– Own check of chest wasted

– Self-control of the breasts doubles the risk of removing healthy breasts. Mortality is the same, according to a new study.

- Own check of chest wasted

The Cancer Society’s attitude is that self-control of the breasts is important

Self-control of the breasts is unnecessary. This is the conclusion of a new Danish study.

– We have looked at data from two very comprehensive health surveys. They show no positive effect as a result of self-control of the breasts, “says Jan Peter Kösters, research director at

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Removed fresh breast

The study was conducted at the independent research institute Nordic Cochrane Center in Copenhagen.

The two health studies the study is based on, followed nearly 400,000 Chinese and Russian women for several years. Some of the women should regularly check their breasts, another part would leave it.

Mortality proved to be about the same in both groups.

But in the women who checked their breasts, the risk increased to remove healthy breasts, according to the study.

Nearly twice as many women in this group got a breast removed without the case of malignant cancer.

Warn against check

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. Norwegian doctors have long encouraged women to regularly check their breasts. This is to detect bullets and other abnormalities that can be a sign of breast cancer.

Symptoms of breast cancer

– Choking / swelling / irregularity in the chest – not changing with human cycle

– Fun / swelling under the arm and / or on the throat. Lymph nodes in this area drain the breast tissue, therefore such symptoms can be caused by breast cancer.

– Pain in the chest

– Secretion from the nipple

– Changes in the skin and structure of the breast, such as “orange skin”, rashes, recesses, inverted nipple

Source: Cancer Association

Researcher Jan Peter Köster says to that he will not recommend women to carry out their own control of the breasts. He would rather warn against it as it seems to increase the risk of removing fresh breasts.

There is no special adviser in Cancer Association Astrid Bismo agrees.

The Cancer Society’s view is that breast-checking is important, she says to

– Women should be aware of changes in the breasts and check them at the same time once a month. If any abnormal changes occur, such as bullets or other things, consult a doctor, who may then take the further assessment.

– Important for quick treatment

Bismo is pretty sure that most of the Norwegian doctors agree on this, even though there are no statistics that actually show that home remedies reduce mortality among breast cancer sufferers.

– No, but even though we do not have specific figures about that, we know for sure that taking symptoms early and getting quick treatment is an advantage, she says.

Sweden best

In Europe, Sweden is the best to cure breast cancer. The Swedish cancer treatment is praised in a new international survey conducted by the medical journal “The Lancet”, reports the news agency Ritzau.

Professor Bengt Westermark, head of the Cancer Fund’s research in Sweden, believes this has to do with good diagnosis.

Worldwide, Cuba, the United States and Canada have the greatest success with breast cancer treatment, according to the survey.

In Norway, 2673 women had breast cancer in 2006.

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