That way you sleep better

Many of us sleep with your back right. It can cause stress injuries.

That way you sleep better

That way you sleep better

SOFT SYNTHES: Incorrect sleeping position may be as harmful as incorrect posture at work. Photo: iStockphoto

That way you sleep better

Get rid of backbones

That way you sleep better

Naprapata hits the doctor

We spend almost a third of life in bed. Therefore, it is very important to be right.

quality sleep

It is well known that both insomnia and restless sleep go beyond sleep quality. More unknown, it may be that sleeping is also important in order to make the most of the sleeping hours.

– Bad sleep can be as harmful to your body as sitting in front of your PC for several hours, warns Kathy Kwaja of the Canadian Council for Better Sleep.

Choose the right position

Kwaja has conducted a comprehensive survey of Canadian sleep habits. She found that the most common sleep is to sleep on the side, with her body right. A total of 39 percent of the survey participants responded that they were sleeping in this position, reports City News.

The position, popularly called “arrow”, is the worst imaginable sleeping position you can choose because it gives too much pressure on the spine and pelvis.

Ideally, one should sleep with a natural bend in the spine.

Common with sleep pain

The survey also shows that 28 percent of the asked couples sleep aside. Nine percent lies in “spoon” with the partner, that is, one is behind the other.

A total of 34 percent responded that they experience pain in the body because of the sleep.

It’s hard to change a lifelong sleepover overnight. However, if you experience ailments in your body and suspect that they are due to the way you sleep, it is important that you try to change your sleep.

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