See what happens when we loosen the bra

A nice blonde bra with spoons can cause unhealthy consequences. Watch video.

See what happens when we loosen the bra

See what happens when we loosen the bra

To remove pigment spots

See what happens when we loosen the bra

The fingers reveal you

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  • Migraines
  • ME
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Cervical headache
  • Arthritis
  • Sjögren’s syndrome

Cramped bra with spikes, especially push-up models, can cause pain and ailments, warns chiropractor Øistein Holm Haagensen at NEMUS Bjølsen in Oslo.

He believes to see a clear connection between the use of narrow spile braces and some back and neck pain among female patients.

Hit trigger point

The games in the bra will create an unfortunate pressure against the Serratus anterior muscle. This muscle group is attached to the seven to ten upper ribs and moves on to the shoulder blades. On most bra’s, the end of the games will hit the trigger point of Serratus anterior and cause irritation and pain, says Haagensen.


The current muscle group under the arm is important for stabilizing and rotating the shoulder blade.

– If your muscles are hampered by braskets, you will automatically compensate by raising your shoulders. This change of attitude can cause increased stress on the neck muscles and cause neck and head pain. Especially women who have static workplaces, lift their arms in front of them, or PC work with the arm lying forward on the desk, gets easier this kind of ailment. Tight spile bra and push-ups can indirectly give headache, claims Haagensen.

Confused with Heartbreak

Painful pain at the shoulder blades, pain in the arms and up in the chest is the most typical symptom of his “push-up patients”.

– Some people feel hurt when they breathe and seek a doctor in fear of heart disease. Instead, they are referred to physiotherapists or chiropractors, and then we often find locks or malfunctions in ribs. When this kind of ailment becomes a recurring problem, push-up and long spools in the bra is the worst thing you can use, says Haagensen.

Testing muscle strength

Haagensen has tested very many patients with shoulder and neck pain that daily use bra with sponges. In a matter of minutes, he can demonstrate how this Brain Type puts out the shoulder muscle out of play.


Watch video of how Haagensen tests muscle power on women with and without spile bra here:

We have received feedback that the video above does not show exactly the same movement in the two tests, and has therefore created a new video here:

– There are few patients who do not get the stability in the shoulder affected by the spider when tested. Most people have clearly reduced muscle strength, says the Oslo chiropractor and adds:

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– I am aware that my observations and clinical experience are not scientific evidence. In recent years, however, I have seen that foreign researchers and professionals express skepticism to the spurs and push-up fashion.

Constant Press

According to Statistics Norway’s time-use survey, Norwegian women sleep an average of eight hours and 18 minutes per day.

The rest of our waking hours we are mostly dressed – with bra underneath.

Women who use narrow spile braces actually go with a constant pressure in the side muscles 15-16 hours each day. A pressure like in addition to pain, reduces muscle strength and reduced lymphatic drainage from the breasts, says Haagensen. Already in the 1990s he suspected a correlation between back pain and brahmote.

– Suddenly we received unusually many girls in the age of 16-18 with recurring back and shoulder pain and ailments from ribs. The common denominator was that they used tight push-ups, says Haagensen. The task of a push-up bra is to push the tits up and down to give a bigger bust.

Worth researching

Neck problems are widespread

The neck is the second biggest problem when talking about muscular and skeletal disorders among Norwegians. Only back pain is more common in the population.

30-50 percent of all Norwegians have had neck pain in the last year. 20 percent have daily complaints from the neck, which have lasted for more than three months.

The neck layers are most common among women and professionals. After the age of 50-60, the neck pains decrease in women

There are currently no national or international guidelines for the treatment of neck pain.

Source: Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association

Manual therapist Tor Inge Andersen at the National Center for Spinal Disorders and Pain Relief, St. Olavs Hospital in Trondheim, does not know research suggesting a relationship between bradycardia and neck and shoulder disorder.

– Neck pain may be due to many different conditions, often composed of physical, mental and social reasons. In addition to the muscles, wear and tear’s wear and tear changes, injury and occasional prolapse can cause poor functioning and pain. Many men also suffer from neck pain. The Hague’s theory is nevertheless interesting, especially for patients with mild symptoms.

Serratus anterior works together with the neck muscles, to stabilize the shoulder arch when we raise our arms.

– If BH spider actually causes weakening of this muscle, this can cause increased secondary stress of the neck muscles, thus disposing of pain in the neck and head aches, confirms Andersen.

Although he thinks Haagensen’s observations are interesting, he emphasizes that scientific studies should be done before warning women against special brains.

– The advantage in this case is that it should be easy to make verifiable studies to test the meaning of the games. This is worth researching, says Andersen.

