Tasty brown bananas?

These tips from will give you less waste in the vegetable tray.

Tasty brown bananas?

  • Salad, broccoli and carrots are often wrapped in plastic foil to prevent them from fading. On the other hand, onions and tomatoes must not be packed too close.
  • Optimum storage temperature for cucumber is 12.5 degrees to avoid cold damage. Banana and tomato thrive best over 13 degrees. And tropical fruit should be stored over 12 degrees. Choose room temperature rather than refrigerator.
  • Strawberry and salad have short shelf life and should be stored at zero to four degrees. If strawberries do not cool quickly after harvesting, they lose one day of shelf life for each hot hour running.
  • Tomato, pear, plum, peach, mango and papaya should be a few days before eating to mature. Sometimes unfortunately the maturation process stops too soon.
  • Apples, pears, melons and tomatoes form a lot of ethylene gas and should not be stored with leafy vegetables, cabbage, cucumber and carrot that are sensitive to this gas. The result is inferior shelf life.
  • In general, strong lighting should be avoided. It increases the temperature and dries out fruit and vegetables.


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