Take jerngrep!

Every seventh Norwegian woman has empty iron layers. By eating properly you can avoid being a part of the statistics.

Take jerngrep!

Iron deficiency is the world’s most widely used vitamin / mineral deficiency. In spite of high meat intake and good access to raw materials in Norway, shortage is also widespread. Four percent of Norwegian women have developed iron deficiency anemia.

The most vulnerable are women of menstruating age, young children, adolescents and slimmer.

Are you a blood donor, supplements are a must to maintain a normal iron balance.

Iron to grow more

Iron deficiency goes beyond many of the body’s functions. Anemia (anemia) can be developed because there is not enough iron for red blood cells. This reduces the ability of the blood to transport oxygen from the lungs to the muscles and tissues.

Iron deficiency also exceeds the capacity of mitochondria. The mitochondria are the energy stations of the cells. It’s therefore no wonder iron deficiency makes you feel relaxed and lost for energy.

Getting sick

People with iron deficiency are also more prone to infections and viruses. This is because the immune cells are dependent on iron to divide. If you get the iron layer rebuilt, all of these problems will be reversed.

Do not buy iron supplements without detected iron deficiency

Although some will need iron supplements, you should not start this on your own until you have checked out if you actually have a shortage. Fatigue has many causes, and the fewest are due to iron.

Do you take iron supplements without needing it, it can be harmful to yourself.

Iron overload has many of the same symptoms as iron deficiency, so without clear diagnosis you can hurt worse.

You will check your iron volume at the clinician, either by measuring hemoglobin or, better, by measuring the body’s iron layer, called serum ferritin.


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