– Sweat can prevent asthma

Olaf Tufte is one of the top athletes who struggles with exertion-induced asthma.

- Sweat can prevent asthma

According to researchers, sweating may have more benefits than keeping the body cool, it can also lessen the chances of getting asthma-induced asthma, writes BBC.

The study showing the new findings is published in Chest.

Read more about asthma-induced asthma in the patient’s manual.

Top athletes bothered

The symptoms of exercise asthma are the same as for common asthma, but breathing problems and other symptoms only come after several minutes of intense exercise.

Many top athletes have exercise-induced asthma.

Kai-Håkon Carlsen was the Norwegian Olympic squad’s asthma and allergy expert in Beijing.

– The athletes who hold fitness sports are particularly prone to getting this type of asthma, “says Carlsen to Click.com.

The firefighting delayed

The roer and the Olympic winner Olaf Tufte is one of the Norwegian top athletes who have trained asthma. According to Carlsen, half of the childbirth team also struggles with exercise-induced asthma.

American researchers have studied 56 people who think they have anxiety strains.

They were given the medicine pilocarpine, which starts sweating and saliva production.

Also, a provocation of the airways with metacoline was performed, a method that is also used to determine whether athletes can use asthma medicine. Those who respond to metacoline have a type of supremacy that is usually interpreted as a sign of asthma.

– Sweat can provide protection

Those who responded most to the respiratory medicine had the least response to the medicine that would increase sweat and saliva production, and vice versa.

Although this does not prove that less sweat may pose a greater risk of exertion-induced asthma, the leader of the study, Warren Lockette, believes that a little sweat may also mean less fluid in the respiratory tract.

Now it seems that the amount of fluid that respiratory tract separates can be a major factor in protecting you from stress-induced asthma, “says Lockette.

- Sweat can prevent asthma

HARD TRAINING: Marathon runners, skiers, swimmers, riders and marathon runners and others who exercise fitness sports have a greater chance than others to work out asthma. Photo: Crestock

Loses too much fluid

Those who have exercise-induced asthma, lose too much fluid through their breath so that the mucous membranes are dried out.

– It causes changes in the ion balance in the respiratory tract, and this may be related to the ion balance in the sweat, “says Kai-Håkon Carlsen.

Norway’s Asthma and Allergy Association are pleased to research asthma.

– We have not seen the study, but it is good that it is researching asthma and allergy so that you can find ways to treat the problems, “says Rose Lyngra, adviser to Click.com.

– Difficult to interpret in one direction

Kai-Håkon Carlsen, a professor of sports medicine at Norway’s sports academy and Rikshospitalet, believes it is important to await a conclusion after such a study.

– In this case, you must investigate further. First, the test subjects are people who have not been detected asthma but have reported symptoms of asthma-induced asthma. It is therefore difficult to say how representative the selection is for asthma patients.

– In addition, they have investigated many factors in the 56 people that the results are difficult to interpret. Nevertheless, one can not completely exclude the study because theoretically there may be something there, especially in relation to the mechanisms that apply to exercise-induced asthma, “Carlsen says.


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