– The risk is much lower with vaginal cream

6000 Norwegians get blood clots every year.

- The risk is much lower with vaginal cream

In a period of life, women have a higher risk of getting blood clots than men. Hormonal insufficiency increases the risk significantly, but now you get new blood thinning medications that can lower the risk of blood clots.

From the age of 20 until you are 70, your risk of having a blood clot will be 50 times greater. This applies to so-called venous blood clots. That is, blood clots in the veins or joint years – the big blood vessels that bring blood back to the heart.

In addition to age, heritage plays an important role in the event of blood clots.

The Norwegian Medicines Agency estimates that six to eight percent of Norwegians have a hereditary tendency to develop blood clots, a so-called thrombosis tendency. Women have a transient higher risk of blood clots, especially during pregnancy. Generally, bedside and overweight are at greater risk.

The danger also increases for you as a woman if you smoke, use birth control pills or take estrogen supplements, and if you have passed 35 years.

Estrogen is the sting

That hormone preparations increase the risk of blood clots, is no news. Women with hereditary blood clotting tendency should usually not use a pill, vaginal ring or p-patch nor take estrogen supplements.

– Hormone preparations can as much as quadruple the risk of blood clots. This means far more for older than younger women, as age increases the risk of blood clots considerably, “says Per Morten Sandset, an expert on blood clotting and a doctor at the Department of Blood Diseases at Oslo University Hospital..

- The risk is much lower with vaginal cream

Finally, an advantage of being silly

– The preparations containing estrogen are the most dangerous. The risk is much lower if you use vaginal cream or plastics because these preparations only work locally. Pills are converted into the liver, says Sandset.

Gynecologist Åsle-Marit Ullern at the Femina Specialty Center in Oslo emphasizes that in Norway there are few types of hormone substitution offered and the products are quite similar. However, they vary somewhat in strength and mode of use.

Today women can be offered products with lower doses of estrogen and gestagen than before, and there is still ongoing research on how small a dose is given.

Venous blood clot most dangerous

All women with intact uterus who receive estrogen must also have a gestational supplement. Gestagenet prevents strong growth of the uterine lining – a growth that can increase the risk of cancer.

– This combination treatment increases the risk of tapping both on the venous and arterial side. The same goes for birth control pills. For venous blood clots, inheritance is an important factor. The risk will be greatest during the first couple of years of treatment. On the arterial side, factors like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and smoking play a greater role, says Ullern.

– What is the risk of blood clots if you choose to use natural plant oestrogens?

- The risk is much lower with vaginal cream

Use contraception until you are 57

– Here I know no particular risk, but there are still no longer enough results on long-term studies here, “says Ullern.

– Can you live a normal life after a venous blood clot?

– Someone gets a lasting swollen leg after a blood clot. This can of course reduce the quality of life somewhat. Otherwise, most people live a completely normal life, says Per Morten Sandset.

Signs of venous blood clots, the most dangerous form, can be pain and discomfort in the leg, light hip bone, color changes and thick blood vessels.

This can start gently and then bale. The patient should be promptly treated and then put on blood thinning medicine.

Read about blood clots in the Healthy Dictionary at Doctor Online.

New blood thinning medications

Blood thinning medicine reduces the blood’s ability to live. It can be used both to dissolve an existing blood clot and to prevent it. Blood thinning is used preventively in conjunction with heart disease and cancer, as well as in conjunction with surgery. The most commonly used anticoagulant is Marevan (with warfarin as active ingredient). Marevan is no longer single on the market. Three new blood thinning medications are now out of use. They are called Xarelto, Pradaxa and Eliquis. This is referred to as a small revolution in the health world.

Approximately 6,000 Norwegians are affected by blood clots and must go on blood thinning medication for a shorter or longer period.

– Marevan has practically been unanimous for 50 years as a blood thinning drug for long-term use, so this is really a breakthrough. The new medicines are far more stable than Marevan.

Patients who are now switching to one of the new preparations will then not seek medical advice to control blood thinning, explains Steinar Madsen, Department of Medicine at the Department of Medicinal Products in the Norwegian Medicines Agency..

Marevan’s instability makes it easy for patients to get too much or too little blood thinning. Too much can lead to bleeding, such as brain bleeding, while too little can cause blood clots. Madsen emphasizes that although this control becomes redundant for those who transition from Marevan to one of the new medicines, patients who take blood thinning should never stop seeking medical attention regularly.

What is blood clot?

If the blood solidifies and becomes a stopper inside a blood vessel, it is called a blood clot, or thrombosis.

A blood clot may clog one of the blood vessels that lead blood from the heart and into the body (an artery / pulmonary artery), or one of the blood vessels that brings the blood back to the heart (a vein / joint vein).

Blood clot in veins

  • Blood clots in the joints are usually formed in the legs or in the arms.
  • The blood clots can loosen and flow with the bloodstream to the lungs. This is the most dangerous form of blood clot.

Blood clot in arteries

  • Blood clots in pulse ulcers can lead to stroke or heart attack.

