Seven tips that break your bad habits

If you are consciously ignorant, are you well off?

Good with good habits

Habits are not just something negative that we will get rid of. Many habits do something good for us in everyday life and in life. They create in order in existence.

– Having habits is absolutely essential. Without habits it would be too many choices to decide on each and every day. All our time and energy would be eaten up on things like deciding whether to put the keys here or there, cutting the loop in that way, standing up with the left leg instead of the right. Some things are okay to go on automatic, as long as it leads to something neutral or something positive. But when the habit becomes something that prevents you, it’s worth going consciously to change it, says NLP Master Trainer and author Trine Åldstedt.

When repeating an action many times, it becomes a habit, whether it’s good or bad.

We have all our habits. Someone gets up to a cup of coffee every morning. Without it, the day will be completely wrong. Others must have freshly washed hair on dead and life. Others again always go to the same place and buy the newspaper. Is it sold out, they are a bit annoying.

We can stumble up: eating habits, smoking habits, complaints habits, TV habits, computer habits, jaw habits, sleepers, exercise habits (or lack of them) and not least sleep habits.

Whatever your habits, there are probably some of those you’re happy and want to keep while you’d better get out without others. How to become aware of what habits you have and opt out of the irregularities?

Starting in childhood

– The basis for many of our habits is already added when we are children. For example, eating habits in the family may apply. If you are used to seeing mom and dad eat big meals, add a lot of sauce and potatoes several times, you will automatically consider this as normal and the chance is great for doing the same yourself, says psychologist Børge Leksbø by Help24 NIMI Ringerike.

– If you have grown up with parents who were very conscious of healthy diet, the odds are good for yourself. Whether this is good or bad for you, you must find out, says Leksbø, and continues:

– Do your habits and your surroundings do you well, or do they harm you in one way or another? This is especially relevant for overweight and unhealthy lifestyles, which we are working on daily.

What’s really a habit?

Our habit is created in an interaction between culture, environment and innate characteristics.

– The younger one is when the impact occurs, the greater the risk that the habit will be established ‘permanent’. Children are like suction cups that absorb the habits in their surroundings, says Børge Leksbø.

Besides: The more times an action is repeated, the greater the chances of becoming a habit.

Seven tips that break your bad habits

You are not slim of healthy food


Often there are several habits like “layers” above each other. It becomes difficult to distinguish one of them because it is so closely linked to something else – such as smoking when drinking alcohol or snacking when watching television.

– It’s not always going to eat less to lose weight. The habit of eating a lot can coincide with other things, such as emotional needs, how the family eats, what you choose to fill your days with and activity level. Then you may need to look at more of your habits in context and choose a plan that changes them in relation to each other, says Leksbø.

If you’re used to both sinking down the couch when you get home, eat a lot for dinner, eat potato chips and quarrel a little with your partner, all of this can hang together. You can start by changing one of them!

Doing something different

For example, decide that instead of sitting in the couch in the afternoon, try something new, a tiny little change: go for an evening trip, go out with garbage, cut some grass in the garden, take a phone to a friend. Do something that changes what you’ve done before. Then you may not have the same need for that potato meal anymore, he says.

– How to change one bad habit can cause more bad habits to disappear in the same slumber?

– They do not disappear by themselves, this is not something that happens overnight, it requires patient work over time. But when you’re starting to snuggle in a thread, you can slow down, but surely you’ll catch the other habits you do not need. What’s important, so that you do not feel like you’re in an emotional void, is to replace the old outdated habits with new positive habits you choose yourself, he says..

Seven tips that break your bad habits

This cure must not be misused

A new brain

A habit is not the same as addiction. It is not a physical need that has always been there, but a mental need you have created. NLP Master Trainer and author of the book Everything is in the head (Kagge 2009), Trine Åldstedt, calls habits “brain paths”.

– Habits are patterns in the psyche that you have stepped up for many years. The good news is that any habit can be changed. It’s just a matter of breaking the patterns you’re used to and creating new trails, “she says.

Often, it’s much less than we think to change a habit.

– A small upgrade of the “hard drive” in the brain can lead to crucial changes. By focusing on what you want, instead of what you do not want, you can reach far, she says.

Seven tips that break your bad habits

– Men are better off slimming

Let’s say you want to get rid of “sink down on the couch after work” habit. Then you can go into your inner sensory experiences and adjust your habit.

– Look for yourself a true, colorful and true image of yourself in the present situation. You lie on the couch, idle and lazy. Enlarge the image, zoom in and look closely at how bad your constitution is, how your health and results are affected and suffer from your laziness. Know the discomfort of the experience, really see how bad it is! Say loudly to yourself with an odd voice: “Well, that’s enough! I want movement, health, happiness and well-being instead, “says Åldstedt.

The new dough

– See pictures of yourself with the desired behavior. With a smile over his mouth, glow in his eyes and straight, with a goal-oriented focus – in action. Create the image concretely and in detail, step by step from the couch and into what you want instead, for example, walking, exercising, sweating, breathing, holding out and doing before bathing in the good profit afterwards. Reinforce your feelings, make a sound orchestra in cheer and joy. Before you know the word, both the sofa and you have a completely different meaning, “she says.

You can also choose some powerful affirmations that you can repeat inside you.

– For example: I’m strong and targeted, I’m fine! I have everything I need to control this. I am the boss of my mind and thus my actions. All I dream about, I have resources to reach. That is the case, “ends Åldstedt.

Seven tips that break your bad habits

Therefore, you do not lose weight

Mental Training Plan to Succeed

If you manage to break a habit, you have to go through a change process. Here’s a small checklist:

1. Be aware of the bad habits you want to get rid of.

2. Be aware what other habits are related to.

3. Find out what habits you want instead.

Seven tips that break your bad habits

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4. Get the knowledge you need to handle it. Apply excessive weight to gain knowledge about food and exercise. Do you rattle with your partner, talk to a party therapist about how you get out of it.

5. What is your driving force? Find a true inner motivation. This can be written on a large piece of paper and have as a bright target on the wall.

6. Make a plan for how you can handle it, a plan that seems affordable. For example, go for a walk every night when Hotel Caesar begins or buys cashew nuts instead of potato chips. Or listen to a song that makes you happy when it’s tempting to complain about others.

7. Keep focus at crucial moments. Evaluate yourself: What happened now? What did I do? Was I aware what I did? Perhaps you without thinking about it always buys a chocolate when you fill the gasoline. This makes it difficult to lose weight. Or maybe you always take a smoke while you wait for the bus. Did you notice that you made a choice and that you could have chosen something else? Choose again.

Good advice on the road

How can you make it easier for yourself to break an unfamiliar? With these points in mind, it becomes easier to “trick” your brain to choose something new:

-Base the routine. We often walk in the same paths, such as through the house, from the bedroom to the bathroom, to the kitchen, the living room, to the coffee maker, to the hairdryer and so forth. Do an experiment: Break the pattern! Start reverse road. That’s how your head will have a little everyday shock? Thus, you have opened to create a new brain test. The more options for action, the easier it is to choose freely.

-Scape a diverter. Instead of doing what you’ve always done, deliberately do something new. Instead of igniting that smoke, buy that chocolate or put yourself at the PC, call a friend, take a new way to work, book a massage session, talk a little with your partner, watch a song you like, draw something – anything! How to distract your mind from what it’s used to doing.

Seven tips that break your bad habits

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