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Super vitamin C


Super vitamin C

Product: Super vitamin C

Distributor: From Health Cost

Manufacturer: Prosan

Ingredients: thickener, calcium L-ascorbate, bioflavonoid complex, surface treating agent, anti-doping agent.

Amount and type of active substance per. 24-hour dose: 200 mg vitamin C (calcium L-ascorbate), bioflavonoid complex 50 mg.

This is on the label: Supplements with bioflavonoids. Mild on the stomach / intestine.

Shape: Tablets

Number of daily doses: 180

Price per. Packaging: Kr 122

Price per. day: kr 0,67

Assessment: This vitamin C dietary supplement has been added to bioflavonoids on the grounds that these are also strong antioxidants similar to vitamin C. It does not matter whether the tablets should be chewed whole or swallowed with water. It is a picture of fine lemons, but neither does it say that the tablets taste lemon or that the bioflavonoid comes from there. The error mark percentage of the reference value gives the impression of a stronger product.

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