval, the positive three-child mother was called at a starting course that lasted over 12 weeks. Here awaited talks with a psychologist and surgeon, in addition to conversations with others that had previously been operated.

Nina also got information on how she could change her diet and lifestyle. Then it was ready for new conversation with surgeon and several examinations, such as gastroscopy, ECG, X-ray of lungs and blood samples.

– In the past six weeks before surgery, I could only eat between 900 and 1000 calories a day, preferably one should drop five percent to remove fat from the liver. The choice was between crackers or powder cakes; not very exciting, says Nina, who works in the home nursing home.

No cancellation set

During the procedure, large parts of the stomach expand and the intestine is shortened.

After surgery, the intestines will not get as much nutrition as before, and the stomach will no longer be able to accommodate large meals.

Since the surgery is not reversible, it is important that patients are motivated and know what they are doing. Here there is no right of withdrawal, and the doctors must be sure that the patients understand.

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The long wait until the operation date gave Nina the opportunity to think extra well; This procedure is not risk free.

Nina is alone with the children, and at first she thought a lot about everything that could go wrong. After surgery, she will simply be ill if she eats too much or fat food.

She will also become malnourished in the first two years, but this will gradually stabilize. She must also take vitamins, supplements and B12 syringes for the rest of their lives.

Super Motivated

There is a high chance of complications after surgery, such as osteoporosis and deficiency diseases, as well as many people having trouble with uncontrolled air.

– Anyway, I’m super motivated and looking forward to losing weight, says Nina, looking forward to having a lighter life after surgery.

Reliable Information

The surgeon made Nina slim

SUPERMOTIVED: Although there is a great danger of complications after surgery, Nina has gone many rounds with herself and is pleased with the choice she has taken. Photo: Britt Krogsvold Andersen

– It is important to inform patients well before operating. Some more worry more than others, and it is important that they are both physically and mentally prepared, “says Liv Åse Sommervold..

She is a departmental nurse at Orthopedic Department, B6, at St. Olavs Hospital. Here they have their own outpatient clinic where patients meet for a day of preparation approx. two weeks before surgery.

Patients meet the doctor who is going to operate and they are interviewed by anesthetist and nurse. Necessary blood tests and examinations are taken the same day.

Must be fresh

In advance, the nurse has called the patient and obtained information about current ailments, health conditions and other conditions that may be significant after surgery.

It is very important that the patient is well before a planned operation. This avoids complications associated with anesthesia and surgery.



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