The sexually transmitted diseases you may have without knowing about it

The sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, hepatitis B and gonorrhea do not necessarily give symptoms.

The sexually transmitted diseases you may have without knowing about it

Going with untreated sexually transmitted diseases can have major negative consequences for you and those you may contagion.

While some sexually transmitted diseases usually give symptoms, there are other sexually transmitted diseases you may have without noticing, but which can still have serious consequences for your health.

These gender diseases do not necessarily give symptoms: Chlamydia, HIV, Gonon, Syphilis and Hepatitis.

Easier to be infected with other sexually transmitted diseases

In addition to having very negative consequences in itself to go with an untreated infection, it is also easier to get infected with other infections.

– This means that if you are suffering from infection such as chlamydia, which infects relatively easily, it is also easier to get infected with other infections that are infectious, says Assistant General Manager Tore Holte Follestad at Sex and Society.

The consequences of walking with a gender disorder without treatment vary.

Chlamydia can provide sterility

Chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted disease in Norway. Each year, 22,000 cases are detected, and according to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, around 60-80 percent of cases are asymptomatic.

Unprotected sex in Thailand?

It is especially a country where the risk of infection is high.

– Do not have unprotected sex in Thailand. It is very risky, says Senior Advisor Øyvind Jul Nilsen at the Department of Infection Monitoring at the National Institute of Public Health.

– Thailand is the most important contagious country for Norwegians in terms of syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV and hepatitis B. Thailand tops the infection statistics and has done it for a long time, says Nilsen.

If you have had unprotected sex in Thailand, it is important that you investigate when you return home is the request from the National Institute of Public Health.

– Untreated chlamydia can have serious consequences for women especially for women, says Senior Advisor Øyvind Jul Nilsen at the Department of Infection Monitoring at the National Institute of Public Health, Fhi.

According to the Helseconcept. No, chlamydia can lead to sterility if you go for a long time without treatment. In some cases, the infection may travel upward to the internal genitals. In boys it may lead to inflammation of the piece of the piece, in girls an untreated chlamydia infection may spread to the uterus and ovary.

Untreated syphilis can cause serious damage

– Untreated syphilis can lead to serious damage, both physically and mentally, says Follestad.

Many do not get particularly pronounced symptoms of syphilis.

– And it’s easy to overlook the symptoms. This is especially true for women because syphilis primarily causes a wound on the genitals that does not hurt and which disappears after a while. Men can have a wound on the penis, and it is much easier to detect, “says Nilsen in FHI.

Men who have sex with men have syphilis increased sharply in Norway in the last 10-15 years, but the incidence among heterosexuals is still relatively low.

– We show tens of cases each year. But it increases, even among heterosexuals, and for the first time in several years we have seen three cases in young Norwegian pregnant women. Because syphilis can cause serious harm to fetuses and newborns, healthcare professionals should be more likely to test for syphilis in connection with pregnancy, says Nilsen.

Gonorrhea especially dangerous for pregnant women

Another disease that is dangerous to unborn children is gonorrhea.

Want to know more about sexually transmitted diseases?

The articles below are taken from our own Helseeksikon, and provide you with more information about symptoms and treatment:

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The sexually transmitted diseases you may have without knowing about it

How much do you know about sexually transmitted diseases?

– Gonorrhea in pregnant women is an undesirable situation. Untreated, it can lead to serious eye infection in newborns, “says Nilsen.

The Public Health Institute does not recommend that all pregnant women be screened for gonorrhea routinely, but wish to increase awareness of the disease.

– And if it’s the slightest reason to believe you can be gonorrhea, you should be tested on pregnancy check, “says Nilsen..

According to the Helseconcept. no women who do not receive treatment for gonorrhea infection may have pelvic infection, which is an inflammation of the female internal genital organs, while men who go without treatment may have inflammation in the bites, in the seminal and prostate.

Women are more often than men who do not experience gonorrhea symptoms, around 50% of infected women will not experience symptoms.

