Slimming cake with weekend free

With this cure you can keep the whole calf.

Slimming cake with weekend free

Nutritionist’s five best advice

– Find out what your motivation to lose weight is. Is there something you want yourself, or is it something you do because others think you must? Dietary cures only work if you do it for yourself.

– Find out which diet is most likely to work for you. If you love bread and vegetables, maybe Atkins diet can not be right for you. And if you are of the kind that can not live without some goodies, then there is probably a weekend-free slimming in the midst of you.

– Decide to make lasting changes to your diet. Only lasting changes have lasting effect.

– Set a realistic goal of weight reduction. Give yourself enough time to get there, share the final goal into sub goals that you spread beyond the time you have available, and reward yourself for each milestone you’ve achieved in your plan.

– Get knowledge of healthy diet and physical activity. Knowledge is the root of everything good. Get the knowledge from sources that can be trusted.

Slimming cake with weekend free

The ultimate exercise exercise

Slimming cake with weekend free

This is the “healthiest” chocolate

Slimming cake with weekend free

Wash the house with food

Nobody manages to keep a strict diet for a long time without the buzz of something good. That does not mean there’s something wrong with you. There is something wrong with the diet that you are trying to follow, says nutritionist Gunn Helene Arsky.

She has written the book “Helgefri slanking”, where she presents a slimming cure that drains five days a week and spreads out on weekends, yet losing weight.

Arsky believes that too many are the recipe for a successful diet to allow themselves to enjoy themselves on weekends.


Balance between Everyday and Weekend

Most people like to enjoy themselves sometimes, and if we lose weight and keep weight, it may seem inhumane to let go of all food. Then, in fact, many will burst and overcome the illegal.

– One must find the right balance between everyday and weekend. Then you get a slimmer and healthier body, while at the same time you’re getting your favorite place, “says Arsky.

Check the low-carb diet most can handle.

Total Calories

If you want to lose weight, the energy intake must be lower than the energy consumption.

– The trick to get rid of dieting this weekend, and yet to lose weight, is to look at the energy intake over a whole week at a time, explains Arsky.

By eating a little less calories from Monday to Friday, you can eat a little more on Saturday and Sunday, and still lose weight in total.

– On average, you are quite similar in this way like on a regular diet. This difference also means that I do not call “weekend free slimming” for a cure. It’s a lifestyle change you can live for the rest of your life, says the nutritionist.

A lifestyle change is healthier than jojoslanking, and other dieting methods that are simply harmful to the body.

Eat enough food

Arsky emphasizes that it is important to eat enough food on weekdays too, and not cut in the meals.

This will burn you

– You burn about 6 kilocalories per minute with fast walk / stairway.

– To burn 1 Big Mac (529 kcal), go fast at 90 minutes.

– To burn 1 glass of red wine (102 kcal), go for a quick walk for 17 minutes.

– To burn 1 large coffee latte (200 kcal), you must drive a stairway for 33 minutes.

– If you want to lose weight you must eat often. By choosing the right food and the right kind of exercise, you will corroborate your stored fat reserves. This keeps you alike, or even increases your muscle mass. Instead of hunger you will feel the surplus and renewed energy to stand on, says the nutritionist.

She does not recommend trying to go down more than one kilo a week on average.

– That’s what the body tackles without switching to savings and lowering your burn, “says Gunn Helene Arsky..

Increase muscle mass

Physical activity allows for even more helkos. Make sure you are in physical activity for at least 30 minutes each day. Perseverance and strength in combination are the best.

Yoga increases both muscle mass and endurance.

Endurance training burns a lot of calories while holding on and a little afterwards.

Strength training builds muscles. A healthy proportion of muscles helps keep your burn burning all day and weight stable not only when you exercise.

Do not override your savings

Nutritionist Kari H. Bugs in Grete Roede emphasize that it is not advisable to save too much on calories on weekdays.

– Then you want to keep burning down on weekdays, which means you will not be able to burn the extra calories you eat this weekend, she says.

At the same time, she agrees that you should not cut out everything you love even if you want to lose weight.

– You should enjoy something good, but you must be aware of the amount and how often you treat yourself. Eat smaller portions and eat slowly. Enjoy the food, recommend Bugge.

Gunn Helenes ukmeny


Slimming cake with weekend free

CHOCOLATE: You can eat chocolate this weekend, if you save on calories every week. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Colorbox. com

Breakfast: 1 spoon of coarse bread

Slimming cake with weekend free

GREEN SCREEN: Healthy and good. Photo: Svein Brimi

Lunch: 1 slice of coarse bread with fish pudding and caviar

Mean Time: 10 Paranuts and one apple

Dinner: Vegetable soup (see recipe at the bottom of the story)

Evening food: 1 dl oatmeal with skim milk and 2 tablespoons dried fruit


Breakfast: 1 slice of coarse bread with lean liverpaste and pickled herbs

Lunch: 2 coarse cheesecake with light goat cheese

Meal meal: 1 lilyoghurt and 1 banana

Dinner: 1 baked potato with ham and corn

Evening food: 1 slice of coarse bread with lean cheese cheese

Check recipes for more healthy and good dishes.


