– Sugar is like heroin and cocaine

Sugar can be as addictive as alcohol and narcotics.

- Sugar is like heroin and cocaine

Symptoms of sugar addiction

You are sugar dependent if you:

– All the time or much of the time loses control over sugar sweeteners

– continues despite all negative consequences

– much of the time is focused on sugar whipping and when / where to eat in a short time

– exposes and drops other meals in favor of “sugar foods”

– isolates or retracts, hides and explains your addiction

Source: Tone Revealed

– Many of us become regulars dependent on sugar – and there is talk of addiction in physiological sense, similar to alcohol and heroin. You can eat sugar addiction, “says Fred Nyberg, professor of biological addiction research at the University of Uppsala to Click. no.

It does not affect everyone.

Some personality types are more sensitive to sugar. But for them it’s not hard to eat addiction, “he says.

– Do you eat a lot of sweet, biochemical reactions can occur in your mind that depend on you. A French study suggests that you can be more dependent on sugar than cocaine. It’s because the flavor also plays in. The taste reaches the mind, “said Nyberg.

But to what extent sugar dependents are individually conditioned. It’s also hard to tell who gets it.

Biochemical Processes

According to Nyberg, the bioprocess is as follows:

– In the same way as heroin and cocaine, the sugar releases lymphomas, so-called euphoric endorphins and dopamins in the brain’s reward system. Albeit not so much, says the researcher.

The more sweet we eat, the more affected the reward system.

– As a counterweight, a biochemical brake system is being launched. It adapts to the rising challenge; The more sweet, the harder it works. But when the hormone flow decreases, for example, we stop eating chocolate, the braking system is still on the high side – working on idle. We notice that we are restless and unhappy and have to eat even more sweet to give our braking system something to work with, he explains.

As if this were not enough, the good sweetness goes straight to the head at lightning speed. It comes in front of all hormones and sweets.

- Sugar is like heroin and cocaine

Therefore you get sugar wrinkles

When we eat a lot of sweet, we are under double pressure to eat even more sweet, says Nyberg.

The only cure is to stay away from candy and chocolate as long as the sugar needs have normalized. How long it takes will also vary from person to person.

Artificial sweeteners – same effect? ​​

– It’s not the appetite we’re going to focus on when losing weight, but the suction created by the interaction between several hormones. These are not necessarily regulated by the density. It’s also one of the reasons we keep eating after we’re satisfied, “he says.

Nyberg believes that artificial sweeteners trigger some of the same mechanisms that the sugar makes. But to what extent do research needs to be done, says the professor.

He also recommends “divert” sweets with physical activity, such as jogging or other activities.

It is a comfort that after all, it is easier to deviate from sugar than from heavier narcotic drugs.

Severe but underestimated addiction

In the past we wrote about Anne-Mette (53) who was addicted to sugar. She sought treatment in Sweden for her addiction.

This makes sugar with your body

Sugar and sugar can directly and indirectly lead to:

– Hyperactivity

– kidney damage

– mineral imbalance in the body

– depression

– Increased insulin levels and hypoglucemia (low blood sugar)

– The development of diabetes 2

– tooth decay

– overweight

– osteoporosis

– Increased fat supply in deliveries

– higher values ​​of “bad” LDL cholesterol

– Flowering of Candida Albicabs Symptoms

Cancer patients under treatment are advised not to eat sugary foods

Source: Bitten Jonsson: Sugarbom 2004 / www. bittensaddiction. com

– Depending on your sweetness, you will always be there, “says Tone Glestad, psychotherapist with an additional education in alcohol and drug therapy from Sweden.

For several years, Glestad, who is the general manager of SEMSA – Center for Food and Sugar Addiction, has worked with sugar addicts in groups.

– Underdiagnosed

She believes that this type of addiction is highly underestimated and underdiagnosed.

– Sugar addiction is associated with malnutrition and obesity, while it is really about other biochemical mechanisms, she says..

Glestad emphasizes that sugar strain can also lead to severe mental stress. Especially if it results in obesity, as it unfortunately makes for very many.

– And then the loss of control becomes clear to the outside world too. Often, you are told to eat differently and exercise more. Do not doctors have knowledge and focus on the disease dependence, they can easily give wrong advice – also with regard to diet. It can lead to even more guilt and shame because you can not follow the advice given, “says Glestad.

Change mindset

– It’s not enough just to change your diet, even if it’s important enough. You have to change the way you think, feel and act, “she says,” says Glestad.

– Up to 30 percent of the population suffers from diabetes, to a greater or lesser extent, she claims. And sugar dependence does not seem outward. Very many of the sugar addicts have normal weight and some are even underweight, she says.

An eternal sugar suck

Sugar addiction is a chronic condition. If you first became addicted, this addiction will be re-activated and resumed.

Glestad believes that there are the same mechanisms here as with other addictive states such as shopping, gambling and alcoholism. For the “henfalne” it provides fast energy kicks and trigger the reward system in the brain. This is an addiction that is both physical and mental. When the intake affects the body’s neurotransmitters, our mood can go down if we do not meet our needs, “she says..

You can do this:

– Get the most knowledge about sugar addiction.

– Get an overview of the risk situations, sugar-rich events like celebrations, restaurant visits, etc..

– Add a good strategy that prevents you from cracking.

– Learn to recognize the body’s signals, such as restlessness, irritability and suction.

– Use all available tools and methods. Please seek professional help from people who work with addiction problems.

– For this reason, alcoholics and drug addicts also go to eat sweet to keep themselves sober. Dependents usually exchange one load with another.

Sugar addiction is not sweetness

Sugar dependence must not be confused with sugar suction due to low blood sugar.

Like Fred Nyberg, Glestad believes that it is about biochemical processes that trigger centers in the brain.

– If you manage to cut out your sweetheart habits, it’s about 10 percent dietary change, and 90 percent behavioral change, says Glestad who has treated 50-60 addicts in their center.

– Not everyone is aware that they are sickly addicted to sugar. Therefore, they are also unaware of how serious this is, says the psychotherapist.

Sugar everywhere

Another reason why sugar dependence is more challenging to deal with than other addictions is that it is sugar everywhere. And the sugar addict must, like everyone else, eat several times a day. As with all addictions, you must be on duty throughout your life. I am even a sugar dependent. Over the years I went from sugar to alcohol and returned to sugar again. I have had a typical abuse pattern that replaces one type of addiction with another. Now I call a “sugar dependent in refreshment,” she says.

If you belong to the 70 percent of the population who are not addicted, dietary changes are sufficient.

– The only regular sweetness needs to do is eat less sweets. With sugar addicts it’s different, says Tone Glestad.

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