P-pill site that exposes people

It is easy and completely harmless to displace people with the pills.

P-pill site that exposes people

How does the P-pill work?

The pill prevents ovulation.

This causes the uterine lining to become thin and will not build up with blood so it will be without the use of birth control pills.

You will therefore not have a regular menstrual cycle when you start with birth control pills.

Source: Nurse and Sexual Advisor at Sex and Society – Center for Young Sexuality, Evelyn Simonnes

Holiday, swimming or a big party stands for luck, but the same does people.

Just when it suits the least.

If you are taking birth control pills, however, there is no need to shift the menstrual cycle.

Does not need breakdown

If you use a type of pill to pause during the menstrual week, you can control yourself when you want people.

– Continue to take pills without pause, exposing your period. You then eat pills without a break until you get a bleeding. Then take a break of four to seven days and then start the board where you stopped, says Nurse and Sexual Advisor at Sex and Society – Center for Young Sexuality, Evelyn Simonnes.

If you start with birth control pills, you must be aware of one thing: You can start the pill at any time, but start between the menstrual periods, you must eat a full week before you have full safety. After three weeks of continuous use, you can continue without taking the break.

Higher Security

You can take breaks whenever you want to, or continue to eat pills until you get a bleeding.

– Most people will have breakthrough bleeding after three to four months. In this way you can defer bleeding and at the same time it gives a higher level of safety if you forget a pill, says Simonnes.

For some, it will be appropriate to do this all the time while others may think it’s okay, for example, in connection with vacation or if they are going to practice sports.

Ask for guidance

P-pill site that exposes people

Check if you have chosen the correct pill

– It’s not dangerous to move while. By not taking pill free or placebopilles, the uterine colon is not build up with blood, and then there will be no bleeding, says midwife at Women’s Health in Kongsvinger Tove Fjellheim.

She emphasizes how to move while varying from pill label to pill label and that you should therefore ask the person who writes the prescription how to do it.

Does not require bleeding

Evelyn Simonnes confirms that there are really no disadvantages to postpone the bleeding in this way.

– There is also no danger of preventing ovulation over a long period of time. The midwife does not need to get rid of blood as it does during menstruation since the midwife’s gland becomes thin, she says.

Not really while

P-pill site that exposes people

Forgotten Pills? If it takes more than 36 hours between each pill, it takes seven days before you’re safe again. In the meantime, you must use a condom. Photo: Illustration photo: Colorbox

The bleeding you get between the pillars is not really a menstrual period.

P-pill site that exposes people

Do not eat at all this day then

– Bleeding is called a loss of lethargy and is less than normal menstruation since the hormones make the lining of the uterus do not build up in the same way as when you do not use birth control pills, says Evelyn Simonnes.

Do not free from the pills

You may have heard that your body needs to be hormonal once in a while and that you should take breaks from birth control pills or other contraceptives.

According to Simonne, this is a myth.

– On the contrary, you will get a new risk of dangerous and harmless side effects and unwanted pregnancy every time you start again with birth control, she says.

Start in good time

For example, if you have planned your vacation with your girlfriend one of the coming months, and you prefer bleeding, it may be a good and harmless idea to start with birth control pills.

However, it may be good to start well in advance.

P-pill site that exposes people

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P-pill site that exposes people

This should be packed with you on a holiday trip

– A common, harmless side effect of birth control pills is that you get small bleeding at the beginning, she says.

Also works with other contraception

Contraceptives are not the only contraceptives that can have this nice side effect.

– You may also experience no bleeding of the P-syringe, but some will have small bleeding especially at start-up and before the next syringe is placed. P-stave can be another option. It seems that one third is bleeding-free, one-third gets small bleeding and one-third keeps its bleeding pattern, she says.

Popular Spiral

Hormone spiral is another contraceptive that can remove bleeding.

– 20-30 percent of women who use hormone spiral have no bleeding and most others have reduced bleeding. However, a few still have and bleed a lot, but these usually remove the spiral, sir Fjellheim.

Hormone spiral can be used by most women throughout the menstrual part of life and is especially a popular contraceptive among well-grown women.

P-pill site that exposes people

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P-ring and patch

Fjellheim confirms that p-syringe and p-rod can help reduce bleeding or remove them completely, and the minipill will usually cause little or no bleeding.

– With p-ring, you can move while in the same way as birth control pills, but do not stay in use, but insert a new ring every three weeks. If you use a patch, you can shift the bleeding by replacing the patch every week without use, “she says..

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