Health food

Ornate greener healthier

Provamel soy dessert (vanilla and chocolate) versus Piano chocolate pudding.

Ornate greener healthier

Ornate greener healthier

The snake in the soya paradise

Ornate greener healthier

A bad soy solution

Ornate greener healthier

Another soywinner

Ornate greener healthier

Less saturated fat

Soybean Cakes with Rice Sugar Sugar as the main ingredient. Contains 6% soy.

Furthermore, they contain 91 and 94 calories versus 107 in the original variant, while all three variants have the same content of proteins and carbohydrates.

There is a little more sodium in vegetarian essences. On the other hand, there is a certain difference in the saturated fat content between the soy sauce and the chocolate pudding.

Conclusion: The differences are relatively small. The choice is yours. But saturated fat is less in the soy products.


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