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So good is the healthy candy

Tasting panel and nutritionist has rated 36 types of “healthy” candy.

So good is the healthy candy

Healthy candy

Better Helse Nutrition Physiologist and Tasting Panel has evaluated the taste and nutritional content of 36 types of candy you can buy in health food and pharmacy.

Less sugar, less fat, fewer calories and maybe even fewer additives? Is candy from health food healthier and tastes as good as usual candy?

Better Health Blade Bet Helen Vilbo (45), Marlene Gommesen (19), Ann Kristin Gerhardsen (47) and Wenche Gommesen (47) to compare the taste of 36 candies from health food and pharmacies with candy they are used to grocery stores and kiosks.

Approved taste

– Yes! It tastes just as good, says an overall taste panel that has tested the snap for Better Health.

– Well. nutritionist Gunn Helene Arsky says the health content of the health food goddess.

– The products vary greatly in composition and content, Arsky states.

Lots to choose from

But she and the taste panel agree on at least one thing: There is surprisingly much to choose from. We have actually had to concentrate on drops, lozenges and other small cuts and left the clean chocolate for this time.

Among the 36 test types in the test, there are seven who get dice five or six in the nutritionist’s assessment of how healthy the candy is:

So good is the healthy candy

HIGHLIGHTS: Top f. v. deBron Fruit-Gums, deBron Poker Fruit, Fribol Fruit Mix, Fribol Caramel and Fribol Peppermint Classic. Bottom f. v. : Fribol Sugar-Free Drops Peppermint and Fribol Sugar-Free Drops Licorice. Photo: Bjørn Inge Karlsen, HM Foto

These get dice 6 by the nutritionist:

Small Glossary

Acesulfam-K: Synthetic sweetener that is more than 200 times sweeter than sugar. Therefore only small quantities are needed.

Isomalt: A sugar alcohol and a disaccharide, and a natural sugar substitute. It has only a small impact on blood glucose measurements.

Maissirup: Syrup made from corn starch. Contains varying amounts of maltose and other oligosaccharides. Some variants contain a lot of fructose (high fructose corn syrup).

Malt extract: Malted syrup rich in maltose (malt sugar) which is slightly absorbed in the intestine. Appears deafening.

Maltitol syrup: E-number 965, lower GI than sugar. May give loose stomach.

Molasses: The thick dark fabric produced when sugar syrup is cooked to get its crystalline form.

Polydextrose: A fibrous substance that in large amounts can give loose stomach.

Sucralose: Sugar that is applied to chlorine atoms, and is 400-800 times sweeter than sugar. Patented in 1976.

Unrefined cane sugar / cane sugar: Sugar extracted from sugar cane, not purified. Is browning to look and has more flavor than white sugar.

Source: Nutritionist cand. scient. Gunn Helene Arsky

So good is the healthy candy

One chocolate milk gets dice 6 in health test

Fribol Fruit Mix Classic

Marked with a low glycemic index of 4. This, combined with full score on all fronts as close as the protein content, ensures these drops a safe win far ahead of the competition.

Comments from the palette: Nice color, fit big. Reminds me of childhood. Delicious drops, a lot of flavor. Lovely good!

Taste rating: 6

Fribol Sugar Free Drops Licorice

Hard sugar-free liquorice drops. The calories come from the filler which is a dietary fiber and actually contains some calories – though at least throughout the test. Full score on just about every fronts!

Comments from the Tasting Panel: Delicious licorice drips. Laksdrops, very good, perfect licorice.

Taste rating: 5

Fribol Sugar-Free Drops Peppermint

Hard sugar-free polka dots. As in its sister product with licorice flavor, the calories from the filler, which is a dietary fiber, give a lot of calories. But overall, this goes off with victory.

Comments from the taste panel: Good peppermint flavor. Good “polka”. Polka Well! Superb, polkadrop favorite.

Taste rating: 5

Fribol Peppermint Classic

Danish peppermint drops, sugar-free. The filler is fiber which gives calories and can give loose stomach. But it is possible to live the cactus when the drops are so sincere and do not increase either the blood sugar or the weight.

