The most popular debates

Here are some of the debates that have created the most commitment since the last.

The most popular debates

The most popular debates

The most popular debates from the forum

Smoking extras, extra sex and a sex marriage are some of what has been discussed at Doctor Online in recent days.

The woman’s day has also been discussed, like breastfeeding of the children of others, holes in the CV and the 5: 2 diet.

5: 2 diet

The 5: 2 diet discussions continue: “At least, I’ve found a way to lose weight and control the weight of the rest of my life,” writes a woman.

Read all posts here.

Quit smoking when a struggle

“Quitting smoking can be difficult when one is struggling mentally. It’s so known otherwise and.” I think I have to get better at first but would rather not fault it either. Are there anyone who has tried to quit even in a difficult life situation? How did it go? ”

Do you have any experiences or tips to share?

Amme others children

A theoretical dilemma: Could you have breastfeeding other people’s children?

“I do not think I’d like somebody else to breastfeed my future children”, writes questionnaire.

Do you agree?

Reservation Right and Women’s Day

A user in the forum writes the following:

The “Women’s Day Main” of the Year “shows that women are so equal in this country that it simply becomes too stupid to go for it.

– There are very few GPs who want to reserve themselves

– The few who want it will only be allowed if there are other doctors who do not want it in the immediate area.

– It’s quite a matter of urgency to go to the general practitioner for abortion anyway.

Hello? Is there anything left in the top cover of today’s women? (…) “

Not surprisingly, maybe not everyone totally agrees with this … Join the debate and read the posts here.

Bring your friend on vacation

Many are planning the summer vacation now. One of the users is considering inviting with a friend of his son on vacation: “What is usual to do – full pampering or that the parents cover his ticket and I am eating outings?” she asks.

Read the advice she’s getting here.

Additional Impact

“I’m a 19-year-old girl who has been bothered with so-called extra stroke for many years. Has been on weekends without any mistakes being recorded. (…) I do not feel that the heart stops but that it’s falling and it hurts in a way. Other times, I feel like I have leamus in my heart, last for about 1-2 seconds each time it happens. I’m terrified! What if it gets a more powerful blow and what if I get a heart attack? ? ”

Do you have experiences you can share? Read the posts and the answers she receives here.

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