“The best thing you can do is to spy

On the list of things that help you get lost with hangovers, the Danish celebrity doctor claims that throwing up can help.

"The best thing you can do is to spy

"The best thing you can do is to spy

CHOOSE UP! If you get the alcohol out of the stomach you will not be as stuffy the day after, says Jerk W. Langer. Photo:

"The best thing you can do is to spy

BE AWARE: – Do not throw up if you’re too drunk, says Division Director at the Public Health Institute, Jørg Mørland. Photo:

There is a sea of ​​love throat against fullness. And there is a sky of “cures” against hangover. What most people share in common is that they have become more and more focused on what is healthy or perceived as healthy for the body. Fortunately, there is also someone who goes against the power and says it as it is.

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Many people consider throwing up during the party as irresponsible or messy. Do not talk about those who get rid of stomach the day after that! But according to Danish celebrity Jerk W. Langer, it is actually useful.

– Vomiting removes alcohol from the stomach. Remember to drink extra water afterwards, he writes on his web pages.

Longer is known as a frequent guest in Denmark’s television and radio channels, where he provides health and nutrition advice.

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Sees the point

Norwegian health authorities see the point in Danish advice, but do not recommend people to overuse alcohol just to throw it back afterwards.

– As a precautionary measure, it is far from fine. If you throw up before you go, the alcohol you have in your stomach will not get into the intestinal tract, and so it will be less strain on the organism, “says Division Director at the Public Health Institute, Jørg Mørland, to

– But this is not something we would recommend people to do. If you are too full and get it in the wings, it may get stuck in the respiratory tract and you may be suffocated. Besides, it’s stupid to spend money on lots of alcohol just throwing up.

Be alert

Mørland says that the alcohol is in the stomach longer if you have eaten than you have been drinking an empty stomach.

– If you have food in your stomach with alcohol, take it two to three hours before it goes into the intestines, says Mørland.

– But the very best tip is to stop drinking a few hours before going home.

Dedicated Tips

Other tips on follicle sickness from Folkehelsa mean drinking plenty of water before, during and after alcohol intake, and not on ascending rest. Another tip the day is to do not take painstaking day thereafter.

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Specialist in general medicine Nina Lindstad says to especially painkillers that contain acetyl calisal are not good for the body. Both Globid and Dispril contain this substance.

– The paracet is okay the day after, but if you are dehydrated and have a little promille, you should not take painkillers like Ibux, “Lindstad says.

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Read more about prevention and treatment of fullness on the public health website.


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