Breakfast: Fruit Salad of Two Fruits with Biola Yogurt Natural

Lunch: 1 rough roll of scrambled eggs and ham

Mean Time: 2 fruits and 1 brisket

Dinner: Peanøttsei (see recipe at the bottom of the story)

Evening food: 1.5 dl letty yoghurt with pear bites


Breakfast: 1 boiled egg, 1 slice of coarse bread and 1 fruit

Lunch: Letty yoghurt with muesli

Mean Time: 1 Neve Mixed Nuts

Dinner: Cod with lentils (see recipe at the bottom of the story)

Evening food: 1 portion “Straight into the cup”


Breakfast: 1 coarse roll of tuna, lime and lettujones

Lunch: 2 crispbread with light cream cheese, tomato and herbs

Mean Time: 3 minigroots and 1 orange

Dinner: 1.5 dl cooked macaroni with bacon, cherry tomatoes, light yellow cheese and herbs

Evening food: 1 crispbread with mackerel in tomato

Raw food is one of the new food trends, and should be more nutritious than processed foods.

Saturday / Sunday

Basically, you have 1000kcal extra for use on Saturdays and Sundays.

This means that, in addition to the regular meals, you can:

Option 1

Saturday: A big hamburger (529kcal) and a glass of red wine (102kcal).

Sunday: A portion of ice cream (141kcal) and a croissant (231kcal).

Option 2

Saturday: 2 dl (high glass) Tequila Sunrise (232 kcal), 1 small (3.3 dl) skirt (153 kcal) and 1.5 dl potato tips (120 kcal).

Sunday: 1 coffee latte (340ml) with whole milk (without sugar: 204kcal) and 1 Troika chocolate (65g) (290kcal).

Vegetable soup

6 servings

4 cloves of garlic

1 potted basil

Slimming cake with weekend free

PEANUTS: tastes good in food. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Colorbox. com

4 tablespoons rapeseed oil

1 green squash

1 yellow squash

400 g of frozen beans

1 box of whole tomatoes

4 carrots or 3 sweet potatoes

2 potatoes

½ purre

100 g frozen peas

2 bay leaves

2½ dl rifled macaroni

50 g parmesan cheese

salt and pepper to taste

Remove the bell on the garlic and chop it. Tear off the basil leaves and wash them.

Chop the basil and mash it and garlic into a thick sauce in a blender.

Season with salt and pepper.

Wash the squash, cut out the stalk and tip and divide them into cubes.

Peel carrots (or sweet potatoes) and potatoes and cut them into small cubes.

Wash the leash and cut it into thin slices. Have squash, chopped beans, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, leeks and peas in a large pot.

Pour over 1 ½ liter of water and cook. Season with salt and pepper.

Add the laurel leaves and leave the whole boil under the lid until the vegetables are tender (approx. 25 min). Add more water if necessary. By the end of the cooking time you have in Macaroni and let it cook until it’s done.

Rip the cheese. Serve the soup overcooked with cheese and a diced basil sauce.

You can serve the rest of the basil sauce next to it.


4 servings

2 cloves of garlic

1 fresh red chili

1 lime

Slimming cake with weekend free

TORSK: Cod fillet is a healthy main ingredient for a good dinner. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Colorbox. com

4 teaspoons olive oil

800 g seafood platter

½ purre

50 g roasted and salted peanuts (possibly cashew nuts or almonds)

Peel and squeeze (or chop) garlic. Wash the chili, cut it along and remove the seeds.

Cut the chilli into thin strips. Mix garlic and chili with the juice of a lime and olive oil until you have a marinade.

Wipe the sauce with kitchen paper, turn the fillets into marinade and place them cold for half an hour. Turn occasionally.

Heat the oven, put the grill element on the strongest heat.

Wash and clean the lacquer, cut into fine strips. Roughly nuts.

Place the seafood on a sheet of aluminum foil. Grill for 3 minutes on each side.

Server sprinkled with leeks and nuts.

Cod with Lentils

4 servings

200 g red lenses

½ l vegetable power

600 g cod fillet

2 teaspoons lemon juice

1 bunch of spring onions

½ ss olive oil

2-3 tablespoons flour flour

1 tablespoon margarine

1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

2 tablespoons fresh basil

salt and pepper to taste

Rinse the lenses.

Boil the vegetable power and have in the lenses. Cook it all for about. 5 minutes.

Wipe the cod and have a little lemon juice over. Wash and clean spring sprinkle, chop it in thin strips. Turn the pre-cooked lenses into a sieve and save on the power.

Heat the oil in a pan and fry the spring loaf quickly. Spread ½ dl of vegetable power and let the loaf be on low heat for about 5 minutes.

Wipe the fillets before turning into flour and fry them in medium-sized margarine for 3-4 minutes or until the meat flakes and have a crispy frying pan.

Season with salt and pepper.

Pour the lenses up the spring lobe in the pan. Warm it all up.

Season with salt, pepper and balsamic vinegar.

Stir in fresh, chopped basil.

Server the cod.

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