Comments from the Tasting Panel: Good as mentol. Mentoldrops, nam.

Taste rating: 4

Fribol Sugarless Drops Caramel

Hard sugar-free drops. As in its sister product with licorice flavor, the calories from the filler, which is a dietary fiber, give a lot of calories. Fribol is nevertheless unique – here is the choice for you who will save both your life span and blood sugar fluctuations.

Comments from the Tasting Panel: Hard, good, with good taste.

Taste rating: 3

These are given dice 5 by the nutritionist:

deBron Fruit-Gums

Less calories, gluten-free and dental, says the packaging. The sweet taste comes from maltitol syrup, which in large quantities seems deafening. Only one sweetener is used. Gelatin makes this product unsuitable for vegetarians.

Comments from the Tasting Panel: Little taste. Fruit caramel, soft. Absolutely ok vingummi.

Taste rating: 4

So good is the healthy candy

As long as you have to go for a burnt lunch break

deBron Poker Fruit

Sugar-free sour vineyards containing up to 7% protein and about zero sugar. Null fat also pulls up. The sweetness comes from substances that can bump your intestines if you eat too much.

Comments from the Tasting Panel: A little too hard. Fresh, with a lot of flavor. Named, dangerously good!

Taste rating: 3

This was how the nutritionist tested the test

Origin: To give you a comparison basis with regular candy, you get the nutritional content per. 100 grams of mixed food without chocolate from the food table: energy: 369 kcal, protein: 3.8 g, carbohydrates: 88.5 g (of which 61.8 g of sugars) and fat: 0 g. These numbers should be the health food treat to be healthier! All the products from Fribol came out with a top grade of 6.

So good is the healthy candy GODTEBONANZA: Wenche Gommesen (47), Ann Kristin Gerhardsen (47), Beth Helen Vilbo (45) and Marlene Gommesen (19) make up their opinions about the taste of the candy from health care. Photo: Marianne Otterdahl-Jensen

After testing, we see the following:

So good is the healthy candy

Is it easy to drink light brown?

Two products have more calories than normal, 10 contain more protein, seven contain more carbohydrates, four contain more sugar, four do not indicate sugar content, and more than half contain more fat than ordinary smoked foods – some up to 20 percent !

The two products that have a higher caloric density than the usual low-fat (369 kcal per 100g) are Salus Alpenkraft herbs (375kcal) and Sassolini Amarelli licorice drips (378kcal). Almost all the calories in these are derived from carbohydrates.

Types of candy: We clearly see that the products fall into three categories in the test:

  1. Organic, but otherwise composed as regular sweets.
  2. Sugar free, but still contains a lot of fat and calories.
  3. Those who are short and free are free for almost everything. These are the products of the last type that have ended the victory in this test. They contain at least calories, zero sugar, zero carbohydrates, zero fat and also zero protein (which in this context pulls down). All sweets have additives, but some contain more than others. Choose products with few such substances if you want a cleaner food. We have also provided the first three ingredients in the product. These are the ingredients that are most used in the product. We have also included what types of sweetener candy contains.

The amount of calories, proteins, carbohydrates, sugars and fat is specified per. 100 g of the current candy.

Grades: The candy has got grades between 1 and 6, where 6 is a very good choice in health food sweets while 1 is a very bad choice for such candy. A high score does not mean that the candy is healthy and that you should eat more of it! We rank the health food merchandise in relation to each other based on the pure nutrition: Lots of calories, fat, carbohydrates and sugar pull down while much protein pulls up. With the exception of a product from the pharmacy, the products are purchased at health food stores.

So good is the healthy candy

CALORIBOMBER: Salus Alpenkraft herbal karamel (375 kcal per 100g) and Sassolini Amarelli licorice drips (378kcal per 100g) are “health sweeteners” with a higher caloric density than normal small-scale (369kcal per 100g). Photo: Bjørn Inge Karlsen, HM Foto

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So good is the healthy candy

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So good is the healthy candy

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