So many cm. it should be around your stomach

If you start exercising, the waistline changes more than weight.

So many cm. it should be around your stomach

The stomach fat most dangerous

Playful Jøran Hjelmesæth could wish women were more concerned about the fat around the stomach and a little less worried about the fat on the buttocks and thighs.

– While the fat on the butt and thigh is actually slightly protective of the body, the stomach fat is more hot. Generally, excess fat is stored around the intestines, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, “says the doctor..

Men lay more easily around the waist than ladies, but after menopause, women also get more abdominal fat more easily.. This is due, among other things, to the lack of estrogen. Relatively new research has taken into account the importance of estrogen for controlling the body’s burning and hunger sensation.

– The findings are very exciting. In the long term, they can be of great importance for the prevention and treatment of obesity, “Hjelmesæth says.

Because intake of estrogen preparations has been associated with higher risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, many are skeptical. In addition, only mice have been attempted at the moment.

– This is a big discussion, and many are skeptical. But you are in the process of shading the image. Much suggests that it may be beneficial for more adapted estrogen preparations that only affect those diseases or bother they should help, says Hjelmesæth.

BMI – Body Mass Index, or body mass index as it is called in Norwegian, is a formula that shows the relationship between height and weight.

BMI shows whether a person is overweight or underweight or has normal weight. BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 is considered normal body weight, between 25 and 29.9 is overweight, and over 30 is considered to be obesity.

Weakness of formula

According to dr. with Jøran Hjelmesæth, head of the Center for Disease Overweight in Health South East at the hospital in Vestfold, BMI is considered a relatively good indirect target of fat.

Although the doctor believes it is possible to use his BMI numbers as useful information about the body, he thinks it is better suited to say something about the condition in a group at a time, such as the World Health Organization, using the numbers.

A weakness of the formula is that it is not exactly exact. Muscular and people with heavy bone building can have a BMI value of over 25 without being overweight.

BMI does not distinguish between body fat and muscle, even though muscles weigh more than fat.

– Measure target measurements as well

For people who want to lose weight, Hjelmesæth recommends people to measure the waist goal in addition to BMI.

– Midwalls are a better measure of harmful obesity than BMI. In addition, you can use it as motivation. If you start exercising, the waistline changes more than weight. For the individual, the waistline is thus a better way to follow up on health development, “says the doctor.

The World Health Organization believes that increased risk of cardiovascular disease starts from 80 cm around the waist for women. Helmet Seeth thinks this is a bit strict and believes Norwegian ladies should save their concern until they approach 88 cm around the waist.

Men’s stomach fever is present if the waistline is over 102 cm. But the risk of diabetes for example, already rises by 94 cm, says the doctor.

Goal Weight

Many people also use the weight as a measure to investigate how it works with the body and to see possible progress after a period of changing diet or exercise habits.

– Weight can be a good goal for the individual, but the waistline may be better, says Hjelmesæth.

If you go to Grete Roede course to get slimmer, weight and waist measurements are used to measure progress.

– On our course we talk about comfort weight, we do not determine the weight of BMI or other tables, but based on what the individual thrives with and what is achievable and realistic. For example, 80 may be a fine weight for one who has weighed 100 kg, although the person is still defined as obese, says nutrition physiologist Kari Bugge in Grete Roede.

Uses BMI lite

To measure progress, they use waist and other body targets in addition to weight.

– Midwalls are what we know are most related to health. But we also encourage people to measure thighs, upper arms, throat and hip. If the weight is still, or if you go down for a while, you will still see good progress on the centimeters, “she says..

This particular applies to people who are good at exercising and being physically active.

BMI in the world

– In 2008, 35% of adults (older than 20 years) in the world had a BMI over 25, and thus considered to be overweight.

– 10% men and 14% ladies had a BMI of over 30.

– Most obese and sickly fat are found in America, where 62% are overweight, and 26% have sickness obesity. Lowest are the numbers in South East Asia.

– Women are more overweight than men.

– At least 2.8 million die annually due to obesity or obesity.

Source: WHO

– There is also motivation in being able to follow the development itself, says Bugge.

Unless people have a strong desire to relate to their own BMI, something is used little in Grete Roede.

– But we use it to ensure that very slim starts on course with us. We do not want to help people so much weight that they are underweight and will not help anyone to get a BMI lower than 20, says Bugge.

Other Methods

– There are more accurate methods than BMI and waist targets to measure the amount of fat, such as computer tomography and magnetoomography, but these are only used for research or for diagnosing disease, Hjelmesæth says..

Also known as bioimpedance devices can provide relatively good measure of body fat, but inaccuracy increases with increasing obesity, according to the doctor.

– Although all three of these three methods provide more accurate body fat targets than BMI, they can not, as opposed to BMI and waistline, say something about the risk of future disease. BMI is a convenient and good way to find obesity in most people, and waistline can be an additional method to check if you are at risk, says Hjelmesæth.

Fortunately, belly fat is looser than fat elsewhere on the body. This means that if you start exercising and eating healthier, it is mostly the stomach fat you lose at first.

Here’s how to do:

To find BMI, enter weight and height in our BMI calculator. Do you want to count yourself, the formula (weight) is divided (height * height). Weight is given in kilo and height in meters.

So many cm. it should be around your stomach

Check the exercise best for stomach fat

To find your waist goal, you measure about. midway between the lower rib and the hip joint. If you’re unsure about where it is, measure a few centimeters above the navel.

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