“All” has spools

A couple of decades ago, women used the most soft bra, also called soft-bra. With the push-up’s entry into the 1990s, the fashion model changed.

Today, the spile-braces, with metal or plastic stirrups around the cup and possibly in the sidelines, are dominant in the underwear market. This confirms PR counselor Rikke Glad Kirstein in Triumph International.

The Bh giant has about 41 percent of the market in Norway, and according to Kirstein, around 90 percent of the bra has a Triumph spider.

Error bh a big problem

– It is unknown to us that the spoiler should have such a negative health effect. What we know, however, is that some women with big bowel can experience neck pain, headaches and tension in the back and neck region due to improper support from the bra they use, says Kirstein.

See what happens when we loosen the bra

SMALLER: Bh with spiders can cause pain in both the neck, shoulders, back and head. Photo: colorbox. com

– About 75 percent of all women actually use the wrong bra size. Many people use too little cup and too much circumference, which results in the bar not supported from below, under the chest but from the shoulders. Thus the shoulder strain becomes too big and can trigger headache, neck pain and other ailments, she says.

The absence of back pain is one of seven reasons to celebrate your little tits.

Push-up for party only

The Haagensen does not disagree that the wrong bra size may cause ailments, but he believes that spiders can reinforce the problems:

– Many women with big bust think they must use spile-bra to get enough relief. But at big busts, the game’s pressure against ribs and muscles will be extra big, he believes.

He recommends testing out brace-free bra and sports bra for a few weeks to see if the plagues decrease. Alternatively you can also remove the games from the bra.

– Many people experience significantly less pain and troubles with these simple measures. My advice is, therefore, to use only push-up and spile-bra as a party, and not daily. In addition, it is important to exercise the muscles between the shoulder blades, “says Haagensen.

Drop bh-en!

To drop the bra can also be a good measure, he believes so that you get a limited amount of hours with bra.

See what happens when we loosen the bra

EXPERTS: Manual therapist Tor Inge Andersen, chiropractor Øistein Holm Haagensen and midwife and editor Siri von Krogh.

It is actually healthy to go a little without bra, according to international research. For example, women who go without bra get stronger breast muscle and better lymphatic drainage.


Tor Inge Andersen: Manual therapist and participates in a research group at the National Center for Spinal Disorders and Pain Center at St. Olavs Hospital. Andersen is employed at Trondheim Institute of Physical Sciences.

Øistein Holm Haagensen: Chiropractor MNKF FFEAC at Bjølsen Chiropractic Clinic in Oslo. Has been employed at the Nursing and Backbone Clinic at Oslo University Hospital for seven years. He has also been a secretary and deputy head of the Norwegian Chiropractor Association for ten years and four years as Vice President of the European Chiropractor Union.

Siri von Krogh: Midwife who has been editor of various websites about mother and child, pregnancy and childbirth and has published book and pregnancy calendar.

The myth that BH prevents hanger puppies has long been reversed.

By comparing two groups of physically active women trained with and without bra, the French doctoral student in medicine, Laetitia Pierrot, found that the brass loose had less hanger puppies (shorter distance between the crotch and nipple) after one year than those used bra and worked with bra.

The finding has been confirmed in other studies later.

Do not spoil when breastfeeding

Healthcare professionals have for many years warned nursing women against bra with sponges.

– In general, we do not recommend bra with spoons when breastfeeding, at least not as long as you complete. The games can squeeze the milk passages and prevent the supply of milk. This can cause dandruff and, at worst, breast inflammation, Elisabeth Tufte, health worker at the National Center for Breastfeeding, said..

Siri von Krogh, midwife and editor of midmorris. no have recommended all pregnant and breastfeeding to stay away from spile braces.

– When the breasts are growing, as they are during pregnancy, spills can be annoying and annoying. And after birth, you should only use breastfeeding brackets without sponges to ensure milk delivery. With a few exceptions, most breastfeeding braces are also on the market without a spider, Krogh says.


This article has been commented by blogger Gunnar Tjomlid. Please read his post here.

Readers have asked the way the chiropractor performs the test on the video further up the page. We have summarized the questions here and let Haagensen answer them:

Is shoulder protrahert in both tests?

Haagensen: – Shoulder must be protrahered on both tests.

Is the pressure on the patient in a test and down to the floor of the second test?

Haagensen: – Press the floor in both tests. NB Not test of power power, but test of ability to lock shoulder in position.

Is it emphasized on the arm with pressure from her center of gravity or weight on her arm toward her center of gravity?

Haagensen: – Press against the floor.

Is Serratus anterior synergist in the first test while in the re-test is the agonist?

Haagensen: – To act as synergist in both tests. Artificial test situation on video. Try yourself, but do not use too much power!

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