The bucket trim holds the weight of Mai-Brit

Thus, Mai-Britt has kept the kilos away.

Less than 25 pounds

Weight: From 93 kg to 68 kg

BMI: From 31.8 to 23.3

– It’s probably most between the ears. For many years I ate two to three dinner portions. Today, I know that one serving is enough to be satisfied, says Mai-Britt Pedersen (61) from Tromsø to the magazine Better Health. She has managed to maintain a stable weight of 68 kilos for several years.

There are some classic traps to go for a diet that leads to weight gain. But Mai-Britt has not got back the extra kilos.

Early menopause

– Extreme pillars came seriously with an early menopause. I did not really eat so unhealthy, just too much, and I ate a lot of fruit all day, says Mai-Britt.

As the kilos smelt, increasing back pain and radiation pain occurred in one leg, something like the limited activity level very.

She was up to 93 kilos when she decided to cut out all the eating between meals.

Mai-Britt about the process:

Had not done without: A little reward. In the beginning, five females mined every five kilograms of minus and a little wheat-bun with brown cheese on Mondays. Now I cook a cake piece on weekends or some wine.

Pluses: The back pain and radiance of the foot disappeared with the first 10 kilos. With lower weight it became much more fun to shop clothes: Everything suits! Through the weight club I got friends throughout the country, which I still have contact with.

Challenges: After two years of calorie counting and registration, it was a little unlikely to manage without this check.

My advice to others: Think carefully about the health risk associated with obesity. Are you willing to end up with stroke, disease and troubles the rest of your life?

Costs: 12 months membership in weight club. no is kr 649. Mai-Britt was a member for two years.

The five kilos she went down helped both on pain and motivation.

In autumn 2006, she therefore joined the VG weight club.

Set high goals

Everything she ate and drank was now carefully recorded in an electronic diary, giving her a full overview of calorie intake and combustion.

Every day, Mai-Britt forced out with pointers to get his daily hour of physical activity. Going with the right diet can make you a kilo easier during the week.

– If I manage to go down 25 kilo, I will go to the top of Kilimanjaro, she proclaimed to both weight club friends, family and colleagues.

Two years later, Mai-Britt stood on top of Africa’s highest mountain. That same year she was voted the year’s Weight Club member.

– The Kilimanjaro trip is the most amazing I’ve been to. Later there have been several trips, and this has been a good motivation for continuing to practice, says 61-year-old.

Strong with the wash bucket

Every day, a few hours after dinner, Mai-Britt jumps into the exercise noise.

Is it snow, she walks its fixed mile in the ski slope. Otherwise, she uses pointers and exercise bikes. Rocking on the living room floor and “bout training” is otherwise among the favorite exercises at home.

– I hold the bucket with water in front of me like stretched arms and squats. The recipe I found in Norsk Ukeblad a few years ago. The more water, the greater the effect, she says.

Strength training can be done anywhere and anytime, even outdoors.

Training is self-care

Two hours join training every day, and this time she defines herself as pure self-care.

Learn the bucket tree

Fill a sink with water and do the exercise as follows:

Keep your back straight and bend your knees. Get up slowly and keep your washbasin at rest with straight arms a few seconds before slowly bending down to the starting position. Take three rounds of 12 lift. Start with five liters of water and increase the amount of water as you grow stronger.

– A very effective exercise, laws Mai-Britt who found the tip in Norsk Ukeblad back in 2007, and uses it diligently today.

Also, Ruth Anderson has lost weight by training. You can read about her method here.

Training has become a little mania that Mai-Britt may only have.

– After eight to 10 hours of work every day, one has to enjoy the luxury of thinking about his or her own health, the nurse at the neurosurgery department at the University Hospital Nord-Norge.

At work she sees many examples of how opposite thinking can end with stroke and lifestyle disorders. It makes an impression.

– I have too many good reasons not to let it slip out with diet and exercise. That I got rid of my backbones is something I appreciate every single day!

Both and are best

Like Mai-Britt, many want to lose weight focus on diet and physical activity. And that this combination is favorable, there is no professional disagreement about.

Training in itself is associated with a number of health benefits:

Better sleep, mood, eating habits and appetite control, and not least growth stabilization, increased muscle size and lower stomach fat. The best thing about health is to get the pulse properly while exercising.

Provides healthy habits

Martin Norum, Practical Professional of the Academy in Personal Training, is concerned with the combination of exercise and diet.

– Training is about feeling healthy and getting healthy habits. Training helps to create a healthier diet, he says.

Training trigger hunger

– But we get hungry by training. Will not this mean that we eat more and that the winnings go up in spinning?

– It’s quite right that you get hungry from exercising. This is due, among other things, to the increased need for nutrition in the body to rebuild muscle and tissue that has been broken down during exercise, he says.

And it’s a good idea to eat a little after exercise, but not anything.

Even though you get hungry, Norum strongly recommends training in part of a diet plan. He explains why:

– Training makes it easier to lose weight, because exercise stimulates improved insulin sensitivity so that the body manages food and carbohydrates better, says Norum.

Conversely, too much sweet food and insulin secretion can cause muscular and skeletal disorders.

Norum expands:

The bucket trim holds the weight of Mai-Brit

See what happens when we loosen the bra

– You can lose weight just by adjusting your diet so that you are in a loss of calories, but over time you will lose muscle mass and thus reduce burns. On the other hand, if you eat enough protein, enough fat and enough carbohydrates of the right type, both the blood sugar and the feeling of feeling will be better and you’ll be feeling longer, “he says..

One apple – one kilo

Women will gradually lose a part of the muscle mass since the 30’s, and with this the combustion goes down. The good news is that it’s never too late to train your muscles and thus increase your own burning.

– Increasing your muscle mass with just one kilo, you can eat an apple extra every day throughout the year. An even more important reason for exercising strength for women is that this form of exercise keeps the skeleton strong and reduces the risk of bone loss, Norum points out earlier this year publishing the book Build Muscles! together with Benjamin Christensen.

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