– Start pollen vaccination now

Allergy expert Ragnhild Halvorsen answered the readers.

- Start pollen vaccination now

- Start pollen vaccination now

EXPERT: Take advantage of the opportunity to read the entire web meeting with Ragnhild Halvorsen. Photo: Petter Berg / HM Foto

- Start pollen vaccination now

Notifies new pollen type

- Start pollen vaccination now

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- Start pollen vaccination now

Take a pill to pollen

Ragnhild Halvorsen is a specialist in immunology and has responded to readers about allergy, pollen allergy and food intolerance.

You can read the entire web meeting here.

Too late?

Erik28 says he is currently living in Korea, but he is coming home to Norway in May when the polling season is already in full swing.

“This may be a little late to begin preventing pollen allergy,” writes Erik28.

Ragnhild recommends the reader to grab Grazax, which is a pollen vaccine in tablet form, but then he must start medication already now.

Good effect

“If you had been in Norway, I would recommend you vaccination with syringes that is well proven and much less expensive than tablet treatment. But the tablets are also tested and show good effect, “writes Ragnhild in his answer.

Read the full post here

Ragnhild Halvorsen has previously stated that she is skeptical about Grazax. She does not doubt the effect, but is worried that patients may forget to take the tablets.

Medicines throughout the year

If you are going to use Grazax, you must take a tablet every day throughout the year.

Read what the distributor of the vaccine in pill form says about the new vaccine form:

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