Stay far away from the hot water

Sick, weak and bad behind. Drip hot water straight from the tap.

Stay far away from the hot water

You’re going to make yourself a cup of tea. The water does not have to be boiling and you may not have access to either hotplates or kettles that can heat the water for you.

Would you have taped hot water straight from the tap to make the cup of tea?

An inner voice may tell you that it’s not healthy to drink the hot water in the tap, but have you ever thought about why that’s the case?

Copper in the water

– We do not recommend drinking the hot water from the tap. The main reason for this is that there is a larger leakage of copper in the water coming from the water heater, says Vidar Lund, a researcher in water hygiene at the Institute of Public Health..

In many water heaters there is copper, and it is also common to use copper pipes for pipelines and distribution of water inside buildings. When the water is used regularly, the copper concentrations in the water are usually low, that is below 0.1 milligrams per liter.

More copper with new pipes

If drinking water has been in the pipeline for some time, it will usually have significantly higher concentrations. It is not unusual that the copper concentration in water that has been in the pipes overnight is 2 to 3 milligrams per liter, according to the National Institute of Public Health.

In new builds, it takes a while before the pipes get an interior coating that protects against further corrosion. In new large residential complexes, where there may be a long stretch of copper pipes, the concentration in tap water may exceed 1 milligram per liter at any given time.

May cause diarrhea and poisoning

Stay far away from the hot water

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Hot water increases the precipitation of copper and also water that has been standing for a long time, for example overnight, may have a higher concentration of copper.

– Whether the hot water is harmful or does not affect the copper concentration, but there is a reason why hot water should not be drinking water, “says Lund..

Too high copper concentration may cause diarrhea, and children are particularly prone to this. Excessive copper concentrations in small children can cause prolonged diarrhea.

High copper concentrations give the water a bitter taste.

Aluminum boilers regularly used for water heating will eventually have a black inner coating of precipitated copper. There are registered poisoning cases with severe vomiting in connection with the use of such boilers for the heating of acidic beverages that dissolve the copper, for example at Christmas times with the preparation of gløgg.

But if I cook the water?

Another trick to get the tea done a little faster can be to drain hot water from the tap in the kettle, or in the pan before cooking it.

Stay far away from the hot water

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You may also have used this trick in cooking to accelerate the cooking process. According to Lund, this is not particularly advisable.

– The copper does not disappear even if you boil the water, so I do not recommend doing that, “he says..

Slam inside of the bearer

Although the Public Health Institute reports copper as the main reason why one should not drink hot tap water, bacteria also have a reason to stay away from this water.

According to Lund, the inside of an old water heater is not necessarily a beautiful sight.

– Over time, sludge can form in the reservoir that can give rise to various bacteria if the temperature is not high enough, he says.

Legionella thrives in high temperatures

Stay far away from the hot water

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Anne-Marie Bomo, researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Water Research, recommends that the water in the reservoir is closer to 65 degrees, to prevent bacterial growth.

She states that it is primarily legionella bacteria that can occur in hot water heaters with too low temperature.

Legionella is a bacterium capable of withstanding quite high temperatures . Therefore, always the water heater should keep a temperature high enough for these bacteria to not survive, “she says.

Use the hot water until it is intended to be used for

Copper in the water leads to green discoloration in sanitary installations. At particularly high concentrations, people with light hair can get a green hair in this by washing hair.

Although the risk of getting poisoned by the water in the tap is not very high, Vidar Lund recommends that people put off the extra minutes it takes to cook clean, cold tap water.

Stay far away from the hot water

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Stay far away from the hot water

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– The hot water should be used for what it is meant to be used for; washing and personal hygiene, he says.

Just make sure you do not shower your skin.

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