Slim with proteins

Proteins saturate more than carbohydrates and fat, and prevent you from slimming your muscles.

Slim with proteins

The best proteins are found in pure meat, fish, bird, eggs, dairy products and legumes

Studies show that a diet with enough proteins gives greater weight loss than a low protein diet. The proteins from meat, fish and eggs make you feel faster and help to suppress the soak for food between meals.

In short, you eat less.

Increases combustion

Enough protein by slimming also prevents your muscles from losing themselves, which is often the case with weight reduction.

According to Professor Arne Astrup, Director of the Department of Human Nutrition in Denmark, it appears that a diet with sufficient protein increases combustion.

One gram per kilo

The effect of protein strikes when the proportion of proteins in the diet accounts for between 20 and 30 percent of the energy you eat every day. This means that if you have an intake of 1800 kcal per day (a normal diet), you need between 90 and 135 grams of protein each day. This is fully possible to get through a healthy and varied diet.

As a rule of thumb, we say that a person needs about 1 gram of protein per. kilo body weight per day.

This means that a 75 kg person needs about 75 grams of protein per day. day. This will definitely be yours if you eat healthy and varied.

Both bird and fish

It’s just that many who are slimming cut not only the calories but also the proteins. Then, too little protein can occur, which can have a negative effect on the slimming result.

You do not need to have an abnormally high intake of proteins if you want to lose weight. You should only be a bit extra conscious of getting protein-rich foods. The best proteins are found in pure meat, fish, birds, eggs, dairy products and legumes.


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