The dumbest slimming cows

Why eat healthy when there are simple solutions?

The dumbest slimming cows

– You’ll get back right

– Most people really know that it’s unhealthy if you just eat pineapple for a few weeks. You can go down on such cures, but you usually return right afterwards, “says clinical nutrition physiotherapist Janne Kvammen at the Norwegian Athletic Institute.

– After such diets, most people return to eating just like before, and thus no lasting change is possible, says Kvammen.

Another negative effect of lightning cures is that you break down your muscle mass, lowering the combustion.

This way you will easily end up fast again, preferably at an even higher weight than you had before starting a diet. This is called the jo-jo effect.

– It’s very demotivating when you go straight up after a diet where you actually put an effort to reach your goal. You are given, and it is not the best starting point if you should lose weight for health, “says Kvammen.

For us as always, the simple solutions are preferable, it may be tempting to get a miracle basket. But admit it – basically you know it’s just stupid.

The great thing about simple solutions is that they give you hope. The stupid is that they almost never work.

Do not try this at home!

It’s hard to lose weight. It takes time and requires effort. sadly. But to get up the mood we have made an overview of some of the world’s dumbest diets. You can test and see if they work for you.

Cabbage Soup: This keeps on boiling online, with sworn followers like looover that the diet gives you the dream figure.

The diet lasts seven days, and every day you eat a cabbage soup. You start with cabbage soup and fruit – but by all means – no bananas! No bananas !!! Not before day four, then you can eat up to eight bananas. Why do nobody know, except the inventors of the diet.

A common side effect is flatulence. That is, excessive promping. Not very sexy.

Three-course diet is extremely strict and detailed – and includes well-known fat burners like sausages and ice cream. Together, this unique combination of foods will make up the combustion. You go for a diet three days, then you have four days left, then it’s back on a diet three days left, and so on.

Within a month you may have gone down a lot. The menu looks hideous, so we’ll tip out if you lose weight because you simply do not mind the thought of more food after stuffing you tuna, ice and sausages for three days in a row..

Israeli Army Diet : This was marketed as the diet that held israeli strengths in top form and became popular in the 70’s. The principle is an eighth day meal where you only eat one type of food two days at a time. Day one and two are apples on the menu. Day three and four is the cheese. Day five and six – chicken. Day seven and eight – salad. Does it sound boring?

No, you can drink coffee and tea as well.

In the decibeldiette it’s how loud your food is, which determines whether you can eat it

Subway Diet : In the United States, Jared Fogle became known for his diet. He had gone down 120 kg in one year – without exercising – just by eating two sandwiches per. day from the street food chain Subway.

Coffee for lunch, sandwich for lunch and a bigger sandwich for dinner. Nobody suspects this could be a promotional jumper from the Subway?

Alphabet Diet : Combine a refreshment of First Class Pensum – Alphabet – With Slimming. Here you only eat food beginning with a specific letter – Day 1: A, Day 2: B, and so on. And the slogan? “It’s easy as A-B-C. “

In the same breath, we mention the color scheme, where you only eat one color per. day. The book “The Color Diagnostics” raises the “science has clarified”. Or how about the amazing desibeldietten. It’s how loud your food is, which determines whether you can eat it. Chips have high decibel while ice cream is low. Hysterical funny. And just nonsense?

Dessert Diet: Eat a lot of dessert and get sirloin. Advertising that the diet was invented by a “real scientist” – and it is safe to hear false researchers do not trust.

The dumbest slimming cows

ALPHABETDIETTEN: Eat only foods that start with a specific letter – “It’s easy as A-B-C. “Photo: iStockphoto / Boris Yankov

The principle is the same as Atkins and South Beach, less carbohydrates and more proteins – but thus including delicious, greasy desserts three times a day. Sounds almost too good to be true. and that’s probably the case too.

Here are at least some recipes – in case you want something cute:

Sumptuous chocolate fondant

Delicious confectionery

We do not guarantee the result.

Coconut Diet : Eat fat to burn fat! Here is the fat in the gough, the coconut roast that will spell away the bottle. Jennifer Aniston has apparently tried this one. On the website we also find the quotation “coconut diet is not a diet – it’s a way of life. “

A few years ago, you also had the pineapple diet . If anyone can only find the room diet now, then these three can be combined and we can drink Pina Colada all spring. “The Pina Colada diet is not a diet – It’s a way of life. “Cheers for it!”

Lemon Watercourse : This has gotten its renaissance after Beyonce announced she had gone on it. The concept is to drink only lemon water, with syrup and cayenne pepper for 10 days, and, miraculously, you go down to 10 kilos.

The dumbest slimming cows

5 slimming advice

The dumbest slimming cows

Eat more with the TV on

The dumbest slimming cows

Boost fat burning

The dumbest slimming cows

Holiday trip and holiday

The dumbest slimming cows

Be slim with a tablespoon of vinegar

Or, miraculously. It’s quite common to go down a part when you do not eat in 10 days.

Face Analysis: First, you analyze your face. Red cheeks may mean milk intolerance, large pores indicate too much acid in the system. In the best test-you-yourself style, check the results that match you best and go on that diet. Kate Winslet has gone on this – if you find it easier to swallow. Whatever the shape of the face is the answer, just eat a lot of vegetables.

Sounds suspiciously known.

Here are some other, more credible tips to dieting and diets:

Doctor’s super diet

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