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The risk of psychosis from hash has increased

Cannabis is often called an easy drug, but chemical changes make cannabis use increasingly serious consequences.

Much suggests that getting marijuana or hash actually causes greater risk today than before.

Without the users, parents and others aware of it, the drug has changed over time.

– Cannabis cultivated today has a higher content of the drug substance THC and a lower content of the psychosis and anxiety drug CBD, says Anne Line Bretteville-Jensen at the National Institute of Drug Research (SIRUS).

This probably means that the risk of getting into a psychosis after getting cannabis has become higher.

Does not use less

From the cannabis producers, this is well thought out.

Increasing the content of THC gives the customers stronger restraint, but they do not seem to spend less cannabis at the time of that reason.

However, the cultivation of cannabis with lower levels of CBD is hardly made conscious. You probably did not know this side effect, “says Bretteville-Jensen.

In a psychosis that may come and go, delusion is felt that feels very meaningful and often has religious elements.

Varying effect

The effect of cannabis on the body depends on several factors.

– The impact of cannabis is influenced, inter alia, by the user’s personality, expectations and environment. In addition, of course, the dose of substance is important, “says Liliana Bach at the Institute of Public Health.

Like how alcohol affects the body and mind, behavior and reactions under the cannabis affect both of the situation and of physical changes in the brain.

The risk of psychosis from hash has increased

Alcohol is killing more than the balance

Cannabis will usually cause a sense of rest, feel relaxed, social, open and get stronger senses, and it is also common to weaken the critical sense as with other drugs.

Sporadic intake of cannabis will, as a rule, not have serious consequences for adult users, and cannabis does not appear to be as addictive as for example heroin and cocaine.

Research has also previously shown that the use of cannabis can lead to mental disorders such as schizophrenia and psychosis.

Exposed to Accidents

What is cannabis?

Cannabis is a collective term of material from the plant Cannabis sativa.

Marijuana: Usually consists of dried leaves of top shoots and flowers from the cannabis plant. The color is usually brown or greenish.

Hash: Hash is a refined product. The plant juice or resin from the cannabis plant is pressed to plates or clumps with parts of the cellulosic material. The color varies from light brown or green to almost black.

Cannabis oil: Cannabis oil is a more concentrated form of active ingredient THC. Plant juice is extracted from the cellulosic material with solvent. Then steam it into a viscous, oil-like product. The color of the oil is green or brown.

Source: Public Health Institute

The risk of psychosis from hash has increased

Adults with ADHD have four characteristics

So far, it may sound pretty innocent, but it is not.

The noise will affect the senses, memory and motion control, and you will therefore be more vulnerable to accidents, especially when driving.

Some may also experience episodes of anxiety and, exceptionally, psychotic symptoms may occur with hallucinations and lack of meaning.

– And taking cannabis along with other drugs or alcohol, many of the effects are amplified, she says.

Top half an hour

According to Bach, the rush effect occurs shortly after you have received cannabis.

– It is common for the user to get a peak after 20 to 30 minutes, and then the pulse will increase, the eyes turn red and the mouth dry. If you continue to smoke, the effect will persist, “she says.

However, continuing can also lead to even more unpleasant effects and these are not necessarily quickly overcome.

Serious long-term effects

– After a few hours, the rush after a single entry is over. However, weakening of coordination, concentration and reaction ability can persist up to 24 hours after ingestion, says Bachs.

In the short term, time constraints can be disturbed and short-term memory may be reduced for a few days after the rest.

It is not only in the short term you will have ailments and discomfort.

Long-term effects are also many on both body and mind.

– Cannabis use can lead to the reduction of some intellectual functions, and the danger to this is greatest for young people and young adults, she says.

Increases the risk of anxiety

Bachs further states that in the last 20 years there have been several reports showing a connection between cannabis use and acute myocardial infarction and stroke.

In addition, the psychological long-term effects come.

– Psychologically, prolonged use of cannabis increases the risk of anxiety and depression reactions, and it may trigger psychosis among those who are exposed to it, “she says..

The chance of having unwanted long-term effects increases with the amount and duration of use of the drug, and the use of cannabis products with higher levels of THC will also provide for undesired effects.

Cannabis substances

  • CBD (Cannabidiol) is a psychosis and anxiety disorder found in cannabis.
  • THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is the most important active ingredient in the cannabis plant. It is this substance that mainly gives offense.

How is cannabis taken?

Cannabis is usually taken as smoke.

It is marijuana or cannabis that is smoked, and the substance gives a sweet smell.

Cannabis can also be added to different foods and eateries.

In many countries, it is used as a spice in food and pastries.

Source: Public Health Institute

Two types on the market

Bretteville-Jensen says that the genetic change of cannabis has taken place over time and that there are today both older types of cannabis, with the initial relationship between THC and CBD, and this newer variant on the market.

Manufacturers in Europe and North America have been experimenting, looking for new cannabis types that are becoming more accessible and cheaper to produce.

How much of each type is on the market, you do not know.

But what we know for sure is that it is still seizing more of the new type of higher THC content, “says Bretteville-Jensen..

Big Damage

So, although many users claim they do not experience major side effects of cannabis, Bretteville-Jensen points out that the drug can have major harm to some users.

– Together with the risk of addiction, the reduction of active substance CBD has also increased the risk of other types of adverse effects, she says.

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