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Removes empathy and increases aggressiveness

Here are the side effects that are scaring.

Removes empathy and increases aggressiveness

Use of Anabolic Steroids in Norway:

– The extent of those who used or used doping was 2.6% (2.9% for men and 1% for women).

– Those who use doping mainly use anabolic steroids (AASs) and testosterone preparations.

– Drug use is mainly motivated by the desire for a more beautiful body.

– There is a clear tendency that those who have doping experience more often get into trouble and use more of other drugs.

Source: Police College had the professional responsibility for this survey, presented in August 2009.

Removes empathy and increases aggressiveness

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Removes empathy and increases aggressiveness

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Removes empathy and increases aggressiveness

Remember to keep your slimline

Anabolic steroids are used by many to grow bigger and gain more muscle.

The many do not know or choose to overlook is that the anabolic steroids also affect the brain, in addition to destroying the body.

Mental Adverse Events

People can change personality after starting with anabolic steroids, especially they can become more aggressive and self-absorbed.

– Testosterone, the male sex hormone, affects the aggressiveness. This is what we hear so many stories about, especially from worried parents, who say that your child has become hotter and more aggressive, “said Peter Hemmersbach, head of the Norwegian Laboratory for Doping Analysis.

He also says that in police cases one can see a clear connection between violent events and the use of anabolic steroids.

Some of the mental side effects of anabolic steroids are losing the ability to feel empathy, becoming more self-absorbed and losing barriers, as well as becoming aggressive.

– You’ll eventually lose some thresholds and feel invincible. One believes one can stop a car with only his hands, explains Frode Hestnes, Head of Department in Antidoping Norway.

He adds that anabolic steroids can also enhance other mental disorders. In some cases it may also lead to depression.


Not proven

In 2002, under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice, a survey was conducted on whether there is a correlation between increased aggressiveness and anabolic steroids.

– They failed to find evidence to conclude that there is a direct connection. But this is very hard to prove, because in surveys you do not use as large amounts as those who use steroids for regular users. Then it becomes difficult, explains Hemmersbach.

He thinks that even if there is no direct connection, one can not say that there is no connection.

– This is so individual from human to human. Just like how different people react to alcohol. There are at least enough clues to say that someone becomes more aggressive of anabolic steroids, says Hemmersback.

Physical side effects

Removes empathy and increases aggressiveness

NOT NOK: For some it’s not enough to just lift weights. Many believe that anabolic steroids only give more muscle, but it is wrong. Photo: Illustration photo: colorbox. com

In addition to the mental side effects, you have the physical side effects.

It is this one physical side effect of anabolic steroids, namely the muscle building that most people are following.

– The steroids seem muscle building, unfortunately, we can not get rid of it. But there are also some other side effects that you often forget, says Hestnes.

Some of these side effects are liver injury, acne, hair loss, stretch marks, growth disorder, larger breasts and smaller testicles. The use goes hard over the internal organs, and you become impotent.

– After enough time, you become impotent. This will happen to everyone and how long it takes depends on the amount and person, says Hemmersbach.

One of the worst side effects is an increased risk of cardiovascular disease because you often increase cholesterol levels very.

– The use of anabolic steroids increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Once again, this depends on how large the doses are and where the person is disposed of, says Hemmersbach.

An increased incidence of myocardial infarction has been shown especially among younger men. This because of the fact that anabolic steroids make the heart grow, and again makes it less elastic and then the pumping capacity is reduced.

What’s happening in the body?

Most people put their steroids without really knowing what they do with the body.

The only thing in focus is the muscles. It might be ok to know what’s really going on.

Removes empathy and increases aggressiveness

MUSCLES: Many believe that anabolic steroids only produce muscles, but it is incorrect. It also provides many other side effects. Photo: Illustration photo: colorbox. com

What are anabolic steroids?

Anabolic steroids are the names of a group of synthetic drugs with the same effects as androgens

There are several different classes of anabolic steroids, and their effects and side effects vary considerably according to the chemical structure and after they are given as injections or tablets.

In general, anabolic steroids given as tablets will more often cause liver damage than anabolic steroids given as injections.

In the drug anabolic steroids are used mainly in the treatment of men who, due to illness, do not have their own production of androgens.

Source: doping phone. no

– Anabolic steroids are testosterone that is applied to the body. When the body gets too much of this hormone, it eventually ends up producing testosterone itself, explains Hestnes.

This means that those body functions that depend on the body’s own production of testosterone cease to work.

When the anabolic steroid ends, the body will eventually begin to produce testosterone itself again, but it may take time.

It depends on how long you have gone to the steroids, how big your doses have been and how well you are.

When your body returns to its normal i, you will get rid of most of the side effects you’ve got from your use.

However, the psychic is not sure you get rid of.

There is not enough research on whether the psychological side effects of anabolic steroids disappear after it has been stopped or if the injury will be there forever, says Hestnes.

New debate

In some cases, it has been reported that someone consciously uses anabolic steroids to get the mental side effects, especially in criminal matters.

The last and probably most well-known is Terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, who, for two months before the terrorist action on July 22, should have gone on a heavy course of anabolic steroids.

– There are roughly two types of reactions using anabolic steroids. The one and the most common is where the person becomes uncharacteristicly violent and aggressive in use. But in this case Breivik has used steroids consciously to increase muscle mass and has had a conscious desire to increase aggression. That phenomenon is very unusual, says Dr. Harrison Graham Pope Jr.. to vg. no

Pope is a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School in Boston and Director of Biological Psychiatry at McLean Hospital in Belmont.

– I do not mind that there is a proper debate about whether to use the use of anabolic steroids illegally in Norway. But this is an issue that has to be highlighted from many sides, so I do not want to make any point of what I mean here and now, “Hammersbech says..

Today, it is permitted to use anabolic steroids in Norway, but it is not allowed to import or sell it. You are also not allowed to store anabolic steroids, but you may be in possession of the steroids.

This means you are allowed to spend as much as you use, but if you have more than you can use, you may be punished.

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