Red wine prevents aging

Red wine can turn out to be the most youthful source.

Red wine prevents aging

The resveratrol substance, found naturally in red wine and grapes, can counteract aging.

Researchers should have demonstrated good effects on heart, muscles, eyes and bone construction, writes Research.no.

Good for obese

There are researchers from the National Institute on Aging (NIA) who have found that the drug reduces the physical plagues of aging mice.

In the past, it has been shown that resveratrol can prolong the life span and improve the quality of life of overweight mice. Now scientists have come to the conclusion that the chemical also has a beneficial effect on the fats of the mouse body.

Reduced cholesterol

The total cholesterol level was significantly reduced in mice after ten months of treatment with resveratrol.

Also, the bone quality was much better in the mice who went on resveratroldiett, compared to the mice who did not get the drug.

Older mice also had reduced cataracts, they got better balance and motorics.

Remaining to Try People

The mice who went on a high caloric diet without resveratrol had the shortest life expectancy. Nevertheless, lifetime was not remarkably prolonged in the mice who received resveratrol in a healthy adulthood.

Researchers have previously found that resveratrol can prolong the life of both yeast, flies and fish.

– The findings may increase the interest of resveratrol as an anti-aging agent. Now it remains to explore how the drug affects people, says NIA Richard J. Hodes, director of a press release.


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