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Quiz: Are you ready for the ticks?

Bite from ticks can lead to serious illness like borreliosis. It is therefore useful with knowledge about symptoms and treatment if you get bitten by ticks.

Quiz: Are you ready for the ticks?

Because bites from a ticks can lead to serious illness, one should take the ticks seriously.

We have created a knowledge quiz, with ten questions about ticks and borreliosis.

All the information in our quiz is taken from our article on borreliosis in There you can read more about symptoms of borreliosis, treatment and prognosis if you are bitten by ticks.

Here’s how to recognize a tag:

The flap is easily recognizable. It is brownish, about two millimeters tall with eight legs, and it sucks blood by cutting a hole in the skin where it enters a small “straw tube”. Once it has sucked full of blood, it can be over one centimeter in diameter and the color goes over in blue.

The skin prefers soft skin fragments, for example under the arms, in the groin, knee and back of the ear, but it may also get caught elsewhere.

Here’s the most borreliose:

Most cases of borreliosis have been reported from the southern Norwegian coastal populations from Østfold to Hordaland, especially in Telemark and Agder counties, and most among children and middle age.

There is also a growing trend from Central Europe, primarily from Slovenia and Austria.

To avoid dodging bites:

To prevent blemish bites by covering clothes, avoid searching for forest and scrub, as well as removing flakes that adhere to the skin as quickly as possible.


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