Pregnant, but who is the father?

A 25-year-old woman is in doubt because of a sidewalk in the period when she became pregnant.

Pregnant, but who is the father?

Pregnant, but who is the father?

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Hi, I have become pregnant, but I’m unsure who is the father of the child, writes a 25-year-old woman to Doktor Online.

She hopes that Doctor Online’s Gynecologist Mette Moen can help her clarify her paternity:

“The last time I had while was December 20th and my cycle is 25 days. According to my calculations, my ovulation should be around January 1st, and my partner and I had sex from 30th December to 2th of January, where he came inside me every time.

But: I had a sidelight January 9th with someone who also came inside me.

At the ultrasound February 5th, the doctor thought I was about six weeks on my way. I took new ultrasound February 16th, and the doctor meant when I was eight weeks and three days on my way.

When is it most likely that I was fertilized? “

Girls 25

There is no doubt that your cohabiting partner is most likely to be a child.

It is correct for the cycle and the last ultrasound, which is considered more sure to assess the duration of the pregnancy than the first survey.

If you go to cycle and ultrasound, you are probably pregnant in the period 26.12. to 2.1.

Looking isolated on first ultrasound, it may have happened in the period 3.1. to 8.1.

That’s the closest I come. As said, it’s not a hundred percent safe but close.

Goodbye, Gynecologist Mette Moen

DEBATE: Yes well, maybe the cohabitant is the father. But should this woman inform the person that there is some doubt? Give “Girl 25” your advice in the comments below (you can of course be anonymous).

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