Seasoned to keep you slim

Turmeric spices in the food can help keep the weight down.

Seasoned to keep you slim

Seasoned to keep you slim

INDIAN: Food from India often contains the beneficial spice.

There is research at Tufts University in Boston that shows that the spice turmeric contains a substance that can prevent obesity.

It writes the British newspaper Daily Mail (external link).

The research results were published in The Journal of Nutrition in March this year. Here you can read a technical extract of the report (external link).

Indian food

Gurkemeie (Wikipedia) is widely used in Indian dishes and has an active ingredient that can help prevent obesity. The spice is also found in karri (Wikipedia).

A meal with turmeric spices will lead to a lower weight gain than a meal without the spice, but which otherwise consists of exactly the same ingredients, scientists argue.

According to research findings, the drug curcumin appears to suppress growth of fatty tissue in mice and human fat cells.

It seems that the drug prevents new blood vessels from forming. New veins make it easier for fat tissue to spread, which, in turn, causes weight gain to grow ever higher in the display.

Works best on fatty foods

Two groups of mice fed high fat foods over a period of 12 weeks. They ate a lot of food, but one group of muscles spiced the meal with 500 milligrams of turmeric.

At the end of the study, the researchers saw that the mice that had had turmeric had lower weight than those who had not eaten the spice. The amount of new blood vessels was lower, and the same was cholesterol levels.

The researchers believe that turmeric has had a clear meaning for the result.

Senior scientist Mohsen Meydani says that weight gain is the result of growth and expansion of fatty tissue and that it can not happen without the formation of new blood vessels.

The next step is to perform clinical tests, the theory that turmeric prevents weight gain, on humans.


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