Seven signs that you need urgent help

Check if you should contact 113, the doctor or the general practitioner.

Seven signs that you need urgent help

Have you been ready when you should call 113 and when you should seek out the emergency room? Or whether you should seek out the emergency room than to book an appointment with the GP?

Unable to wait symptoms

More and more are calling 113, but for many of us it’s far from calling the ambulance.

Sometimes you should not wait until your doctor returns to work the next morning.

– Examples of unpredictable symptoms are unconsciousness, breathing problems and chest pain. These are conditions where the shortest time for health care is essential, and then it will be natural to send an ambulance, says Assistant Department Chief at AMK in Oslo and Akershus Sven Christjar Skaiaa.

AMK’s Guide

– You can also call 113 to get advice on what to do if you are in doubt. Should there be any need for an ambulance, the AMK Center is trained to advise and guide in lifesaving first aid until the ambulance arrives, says Skaiaa.

AMK stands for Emergency Medical Communication Center. The main task of the service is to answer the medical emergency number 113, to take care of orders on ambulances and to coordinate the ambulance courses. AMK is most often staffed by nurses and skilled ambulance staff who can also provide emergency medical advice when necessary.

Who should call?

Call 113, for example, by:

  • Danger of life and health
  • Suspect that there is a danger to life and health
  • Strong chest pain
  • Reduced awareness
  • Very strong stomach ache
  • Expressed a loud breath
  • Major damage and secure breach

Call the emergency alert for example at:

  • Fever above 40.5, which does not go down despite the use of fever depressants
  • Takady pain (like going and going) in the stomach or back. This may indicate gallstones or kidney stones
  • Small injuries without significant bleeding
  • Sprains

Wait for the doctor’s office to open, for example, at:

  • Fever
  • Coughing for a while
  • Signs of urinary tract infection
  • Moderate pain
  • Prescription Needle

Sources: Physician at the Norwegian Sports Institute, Sverre Mæhlum and Assistant Department Attorney at AMK in Oslo and Akershus, Sven Christjar Skaiaa

Seven signs that you need urgent help

– We felt we participated in an episode of House

Wide term

Immediate or potential danger to life and health is a very broad term. It includes accidents, heart problems and acute pain conditions.

Heavy to breathe?

In general, I would say that if the patient has reduced consciousness, there is reason to call 113. In addition, it should be done in case of major bleeding, severe chest pain, and if the person has severe stomach ache, says a doctor at the Norwegian Sports Institute Sverre Mæhlum.

Be especially aware if the stomach is also quite hard.

– You should also call the ambulance if you are in a hurry to breathe and of course by safe breaches and major injuries that must be sewn, he says.

Prescription at the GP

On the other hand, if there is little evidence that it is, or may be, danger to life and health, you may want to see the situation an. Or you can call the emergency room if it feels safer.

– If you do not perceive yourself or relatives as seriously ill or injured, but you need medical attention, for example in the form of medical examinations or prescriptions, it is usually advisable to contact your GP or emergency doctor. Patients with minor injuries without significant bleeding as sprains will normally be encouraged to contact the emergency room, says Skaiaa.

Cure for lasting, high fever

It may also be good to contact the emergency alert if you have high fever, which does not decrease even if you are using fever-lowering medication.

– If the fever is higher than 40.5, and does not go down, you should take a leak. Especially if it’s a child, says Mæhlum.

Also be aware if you or others have tremor pain in your stomach or back. If such pain is felt intense, they may indicate that the person has gall or kidney stones.

Something can wait

On the other hand, you may want to save most of your pains. If you have a fever, cough or feel that a urinary tract infection is on your way, you will usually get well through the night without immediate help.

Keep in mind, however, that it’s always advisable to call a medical emergency or ambulance if in doubt. It’s better with a phone too much than one too small.

Seven signs that you need urgent help

TRY WITH HELP: If you are in doubt if you should wait until the next day to call the doctor, you may want to take a phone call to the emergency room. Photo: Illustration photo: Colorbox

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Seven signs that you need urgent help

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Chief Skaiaa says that there has been a significant increase in the number of 113 phones in recent years, , but this does not necessarily tell us about our threshold to call the ambulance.

He thinks the cause is composed.

– This is probably a combined expression of increased population in general, changing demographic patterns, increasing urbanization and increased expectations for medical services, he says.

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