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That’s why you go to sleep

Going to sleep can be a risk sport. Both for yourself and others.

That's why you go to sleep

The sleeping position reveals the relationship

That's why you go to sleep

Therefore, you should drop sleeping pills

That's why you go to sleep

Therefore, little sleep gives obesity

It’s early tomorrow in Toronto, Canada. 23-year-old Kenneth Parks sleeps in her house with the wife and the little daughter.

Parks suddenly rise, go to the car and drive to the in-laws. Then the 23-year-old goes into the house and knives both the mother-in-law and the father-in-law.

The mother-in-law died while the father-in-law survived.

Liberated for killing

Afterwards, the 23-year-old resumes himself in the car and drives to the police station where he exclaims: “I think I’ve killed someone”. Only then does he see that he has cut and blood on his hands.

Later Kenneth Parks was fired for the murder because the court believed that the 23-year-old had gone to sleep. He had no motive for the murder, and he did not remember what he had done.

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The 23-year-old had not experienced sleep before, but had just gone through a period of insomnia before the murder, which occurred in 1987.

Heritage and deep sleep

It’s hard to say why some of us go to sleep while others do not. 20-30 percent of us have been in sleep at least once during life, but it is most common when you are young.

– We do not know why somebody goes to sleep while others do not. There may be some inheritance in the picture and it has something about the amount of deep sleep, “says Bjørn Bjorvatn, professor at the University of Bergen and head of the National Center for Sleeping at Haukeland University Hospital..

About 80 percent of those who go to sleep have relatives who have done the same thing.

Driving a car in sleep

When the child is asleep, they fall into deep sleep 40 percent of the time, but in adults, you are usually in deep sleep in 15-20 percent of the time you sleep. This is one of the reasons why someone grows up asnoculism, as it is called in the language of the profession.

We solve problems in sleep. But what happens when we go to sleep?

– We call it a dissociation. You can say that parts of the brain sleep while other parts of the brain can react. Those who go to sleep manage to open doors and orient themselves in the room, suggesting that they “look” in a sense even if you are not awake. There are several people who have driven a car in their sleep, says Bjorvatn.

Will not be cured

That's why you go to sleep

UP AND STOP: As a rule, you only go to sleep for a quarter of time before returning to bed. Photo: Colorbox. com

That’s when we go from deep sleepless sleep to easier sleep that something happens.

Sleeping anguish occurs because there is a disturbance in the awakening mechanisms. It will take place for the first three to four hours after you have settled and usually last for less than 15 minutes.

It’s not really possible to be cured to go to sleep.

– Most grow it, but some continue to go to sleep in adulthood. The most serious cases can be treated with medications, but it is rarely necessary. First, if the person who goes to sleep is injuring himself or someone else, it is a matter of drugs, says Bjorvatn.

After Nap

The disadvantage of medication is that they can cause side effects and there is a risk that the sleeper may become addicted. Besides, you will not be cured, but will prevent you from going to sleep when taking the medicine.

The advice of those who sleep a lot in sleep is to get enough sleep so sleep does not get so deep when you sleep first. Maybe it’s a good idea to have an afternoon nap so you have some sleep to go on.

The likelihood of going to sleep increases because of sleep deprivation. It is because we fall into even deeper sleep when we sleep too little.

Lock the door

It is also important to be careful about mixing alcohol and drugs.

If you live with someone who goes to sleep, you may want to close and lock the doors and windows to be on the safe side. It is also important not to wake the person when he or she goes to sleep. The smartest thing you can do is guide the sleeping to bed.

– If you awake someone who goes to sleep, the person may become aggressive because he thinks he is being attacked.

Turned in the hood with a blast furnace

In December 2001, a 37-year-old man in Stavanger brought a prostitute home. He paid her 2,000 kroner for her to sleep over. The two did not have sex, but were allowed to sleep.

That's why you go to sleep

MAY HAVE DAMAGE: Some sleepers hurt themselves on their night walks. Photo: Monicadahl on Flicker. com. Some rights reserved.

In the morning, the man suddenly caught a blast furnace with both hands and hit the prostitute woman at least twice.

The man claimed in court that he thought he was attacked when the woman took on his shoulder and also said he did it as if he were in his sleep.

Not punished

The woman suffered severe injuries: crushing of brain tissue, broken legs in the forehead, eye and nose, according to Aftenposten.

The man helped the woman he had hurt and drove her to the emergency room. Since the court assumed that the 37-year-old injured the woman in his sleep because he thought he was attacked, he was not sentenced to imprisonment for the violence but had to pay compensation to the woman.

Felt out of fourth floor

According to The Times, however, there is the greatest chance of hurting yourself asleep.

The newspaper tells of a German 17-year-old who went to sleep as he slept with his sister and fell out of the fourth floor. The boy broke an arm and a leg but still slept when the police found him on the sidewalk.

Ate in sleep

But there are several ways to hurt yourself in sleep. The Telegraph can tell Anna Ryan who could not understand why she was wearing so much before she found out that she went to the kitchen several times to eat a lot of unhealthy food. Some nights she could eat up to eight times, and the result was tens of kilos of obesity.

The case for Ryan is extremely, and the cases of injury to yourself or others are fortunately rare..

Elin Davidsen in the Click Editor goes to sleep. Read the blog of Elin here: Help, I’m going to sleep!

So much better with the


– Children need regular sleep routines

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