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Some of us are born with poorer willpower than others

Poor willpower can be trained and success depends on whether you are driven by inner motivation or external motivation.

Some of us are born with poorer willpower than others

Therefore you are hungry all the time

– The willpower can be considered a muscle, and just as someone is genetically disposed to be muscular physically, there are also genes too strong self-control. In addition, environment and education are taking place, says Pål Kraft.

He is a professor of social and health psychology at the University of Oslo and professor at the Norwegian Institute of Drug Research.

Long-term goals

But what is really willpower?

– Willing power is the ability to overcome immediate impulses to reach a long-term goal. We all have some more or less long-term goals, often it’s about eating healthier, exercising more or blaming the smoke, and then willpower will help you override the desire to eat too much, for example, he says.

Your long-term goal becomes the most important thing, and you manage to regulate yourself to do the right thing.

In any case, if the will strength is strong enough.

Can be trained

Kraft says experiments show that we can also wipe out the will force so we can tear out other muscles if we stretch it a lot and often.

Success factors

  • Be realistic. An hour at the gym every day may not be realistic for you, but you may start by walking ten minutes every other day?
  • Do not start the changes until you know you’ve really decided and ready
  • Think and understand why it has gone wrong before. Why did the will last last?
  • Think long-term. Quick solutions rarely produce lasting changes
  • Replace what you delete with something else

Source: Psychologist Grethe Nordhelle

Then the willpower must rest a bit, just as other muscles need.

– But the mental muscle can be trained to make you feel more, he says.

Do you now have weak willpower today does not mean that you will always struggle to do what you have set fore.

It just means you may have to struggle a bit more right now.

Affected by emotions

Feelings also affect how easy it is to do the right thing.

If you feel sad, tired or tired, it’s easier to sit down on the couch with a bag of potato chips than to wear a sneaker and run a walk.

Such feelings will appear from time to time, and then Kraft is smart to have a plan.

– Add a plan for what to do when the desire to drop your workout comes and put this plan when you’re relaxed and neither hungry, thirsty, angry or depressed. Just pay attention to the specific thing you are going to implement, not a distant goal, as such a strategy greatly increases the likelihood that you will master the situation, “he says..

Two types of motivation

If you find that the will strength disappears, you are probably also driven by the wrong form of motivation.

– Willing power has the motivation to do, and we can share motivational power into two types. We are either driven by inner motivation or outside, “says psychologist, lawyer and author Grethe Nordhelle.

Going out time after time, despite good intentions, it’s probably an outward motivation that drives you.

In general, you can say that inner motivation is rooted in something deeper within you, something that you feel connected to and that makes this motivation more lasting than the outer.

Think long-term and realistic

In order to succeed in maintaining the willpower, it is also important to make plans change to a life goal instead of a short-term project. Just hearing the word slimming, makes us hungry, and it immediately bids something very temporary, she continues.

Some of us are born with poorer willpower than others

Six characters you’re a perfectionist

External goals, like becoming a jewell in the summer, are an energy, while internal realistic goals have more with discipline to do.

– Think about lifestyle change than diet, and think the goal is to make you healthier and fresher. It can often be easier to control remote solutions. Of course, you will also feel sober, but then you have to work out to be more disciplined as you work out for other things you want to be good at, “says Nordhelle..

Think about something else

A good tip to keep willpower is to replace what you take away with something else that engages you.

In the case of a diet, this new course should not be food, but rather a meaningful activity.

– I am very fond of garden activity. As I walk into the garden, I forget both time and place. Being active in the garden engages so much that I can suddenly realize that I have not eaten dinner, she says.

Doing things you think is boring, you’re probably thinking about food.

– What you eat can then be a symptom that you should really find something else. It also applies to activities. Choose what suits you, because even if your friend is big at the health club, maybe a walk in the woods is a better option for you, she says.

Heavy Start

Nordhelle also emphasizes that will and discipline is a training course.

Some of us are born with poorer willpower than others

Doing a week is a lot done

– You must probably sit down every single day and think why you want to make the changes you make. It will be heavy the first time, but gradually it becomes easier. Make sure your changes become part of your lifestyle, something you’ll keep on forever, “she says.

How long it takes to do not eat chocolate or do not smoke just as natural as brushing your teeth varies.

Someone will know that they are closest to goals within a couple of days, while others of us must work with our discipline for several years depending on how strong the decision we have taken.

– Ultimately, it’s also important not to make changes before you are properly motivated. It may take time, but it’s only when you really decide that you will be able to accomplish what you set yourself as goal, “she says..



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