Slimming can cause diabetes

The dietary supplement CLA has been launched as a slimming agent, but it can be very unfortunate for overweight insulin resistance.

Slimming can cause diabetes

Slimming can cause diabetes

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Slimming can cause diabetes

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Slimming can cause diabetes

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Slimming can cause diabetes

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If you are overweight, you may think you are insulin resistant. The content of trans fat and CLA in the diet can exacerbate the condition.

Blood sugar increases

Insulin resistance is closely linked to type 2 diabetes, a lifestyle disorder that affects still more Norwegians. Insulin is a hormone whose main task is to move sugar into our cells so that the sugar can be utilized as energy. In this process, fat is also moved into the cells.

In insulin resistance, the body produces insulin, but it does not work properly in the rest of the body.

This causes the blood sugar to rise, and the body must produce even more insulin to get normal effect.

In other words, insulin resistant does not have too little insulin, insulin only makes the job worse because the recipient cells do not respond normally.

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Even worse with trans fat

Trans fat is industrial-treated fat that behaves like saturated fat, but is even more unfortunate for health than usual saturated fat.

In the case of abnormal amounts of insulin, we also see an abnormal fat pattern in the blood.

Trans fat changes the surface of the cells so they become less susceptible to insulin, thus increasing the amount of sugar in the bloodstream.

Slimming can cause diabetes

FAILURE FAT: Trans fat in the diet can increase blood sugar Photo: Mark Poprocki / Crestock

A Finnish study showed that women who increased the intake of trans fat in the diet were given increased morning blood sugar.

CLA increases insulin resistance

CLA is also a trans fatty acid. It is produced in the stomach of the cow and is found in both beef and dairy products.

For several years, CLA has been featured as a slimming, because rats have shown that you get more muscle and less fat. And that’s what we all want. However, studies show that CLA grants increase insulin resistance.

Thus, it is not beneficial for type 2 diabetics to take CLA, and not too overweight either, too many obese people are insulin resistant without knowing it.


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