Overweight Hidden Silje’s Disease

Life got a big bang already when Silje Therese Kjellsdatter (26) was 12.

Overweight Hidden Silje's Disease

A hard kiss sickness took all the energy, and thus the kilos curled.

Finally, she hoped that a slimming operation would give her a better life, but it turned out that the kilos had hidden the actual cause of the plagues.

“It was not fun to find that the overweight had just camouflaged what I really failed,” says Silje to the weekly magazine..

Totally worn

Silje had gone down almost 50 kilos. So to say half of her was gone. Her body was getting nicer than ever before.

A beautiful, cool girl, thought all she passed, where she ran from home and beyond along the sea in Tromsø.

They did not know that it was pure willpower that made her run at all.

But she had to trim, she had been advised by the doctor, otherwise her body would be bad when she lost so much weight as soon as she had been through the slimming surgery she had been through. She would get a lot of redundant and dull skin.

No one but she herself knew was that after the trip and the shower, she did not eat anything else for the rest of the day. She was completely worn out and had to pull down the curtains and rest in a quiet room.

Got ME diagnosis

If anyone stabbed, she could not speak, but asked them to come another day. But it was rare it came someday when she felt obvious. That’s why it was not meant to be life. It was up to Silje that she was not well well.

The slender surgery had been successful, but everything else she had struggled ever since she was a child was still there. The lack of energy and the feeling of being exhausted. The pain throughout the body. She had not got the cancer back.

Overweight Hidden Silje's Disease

You can have kiss sickness without knowing it

When she finally made a proper survey, there was no doubt. In May 2010, she was diagnosed with ME at Tromsø University Hospital.

Everyone had thought that it was the excess kilos that made her sick, depressed and discouraged. She had believed it herself too. No wonder she got tired and down.

But give up for a better life? No, she never would.

Infection of kisses

Today, Silje’s mother, Astrid Larsen, is visiting her daughter in Tromsø.

She remembers almost better than Silje how bad it was when the active daughter became so ill.

The parents live in Balsfjord, where Silje grew up with a big sister.

– A drive of an hour’s time is not that far when I feel that my girl needs me, says Astrid, and tells her how it was when Silje got sick. Until then she had been an active child, who loved competitions and sports of all kinds, and was very fond of walking in the mountain with his father. Twelve years old, Silje had such a terrible pain in her stomach. At first, the doctor thought it was appendicitis and considered operating.

It was good they did not, because Silje had been kissed, and it was the spleen that was attacked.

Overweight Hidden Silje's Disease

BEFORE AND AFTER: These pictures shared Silje with their Facebook friends when the kilos were gone. Photo: Private

She was a lot younger than usual and became much sicker than her sister had been when she had been kissed. About 50 percent of those infected with kisses never get any symptoms.

Overweight Hidden Silje's Disease

SEE OUTSIDE: “I do not give up the hope of having a good life,” says Silje. Photo: Jørn Grønlund

Overweight Hidden Silje's Disease

– The fat hidden girl inside

It took time to recover. Silje, who had been so active, just sat.

In the sixth grade she was in miserable form. Did not bear any food. Only Christmas noise was good, she discovered.

comforter Ate

And what do you do when you do not participate in any of the fun that your friends and classmates are doing? Well, you begin to have a candy. Silje sat and waited for her life back while she was increasingly fond of sweets and sweets.

– I never became the same as before. I could not do anything. Instead, I was sitting at home and driving. I, who had dreamed of becoming a sports star, became a bully victim at school. I had a high level of absenteeism and did not participate anymore. I could not even try because I knew I would not do it.

It did not get any better when she started at youth school. Youth school students can be quite relentless to the one who stands out.

Silje barely managed to be in school for more than three to four days in a week. Then she was exhausted and had a rest day.

Had not heard about ME

She had not heard about ME at that time. At least there was no one who thought that it could be something that was the reason.

Low metabolism can easily be confused with the symptoms of depression and ME, for example.

As Silje put on, the doctors got a reason to hang Silje’s problems.

Food became comfort and the weight rose and rose. With an emergency crash she managed through the youth school.

She moved to Tromsø to go to high school. There she could share an apartment with the sister sister.

Overweight and Accident

In Tromsø, life continued. The school was hard and she did not have many friends, because she could never go out and meet someone. On the other hand, she was very fond of street food, and she became neither slimmer nor in better shape. At the most she was up to 110 kilos; pretty much for a little girl of 163 centimeters. Occasionally she managed to go down a few pounds, but it never lasted long before she had put on the lost and more to.

However, I did not know enough to grant any slimming surgery at a public hospital, although the doctors recommended it. My BMI was not high enough, so I had to raise loans and pay it myself, explains Silje.

Overweight Hidden Silje's Disease

TROFAST: Mopsen Pixie (5) is a faithful best friend. “She does not require such long trips, but would like to lie on the couch and enjoy,” says Silje. Photo: Jørn Grønlund

Overweight Hidden Silje's Disease

The signs that you sleep too little

Overweight Hidden Silje's Disease

The sleeping position can give wet dreams

The operation cost 100. 000 kroner, and she performed the surgery at Aleris in Oslo in 2009.

– Complications made things difficult for a while, but the weight started to sink at once. The kilos ran off and I was very excited about it. Now I thought I would get well, says Silje.

But then the downturn came.

– It was not fun to find that the overweight in one way had just camouflaged what I really failed.

She has been trying for a couple of small jobs and was thinking about starting school again, but there was something that did not vote. The body did not work. But Silje thought she might only need time before the energy came back.

Everybody needs to feel looked and appreciated. Do you know that you begin to be depressed, psychologist Nils Håvard Dahl advises five steps to help.

Looking forward

– I have not felt since I’ve had so much help. I have had a reconsiderate stay to teach me to live with the disease, but I have to find my own way and build my own treatment method. Now I go to a psychologist and get cognitive therapy, and a manual therapist, and feel it makes me feel good. With little tiny muscles, it goes forward. Fortunately, I have a good general practitioner who stands for me. Now I have good days when I can go out with friends and have a good time, but it will be a little while before I get bad again.

– I’m dreaming of completing an education and getting me a job and feeling I’m on track. It’s better to be Silje now than in many years. No matter how you look at it, I’m infinitely much better now than before I slipped, that makes me positive. And then I have so good and enduring parents, “says Silje, looking at her mother.

– Almost every other weekend, I’m home and get some care. Maybe I’ll take a trip with Dad again. Then life is good!


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Overweight Hidden Silje's Disease

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