Slim in the throat, chlamydia and bowel inflammation

Slim in the throat, chlamydia and bowel inflammation.

Slim in the throat, chlamydia and bowel inflammation

Doctors and experts at Doctor Online get many questions. Here is a collection of some of the questions they have answered lately.

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General Practice

Pain in the heel:

“A couple of months ago I began to feel pain in my right heel every time I was in charge of the foot. I thought this would go over after a couple of days, but to my fuss it just got worse and for about. A month ago, it began to hurt in both heels. Now there has also been a tender coal on the size of a grape along the tendon of each heel that hurts when I hug it / wear shoes and the heels are somewhat swollen.

I’m very fond of exercising, so I wonder if I can have overloaded my heels? And what can I do to make it happen? “

Les answers to general practitioner Kjell Vaage.

Thin Thin:

“For a long time I have been plagued with mucus in my throat. It’s cool and shiny. Difficult and get it up or swallow it. It is there all the time to a greater or lesser degree. Has become more annoying lately, breaking me to try to get it up. Has tried slimming solution of bisolvon without effect. “

Read the doctor’s simple advice.

Cola when broken arm:

“I recently broke my wrist and it’s the second time in ten years that I break my arm. Have I only been unfortunate, or should I check for osteoporosis? I am in the early fifties, and you are reading so much about osteoporosis for adult women. And something else, in connection with the breach, I read that I should keep away from coke and other carbonic acid because it inhibits the whole process. Do you know anything about this? And what else is good / not good to eat after breaking something? These were two different questions, but are grateful for answers. “

Read the useful answer.

Slim in the throat, chlamydia and bowel inflammation

BRUDD AND BRUS: Did you know that soda and other carbonated drinks should not be consumed when you break the arm, for example? Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Colorbox. com

Venereal Disease

Slim in the throat, chlamydia and bowel inflammation

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Do I have chlamydia?

“I’m 34, have two children. Six weeks ago, I had sexual contact with a 30-year-old man. He had a penis inside the vagina, two or three times, and it was interrupted. No sexual contact beyond this. Now, 6 weeks later, I have noticed a slight discomfort / a little stinging in the abdomen. It feels like a weak urinary tract infection. Previously, I only received UVI after sex, but I have not had sex lately. Therefore, I’ve started thinking about whether it may be Chlamydia. Could so little sexual contact transmit chlamydia? And, can the symptoms first come after six weeks or should I noticed them earlier? I have read that the incubation period is shorter. Thank you for your reply! “

Read what Miklos Degre, our specialist in microbiology, answers.


Bowel Infections:

“My 20-year-old daughter has been bothered by osteoarthritis for several years. This came gradually while she was at her most active as a football player. (She played from she was six to 16 years old). She has received insoles and has had several rounds of pressure wave treatment, but she still has a bother when she runs (especially on asphalt). Is this something she should expect to struggle with the rest of her life? I’m 50 years old and often have a pain on the front of my legs, even though I have not played football. Can the condition be hereditary? “

Is this known to you? The physiotherapist has many good tips.

Prolapse in neck and back:

“I hurt my neck 14 years ago. I did not take MRI until 6 years after that, and was shown prolapse, later calcification too. Physiotherapist / doctor recommended surgery, but I did not want this. I have had good periods of moderate ailments and bad periods. (. ) Since October -13, the pain has increased. The shoulder has been very naughty and hard to move and I have pain down my arm and hand. Is reasonably desperate and tired, and have been waiting for MR for a long time. What should I do? “

Read the entire question and answer to physiotherapist Erik Øiangen.

Skin and Hair

Slim in the throat, chlamydia and bowel inflammation

PROLAPS: – Since October -13, the pain has increased. The shoulder has been very bad and difficult to move, says the woman, who asks physiotherapist Erik Øiangen for advice. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Colorbox. com

Yellow toenail:

“For about 10 years, both of my parents have been very strange. They have become a little yellow, quite thick and hard. The doctor has several times cut nails and sent in to check if there is fungus. It is not. Now the right big toe has become somewhat deformed, like a sloping roof. One can see that the nail is thicker in the middle. The bottom layer is somewhat soft and lets scratch away. When I cut the nail you clearly see it is quite crisp. (. )

What are these my toenails? Lack of nutrients? Disease? “

Read the entire question and answer to dermatologist Jon Langeland.


“I’m a 47-year-old woman who has had Rosacea since I was 25 years old. It has not improved over the years, and in the last few years I have been bothered with big pimples on the hook. (. ) My questions are as follows:

Has there been new creams on the market that I can try? Perhaps you recommend creams that have been on the market for a while? Are there other types of antibiotics where you can tolerate the sun better? I’ve heard that Sulfur Cream can help both Rosacea and acne. I want to try it, but my general practitioner is unsure how many percent the cream should contain. Can you say something about it on a general basis? Can you recommend a cream that helps the blemishes on the chin? Should you think of reconciling your skin after so many years, but it’s hard. “

Read the long and thorough answer to the dermatologist.

Rupture on pretext:

“I’m a 30-year-old boy who has been bothered with red, wound and hoof forehead for a long time. It began with the foreskin very swollen on the tip and the skin was pale. This became better after a few days. It turned out to be less swollen, but the skin on the inside of the foreskin had become very red, swollen and irritated. This can vary slightly from day to day and I have no pain besides that it is uncomfortable to go when the penis hits the pants. I searched the GP where I took a urine test that was negative. The doctor looked at it and thought it was fungus, but the medicine gave no effect. (. )

The doctor told me to talk to a dermatologist or specialist and hope to help me with this? “

The answer to the dermatologist can be found here.


The spiral gone:

Slim in the throat, chlamydia and bowel inflammation

ASK THE SKIN: – I’m a 30-year-old boy who has been bothered with red, wound and hoof for a long time. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Colorbox. com

“I’ve had hormone spiral for over half a year. Due to a lot of bleeding, I went to the doctor for a check. It turned out that the spiral was gone, and the doctor thought it had fallen out. Afterwards I’ve started thinking about whether it’s quite “walking”, as you’ve heard horror stories about. How do you discover that? “

Can the spiral get lost that way? Read the answer to gynecologist Mette Moen here.

Iron deficiency and pregnancy:

(. ) After what I understand, I have too little iron. I want to get pregnant, wondering if the values ​​I have in any way can be harmful to the fetus? Should I start with iron tablets and then try to get pregnant when the values ​​are normal, or is it safe if I should be there now? Can elevated urine content be unfortunate? “

The gynecologist answers here.

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