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The most popular debates from the forum

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The most popular debates from the forum

The most popular debates from the forum

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Here are some of the most popular topics in the forum in the last two weeks.

Add unknown man to Facebook

“Do you think it’s just as creepy to get friend requests from an unknown lady that ladies think it’s from an unknown man? Do I want to look like stalker? I want to send to friend of friend”

What advice the woman gets, please read here.


“(. ) In treatment, we have always focused on what was the reason for self-harm. I wonder if there’s any healthcare person who only sees self-harm and not the reason for it and the person behind. (. ) Even I have never had such negative experiences. Have always been respected for who I am and not what I did. “

Read the full thread here.

What do I say to my husband after psychology lessons?

“I have started in psychiatric treatment, and my husband wants me to tell as much as possible from the hour. The problem is just that my husband is a lot of the problem. Has lived with a mentally ill man for 8 years, who has refused treatment in all these years, but will start treatment for as long as (. ) “.

Do you have advice for the woman? Read the full post and the advice she receives here.

The most popular debates from the forum

BIBLE: The user is extremely concerned with religion, wondering if it is common. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Colorbox. com

Extremely Busy of Religion

“I’m extremely concerned with religion and if I’m going to hell. Is it common? Just crying I think I’m lost “

Do you have any advice for the user?

How open should I be about my illness when I apply for a new job?

“I’m 33 years old and have a bipolar disorder. I have been very ill for several long periods, but also better in other periods. After a long period of illness, I will not return to my old job, and I have to find a new one. How open should I be? (. ) I had not hired if I had been an employer and certainly how unstable it is. So, I do a good job when I’m in shape, but more often I’m sick and not present. “

See what advice the job seeker receives.

I’ve gone up ten kilos in two years

“Could it be possible? Now I’m not working again! Rush back to start”

Learn more about the known issue.

Others who suffer from anxiety?

“I’m a person who suffers me through anxiety. There may be restaurant visits for several hours, driving by car, shop / shop shopping center, waiting session, doctor visits etc. I do not avoid anxiety situations. In anxiety situations, I get high heart rate, dizziness, numbness in my legs, bodylessness. Can also get a panic attack where I get a feeling of fainting. Anxiety is just awful! Others who have this? “

Have you experienced something similar? The users share their experiences here.

If a bipolar becomes pregnant

“. Will they take away my child then? “

The most popular debates from the forum

Chronic harking, cyster and hpv

Read the psychiatrist’s answer here.

The boyfriend relationship disappeared

“I’m a man of over 40 who have been married for about 15 years. We have children and are doing well on very many levels. We talk together, laugh together etc. Sex life has been good. I have always been a little more eager than her, but she has also been quite keen. We had a good time this fall. In terms of caring and closeness in everyday life, she is far below medium interest. In fact, it also applies to the children. They usually come to me if they are going to have a food (untraditional, but that’s actually the case with us). I accept that she is like that. In the last 2-3 months, the relationship has taken a turn i do not like. Food and hug went from little (which is OK) to zero (not OK). She turns away if I’m away from her, and sets herself away as far away as possible. She has become clearly less interested in the bed too, although it is not quite a stop. (. ) What should I do? “

Read the debate and advice the man gets here.

In search of others in the same situation

I’m constantly looking for others in the same situation as myself. That is, people with similar diagnosis as social anxiety, dysmorphophobia, elusive pf and such. Who really can understand me and I understand them. Maybe because I’ve been afraid of other people who do not have anxiety. But I find only a few. (. )

Is it that many sick people do not want to seek out others with the same diagnosis? Read the debate here.

Motivation weight loss

“Someone who has experience with slimming? I’m struggling with motivation at times”

Have you succeeded and have tips? Read the thread here.

Need some advice, want out of relationship

“Whether I’m going to meet the new man, I want out of relationship for my own, but not for the sake of the kids. Do you understand? Has anyone experienced the same as me? “

Read the full post and the answers here.

The most popular debates from the forum

Want to lose weight?

Considering taking friend of son on vacation

“I’m considering inviting with my son’s friend in south-east, not for my part directly, but for my son. He will be 17 by then. (. ) Is there anyone who has experience with this? And what’s common to do – full pampering or the parents cover his ticket and food / excursions? “

Can you afford this mother?

When gays get children

“There have been discussions here at DOL about whether it is” correct “that gay couples get children in different ways. Some have thought that it is selfish to have children in such a setting and that the children will probably suffer from it (bullying etc). Here is a link that refers to different parenting, and luckily it seems that today’s children are not as prejudicial as the wax generation. “

This theme creates great commitment among users.

Most of the posts are shortened, but found in their entirety in the forum of Doctor Online..



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