Today’s suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack for you as a coach.

Breakfast: Breakfast Omelette

Lunch: Double sandwich with bacon and cream cheese

Dinner: Shellfish wok with ginger and soy sauce

Two snacks or supper suggestions :

3 tablespoons oatmeal, 10 raisins and 5 chopped almonds with 1.5 dl biola natural

1 handful of nuts

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Breakfast omelet

(Egg and White Information Office)


  • 2 pcs. egg
  • 2 ss water
  • slightly salty
  • a little butter to frying


Suggestions for filling: Reef cheese, buttered leek, smoked fish or herbs.

Accessories: Salad, tomato, cucumber, herbs and good bread.

Whisk together egg, water and salt and pour the batter into a small frying pan. The pan must be so hot that a butterfly fringes when it is released. Pull the pipe towards the center so that the mass on the top flows out to the sides. Apply the desired fill and fold one half above the other. Turn the omelet over to the plate so that the bottom side comes up.

Served with salad, cucumber and tomato slices.

It takes about one minute to make a serving roll.

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Double sandwich with bacon and cream cheese

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To 1 serving

2 slices of bread

Olive oil

1 clove of garlic

Cream cheese



3 slices of Spekeskinke


Shellfish wok with ginger and soy sauce

Spread the scampi with lots of green and noodles. You can of course replace the noodles with boiled rice next to it if desired.

See all the recipe

For 4 servings

500 g Scampi

50 g Pak Choy

1 pc Carrot

1 piece of peppers

1 piece of peppers

100 g Broccoli, in bouquets

100 g Cauliflower

100g Sugarcake

50 g Stangelleri

100g Mais

200 g Nudler

2 tablespoon oil, neutral

1 tablespoon sesame oil

2 ss Ginger, torn

4 ss Soya

1 piece of Lime

2 ss Dill


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