So fat is Christmas dinner

Peanut, ribs, turkey or leekefisk? See the calorie scales here.

So fat is Christmas dinner

So fat is Christmas dinner

This machine melts fat

So fat is Christmas dinner

How to keep yourself slim in Christmas

So fat is Christmas dinner

How many calories do you drink in Christmas?

How to “slim” your potato

Cooked potatoes, rice and pasta put in the refrigerator and warmed up again get a slightly lower GI, with subsequent lower blood sugar levels. This process leads to the formation of so-called resistant starch, which in turn serves as fiber – thus providing smoother blood sugar.

Christmas is approaching everything that belongs to both food and drink.

Many of the extra calories that Christmas brings with you comes through the drinks.

Christmas feels like a single big meal, and not for no reason. The one meal is followed by the second without the hungry even going to sign up before the next set-up.

You can avoid hanging out in Christmas with some simple greetings about Christmas food.

Tradition is tradition, but it’s not the fat alone that creates all tastes and Christmas atmosphere.

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It is not without reason that you often feel stuck at Christmas.

Christmas food is undeniably often fat – unnecessarily fat. A full portion of ribs and accessories gives more than 1500 kcal.

Do you eat beef, ribs, turkey or lutefisk for Christmas? Are you laying on you at Christmas? Do you count calories at Christmas?

Join the reconciliations at the bottom of this article, and say your opinion in the comments box below.

Check our Christmas Food Tips

Here are some tips that help you save a little on the calories:


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