Hepatitis B can cause lifelong liver damage

Hepatitis B is an infection with diffuse symptoms. According to the National Institute of Public Health, the infection prevention supervisor, approximately 30 percent of adults who are infected will have an asymptomatic infection, approximately. 30 percent will have symptoms like flu-like ailments and about 30 will have clear hepatitis symptoms.

According to the Helseconcept. No. In most cases, the infection will overcome itself, but it can also lead to severe life-long liver disease and, at worst, death. According to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, approximately 700-800 newly diagnosed cases of acute and chronic hepatitis B in Norway are reported, and about 0.5 percent of the adult population in Norway has chronic hepatitis B.

Most people with hepatitis B in Norway are immigrants who are infected at birth or in the early childhood years of their native homeland but it also infects sexual contact.

How to test yourself

Gonorrhea and chlamydia (and mycoplasma) are tested in the same way, with a urine test for boys, and a stick test from the vagina of girls. Should you test for disease in the throat, the sample is taken from there. The same applies if you have had anal sex, then you take the stick test from the rectum.

– The one who tests you should ask if you have had vaginal, anal or oral sex, but it helps very much if you tell yourself what kind of sex you’ve had, says Follestad..

You can take the test one week after you think you have been exposed to infection and there is no intention of testing earlier.

The sexually transmitted diseases you may have without knowing about it

You should go after sex

How to take a urine test correctly.

The article continues underneath the image

The sexually transmitted diseases you may have without knowing about it

BREAKDOMMER: Going with untreated sexually transmitted disease can have major negative consequences for you and those you may contagion. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Colorbox. com

HIV, syphilis and hepatitis

HIV, syphilis and hepatitis are tested with a blood test. How early you can test yourself varies. Some HIV tests provide answers after 1-2 weeks, for syphilis and hepatitis, wait up to 12 weeks before the test will give a safe result. There is therefore no intention of testing immediately after you are or think you have been infected. Immediately after you have unprotected sex you can take a so-called 0-test.

The sexually transmitted diseases you may have without knowing about it

It’s not dangerous to leave Asia’s holiday hike

– If you have unprotected sexual intercourse on Saturday, the 0 test will say something about infectious status before you had unprotected sex. It is appropriate, inter alia, with regard to possible infection detection. If you test negative on the 0 test, but positive on the test after a few weeks, you know when the infection has occurred, says Follestad.

Once the sample is taken, you will receive a response within a week’s time.

– It usually takes 7-10 days, says Follestad.

How often should you test? And where?

Our recommendations are that you test each time you have had unprotected sex with a random partner and every time you go out of a relationship, Follestad says.

The sexually transmitted diseases you may have without knowing about it

Do you know what these do with your body?

There are a number of options for those who want to test you.

  • Determine your
  • Youth center for youth in the municipalities there are
  • Special clinics such as Sex and Society and Olafiakliniken in Oslo. (And you do not need to stay in Oslo to contact these clinics)
  • Student Health Services or School Health Services

You can also test yourself for chlamydia at home.

Who have you been infected with – and who have you infected?

If you are diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease, it is important to conduct infection detection so that the infection does not spread further.

– You will be asked how you may have been infected and relevant partners you may have infected. If the patient “only” has had sex with his regular partner, the sinner is obvious, but for those who have sex with many, it is harder. Then the doctor tries to make him / her remember all current contacts, addresses, etc.. , says Nilsen.

The sexually transmitted diseases you may have without knowing about it

First symptom is tingling in the skin

– There are many who think it’s uncomfortable to contact former sex partners themselves, then you can leave it to the health service.

Nilsen emphasizes that you are required by the Infection Act to give your sex partners, but in practice, infection detection is based on volunteering.

– We have no absolute control as to whether people will notify previous partners even if they say they should. Maybe they warn someone but let the most unpleasant be. And we also have no control over whether those who are notified seek a doctor to test.



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