Surface blood clot

  • A blood clot may also sit in a vein just below the skin. Such a superficial blood clot is not dangerous.
  • It can neither loosen or seal the bloodstream into an important area, but it can cause inflammation around the blood vessels and the skin. A superficial blood clot that causes inflammation is called thrombophlebitis.

(Source: Doctor Online. dk)

- The risk is much lower with vaginal cream

This food can be fatal

Marevan and diet

The active substance in Marevan, warfarin, was developed as rat poison 50 years ago, but when using warfarin against soil rats, they ate the poison and continued on well-being. The fact that the Earth rats ate root vegetables with a lot of vitamin K caused the effect of warfarin to be neutralized.

Green vegetables, such as spinach, broccoli, cabbage, sprouts, kale, seaweed and tare, are known to reduce the effect of warfarin also on humans. If you have a steady intake of these vegetables, the doctor adjusts the dose with Marevan according to the blood tests, and major changes in the diet are unfortunate. The new medicines do not require any special diet.

– Can the new medicines be combined with alcohol?

– Always be careful about combining blood thinning medication and alcohol. This also applies to the new medicines.

With alcohol in the blood, the patient gets less control and it is easier to fall and stumble. Then there can be life-threatening bleeding in the body, explains Madsen. Larger amounts of alcohol thin the blood, which increases the risk of brain bleeding.

A few glasses of wine every now and then, goes smoothly.

– Do the new medicines also have these side effects?

– All types of blood thinning increase the risk of bleeding. There are stomach, brain and skin bleeds, Madsen expands. Some users of the new brand Pradaxa have reported suction in the stomach without this being a major problem.

On blue prescription in 2013

Madsen says that the new medicines come as a result of years of research and development.

When there is a scientific breakthrough as now, it’s common for more than one drug company to throw out, but what should patients choose?

– Ultimately, this will be up to the individual doctor to decide. Our recommendations are based on the fact that every physician learns to know one of these resources well and, in practice, it offers. There are no special differences. However, some patients still have to go to Marevan, explains Madsen.

The new blood thinning medicines are 10 times as expensive as Marevan. The drugs now available are Pradaxa and Xarelto, and challenge the old and hitherto almost unique warfarin (Marevan).

- The risk is much lower with vaginal cream

IN THE FARESON: Smoking, birth control and unfortunate lifestyle increases the chance of getting blood clots. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Colorbox

The two new anticoagulants – anticoagulants – get pre-approval on tuberculosis. This is new page 1. January this year.

- The risk is much lower with vaginal cream

Check if you have a dangerous heartbeat

- The risk is much lower with vaginal cream

So many cm. it should be around your stomach

– Will outdo Marevan

– 90. 000 patients go to Marevan now, and this is a number that can be quickly halved by passing the patients on the new medicines, “says Per Morten Sandset, senior physician..

– One thing that is very positive with the new medications is that you can probably give the same dose to everyone, regardless of weight and body size. Additionally, it is easier to use the new anticoagulants together with other vital medications. Both of these factors are something to be considered when the patient goes to Marevan. Marevan is at all a difficult treatment that easily causes bleeding. One and another bleeding is not dangerous, but with many it becomes serious, Sandset explains.

For Mareva’s defense, Sigurd Ørstavik, Medical Director of Nycomed Pharma, points out that Marevan has saved life for 50 years.

– Treatment with Marevan reduces the risk of invalidating disease and premature death due to blood clotting, he says and adds:

– It is always positive that new medication will be available so that doctors have more options to choose from. Norwegian doctors have long experience with the use of Marevan, and from research and experience, doctors have good reasons to choose Marevan, says Ørstavik.

According to him, Marevan requires medical attention at a reasonable level, where a simple test shows whether the dose is right.

- The risk is much lower with vaginal cream

This gives you a better menopause

But it is up to the doctor, along with the patient, to choose which treatment suits the best, “he says.

Regarding customization of the diet when going to Marevan, Ørstavik says that this is more often the case with more frequent medical checks when making major cost changes.

Less late damage

About half of those affected by severe blood clots in the legs get severe late injuries, so-called post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS). Symptoms can be pain, swelling, itching, eczema and ulceration.

Per Morten Sandset at Oslo University Hospital is project manager for a study of 209 patients with this type of blood clot in Helse Sørøst.

About half of the patients received standard treatment with blood thinning medication. The rest also received thrombolytic treatment (thrombolytic drugs used to break down the blood clot).

The effect of treatment was measured after six months and after two years and should be measured again after five years.

- The risk is much lower with vaginal cream

Is your rest rate too high?

- The risk is much lower with vaginal cream

Heart flicker check in two minutes

After two years, 55 percent of patients with standard treatment developed PTS. In those who also received thrombolysis, the figure was only 41 percent.

Sandset believes that additional treatment thrombolysis may lead to fewer patients receiving late injuries. The study is first in the world to demonstrate this. Sandset believes the differences between the groups will grow after five years.

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