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Test yourself: Do you drink too much?

This alcohol test allows students to drink less.

Test yourself: Do you drink too much?

Test yourself: Do you drink too much?

How to become when you drink

Test yourself: Do you drink too much?

– Alcohol is the medicine for old brains

Test yourself: Do you drink too much?

– No blame for the eyeglasses

Test yourself: Do you drink too much?

Here’s how to take the breaker off

Drinks, moist parties far from worried parents and an already bad living are a dangerous combination.

Now it turns out that the web-based Thrive test helps youth to cut down on drinking, writes NewScientist.

Take the test here!

Fewer units

The test has been taken by more than 7000 Australian students and 2400 of these came in the “harmful” class. To get in that class you must state that you have drunk more than six drinks at a party during the last four weeks.

Follow-up studies show that students both drank fewer units and on fewer occasions after completing the “Thrive” test.

– About eleven percent of those who drank a lot of drinks less after completing the study. Students are not the goal to make them stand out. On the other hand, the goal is to inform students about the risk of drinking a lot, “said Cyprus Cypriot from the University of Newcastle to the NewScientist.

A lot of drinking among students

It is because of the great drinking culture at universities and colleges that the test has been developed.

– “Thrive” teaches students how much to drink compared to their fellow students, how dangerous alcohol is for health and how much money they actually spend on alcohol, “says Cypriot.

Want to drink less? Take the test here!

What about alcohol? Take a quiz here.

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