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Test yourself: Do you have an alcohol problem?

Do you drink too much? Take the test here.

Test yourself: Do you have an alcohol problem?

Test yourself: Do you have an alcohol problem?

Check if you drink too much

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If you get full once or twice a week – are you alcoholic?

Can you drink and take medication?

Missing a glass of red wine – am I an alcoholic?

Are you afraid that you drink too much alcohol?

According to the Norwegian Institute of Drug Research, as many as 30,000 Norwegians can have a treatment-threatening alcohol problem because they drink too much alcohol.

The test we use is a translated version of the Audit, Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test, prepared by the World Health Organization.

It is designed for health workers to be able to map alcoholism or risk alcohol problems, but will give you a signal as to whether you drink too much alcohol or not.

It is the World Health Organization which has considered which point of interest determines when the risk zone for alcohol problems begins.

It should be added that the test is not for everyone and that you do not necessarily have an alcohol problem even if you score high in the test. However, if you feel you need help, contact your local doctor or call the Phone Phone anonymously at 08588.

Was it a bit much yesterday? Here you will find 9 tips for hangover.

Take the test by clicking the image at the top of the case.

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