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Stony without zinc

Are you very angry? Then you may need to sink. Good eating habits increase happiness.

Stony without zinc

How about you?

If you are depression-like, you can first investigate if the cause can be physical, such as:

* Celaki

* Metabolism Problems

* Food that gives fluctuations in blood sugar

* Lack of fatty acids

* Vitamin B12, vitamin D, chromium, magnesium or other vital nutrients in the body.

Did you know that depression can be due to vitamin deficiency? And that some mental disorders can be cured with new eating habits and supplements?

Medications are not always the solution.

Zinc increases stress tolerance

You may not need to have a conversational therapy for several years if you are struggling with mental problems – like a fierce mind. Maybe you just have too little zinc in your body.

Serious disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder (formerly manic depressive disorder) may often require heavy medication and psychotherapy.

But psychiatrist Ella Harkiolakis can tell that a number of cases have been reported in which patients have become symptom-free when changing diet and using dietary supplements.

– We test the level of many different substances, vitamins and minerals. Too much or too little of any of these can have a big impact on the psyche. Too little zinc can cause irritation and anger. Then it’s not only with call therapy to get rid of the mind, but simply the supply of zinc. Zinc also increases stress tolerance and is involved in the production of signal in the brain, she says.

For the treatment of schizophrenic

The excess of cryptopyrroles in urine can cause the patient to be sensitive to sound and light, having explosive anger, rapid mood swings, difficult to remember dreams among others.

– When we talk about really serious depression or other mental illnesses, we may have to give far greater doses than usual, says the psychiatrist.

They can get quick recovery from taking B6 and zinc. Patients must show patience – many need more months, almost a year to see improvement. Bad patients do not always get their grants regularly or have a healthy diet, then the recovery will take longer.

Stony without zinc

CORRECT COST: A sensible diet also helps the psyche. Photo: Colorbox. com

If they are admitted to hospital, they usually get no help to continue with the grants and, if necessary, a diet without gluten and / or milk.

South Center on prescription?

There is a known case among many who slim down that the mineral chrome can help with sweets. But it can help with depression as well.

– A depression may occur due to lack of special vitamins or minerals – such as chromium. But it may also be because you have too little vitamin B12 in your body. This can easily be supplied via syringes. For us northerners it is interesting that also lack of vitamin D can make us depressed.

The treatment usually starts with dietary supplements, because this is the easiest way to take care of patients. Only when they get into a better mental balance can you continue to look at the diet.

Fresh outdoors, sick at home

– First of all, of course, it is important to eat healthy and varied food with sufficient protein, fruit and vegetables. But we are all different, and what is good for some, others can react violently. For example, we test the patients for gluten and milk intolerance:

Many respond to dairy products and cereals – that is, typically Norwegian, says Ella Harkiolakis, and comes with an example:

– I have a patient as it is traveling to the East and stays there for periods. Then she is completely healthy. But when she returns to Norway and her Norwegian diet, she must take antipsychotic medicines.

Natural Helpers:

Cocoa should contain hundreds of different substances that have a positive effect on the brain. Chocolate leads to the secretion of special signal substances, and these give a sense of joy and satisfaction.

Bananas have a nutritional composition that will increase the brain’s content of serotonin – the body’s own “happiness pill”. In health food stores you can buy Rosenrot, which will stimulate depression and stress.

You’ll also buy Bitterstern, a bittertree (in bottle) which, by its good effect on digestion, will raise your mood. Recommended dose is 7-10 drops of Bitterstern in 1/4 glass of water, which is drunk three times a day together with food.


– Most preferably, we should make the food even of pure raw materials, or we can get additives that some can react violently to, says Harkiolakis.

Diet that gives an even blood sugar, such as a physician and dietician, Fedon Lindberg recommends, can also have a lot to say:

– If you have too little zinc, you may get angry. Then it will not be better when the blood sugar fluctuates. And if you have a mental diagnosis and get severe blood sugar fluctuations, this will worsen the condition. Ideally, Cøliaki (a bowel disease that results from the failure to tolerate the substance gluten in grain) may give depression, there is no unknown phenomenon, “says doctor Richard Knobel at Balderklinikken in Oslo.

Symptoms and Environment

He finds that once he has cured his patients for what they originally came for – such as bowel disease – they can tell that they have also been rid of depression.

– At Balderklinikken it is common to test patients with depression for three physical conditions: celiac disease, metabolism problems or vitamin B12 deficiency. A simple blood test can reveal this.

Celiac disease is treated with, among other things, gluten-free diet and iron supplement, drug metabolism problems, and the special vitamin deficiency with B12 syringes.

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